About this Site

This is a site for all the metal heads out there. This will include reviews for albums, shows. News in metal, personal experiences with metal. Basically if it has anything to do with metal you can find it here (except for doom, funeral doom, ambient black metal, and the like). Covering news from Bands including Album release dates, tour dates, general news etc.   Writing up album reviews for metal bands, from bands like Misery Index, Lamb of God, Kataklysm, Fulgora, WRVTH, and Alterius, Solium Fatalis, Hate Eternal, Vehemence, Cryptopsy, Cattle Decapitation and a whole lot more. I try to get some interviews posted as often as I can. Trying to capture everything I can about what’s going on in the metal world today. If you have any band suggestions or things you would like to see leave a comment below I always make it a point to check and see what viewers are interested in. If you are on facebook check out my facebook page at The Metal Breakdown  or my  twitter   page.  Feel free to message me on either of those social media sites or email me at badgersmetalbreakdown@gmail.com also.  Keeping it metal, and giving you the breakdown. Badger \m/


KRONOS kataklysm-of-ghosts-and-gods ressurection2015 1000x1000 11220711_10152858767897051_8504180159185829641_o 10475123_1573174296291235_1187325183_nsf2Cover0005812396_1012108108_608199502653671_5243189808293231924_n12168751_10206107669865497_1767382803_o0004830569_10Scale-The-Summit-VVEHEMENCE-FORWARD-WITHOUT-MOTION-COVER-HI-RES-1024x1024 Wrvth-Self-Titled-e1429045591996 the-black-dahlia-murder-Abysmal Nile-What-Should-Not-Be-Unearthed Voyager_e.p. CFdZ9FJWgAEIPjI.jpg large cryptopsy


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