WRVTH release self titled album WRVTH @wrvthofficial @uniqueleaderrec

This album is badass, taking a progressive technical metal genre to its limits. With the opening track ” Harrowing Winds” I think I have just discovered some killer new listening material.  This album does not dissapoint, I have made it through the first six tracks so far and I am loving what I am hearing. Metal like this, releases like this, gets me excited. When you get some serious talent involved in making a record you end up with albums like this. Up until a few months ago i hadn’t even heard of this band. But I stumbled upon them, and told myself after hearing a track that i would  make time to listen to the entire album once it was available. Man am I glad I did, this is outstandingly fantastic.  They take a progressive sound, with a melodic, doom style and mix it with the brutality of technical death metal. This album is defintely one of the best releases of 2015.  You really ought to do yourself a favor and take a listen to this album, because it is worth it.  I myself am jumping onto the WRVTH train and going for an epic metal ride.

check out their label http://uniqueleader.com/   for more information

You will want to order this album for sure, anf luckily for you i have that link right here;


Stop what you are doing and get in on this! now!

-Badger \m/


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