About Badger

My name is Brian or Badger as some know me as.  I’m 36 years old and have been into metal for a long time.  I do listen to all genre’s of music however my favorite will always be metal.  I have been playing the drums since 1993 and have played in several bands, metal hardrock hardcore etc. My musical influences range from tower of power, to the Dave Brubeck quartet to Lamb of God and Misery Index. I have had the pleasure of meeting many great names of metal and hardcore over my years, I never thought to do a blog until recently. I find that for all the people willing to give their opinion on why they don’t “get” metal, I find more of a reason to love it.  you may not understand the vocals, but for me its all about the music. The level of talent the drummers have, guitars, bassists and yes some of those vocalists are also playing the guitar or bass.  a lot of people can’t play metal, sing and play guitar at the same time.  I will be willing to listen to every metal band I come across. I may not like every metal band, but  lets face it, it boils down to personal opinion on what’s good or not. Metal for the most part is a working class music industry, most of the bands have members working jobs like you and I.  Metal is something I am passionate about and will always be passionate about. I will continue to play my drums to my hearts content and listen to metal as loud as my speakers go.  I will try to do my best to cover as much as I can about the metal scene and give you my 100% honest  Metal Breakdown and fill you in on news, albums,and updates as much as I can.



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