Tempel the Artisinal Instrumetal Duo release The Moon Lit Our Path @tempelband

Ryan and Rich blow us away  with the release of The Moon Lit Our Path. the album is killer. a few weeks back i had posted about these guys and if you are a fan of instrumental metal, or instrumetal you need to check Tempel out. More and more we see bands doing the instrumental style sound, and while the genre itself is pretty vague on what you can find. From bands like Conquering Dystopia, to Animals As Leaders, there is so much room for creativity within the genre. These guys pull off their own sound. Not sure what their influences are but what they create and put out for us to listen to is a work of art. i find this album a worthwhile sit and think type of album. It not only is a great listen and is creative, but it also spawns creativity within your thinking process.  The whole album is great i am a big fan of ” Dawn breaks Over the Ruins”

Pick it up today

check them out at: https://tempelofficial.bandcamp.com/

-Badger \m/


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