Bleak Flesh- Overcoming Reality 9.5/10 \m/

Hi guys! I am honored and extremely stoked to bring you my review for the brand new release from my Chilean brothers in Bleak Flesh!

First, let’s look at a bio of the band…


Formed in 2004 in Santiago de Chile by Matias Quiroz under a different name. By 2009 the project had evolved to what is Bleak Flesh. Soon after, bassist Enrique Carvajal joined ranks. By 2012, talented drummer Sebastián Vidal had joined the ranks and they had recorded some demos which would later be released on a compilation in 2015 called “A Glimpse from the Past: The Unreleased Demo Collection”. In 2013 the band was complete with addition of Nicolas Martinez on guitar and Paulo Carcamo on lead vocals. The band would the release their 2013 debut EP, THE GATEWAY, presenting an interesting mix of genres like technical and melodic death metal with progressive touches and nice synth mixed in. In 2014 Bleak Flesh released their first full length album called TRANSCENDENCE. The album got great reviews from fans and critics alike and I even reviewed it a while back! The CD’s even sold out! This EP should be highly anticipated based on the great response Transcendence got, not to mention the brand new vocalist. On January 1st 2016 Radial Velocity came out as the first song recorded with Ngen Kerruff on vocals, being the first single for the new OVERCOMING REALITY EP. On December 19th 2016 they released the second single for the EP, The Spectral Path, along with a sweet music video.

Order or stream their new EP here:…/overcoming-reality-ep-2017

Their music is extremely well rounded within seamlessly molding different subgenres together. Not the same way Cyborg Octopus does, but these guys are still completely unique. They mix Progressive Metal with synths, Technical Death Metal, Djenty and other groovy and sometimes funky riffs, melodic Death Metal and more!

Line up for Overcoming Reality and current line up – Matías Quiroz – Lead Guitar, Enrique Carvajal – Bass, Sebastián Andrés Vidal Romero – Drums, Ngen Kerruff – Vocals

The vocals are powerful and have a great tone. His delivery isn’t quite as enunciated as their previous vocalist Paulo, however he makes up for it by having a really excellent tone and range. He does have enjoyable delivery as well and a wide range. He can go from gutturally low, which he only does on occasion, to a powerful, almost Polish DM sounding mid low and some soaring awesome highs which are also kind of dark and intense. They remind me of the blackened highs heard in Slugdge. Though overall, the bands are very different, they are both slightly experimental and incorporate similar vocal traits at times.
There is still clean vocals on this EP, like their previous work, but it is different and it isn’t coming off forced. That being said, no vocoder. Which I am OK with because I don’t really like vocoder and their previous work war the only use of vocoder I have ever managed to enjoy in any band. In fact the clean vocals in songs like Overcoming reality, where the cleans come in right away, before they even proceed to get brutal, and Sunshine, which has some great epic but totally add to the overall vibe and epic-ness of the songs. Sunshine by far has the most cleans and I think they are really fitting. It also has some great riffs and beats and grooves. The cleans remind me of the cleans that Cyborg Octopus lays out in their Neo-classical influenced song, Divine Right (In D Minor). I personally like them a lot.

The bass work sounds great! The opening and title track, Overcoming Reality has some sweet bass lines, especially during the parts with prominent synth. It sounds like there are some cool slapped bass licks and fills.
Expanding the Existence has an excellent bass solo when it mellows out and then goes in to a beautiful guitar solo section. They mellow it out the first time and he plays a great bass line and then they go to a nice upbeat riff for a bit and mellow it back down to the amazing solo sections.

The guitar is very enjoyable as well. Matiaz is an amazing player who can create beastly riffs and beautiful solos. The riffs are exciting and very upbeat. Expanding the Existence has some super catchy and quite intricate riffs and that absolutely lovely solo mentioned before after with wicked bass sections. Galactic Monolith is a great and varied song. Several awesome grooves and lots of really wicked fast parts too. I particularly love the little melodic lead near the end of the song!

The instrumental track, The Dawn of the Ancient Realms, is simply outstanding!

They soften it down at just before 2:00 and the bass has some totally awesome lines, then they go into a rather freely and super epic solo, into a sick groove with more awesome bass! This then leads into another fantastic solo! Love the tone too! The riffs are extremely exciting and quick with really blistering drums, though he has great feel when they need to let the song breathe too. The synth is pretty prominent through most of this song and it is used well. It fades out with a kind of tribal feel.

The guitar solo in Radial Velocity, which was one of the first singles for the album, released last year, is absolutely amazing. It is fairly lengthy and goes through several different ‘sections’ and is extremely well written. The solo section in the more recent single they released at the beginning of this year is out if this world as well. The Spectral Path has all sorts of incredibly catchy riffs, wicked intense drums and roaring and soaring vocals. But that solo is just absolutely fabulous!

The drums are killer. Great beats and mix. The cymbals sound great as is but when the synth is going, it is mixed really well too. The frequencies add a really nice angelic feel. He sometimes tastefully incorporates gravity blasts as well. Such as in Galactic Monolith, which also has some wicked groove at times and some excellent fast double pick and ride beats that I lust love. And also such as in Spectral Path, which has awesome blistering fast beats that are perfectly placed and not only speed, but excellent feel as they give this song room to breathe several times and every instrument totally plays into making it work, especially the guitar and drums in this song. All sorts of other enjoyable cymbal work as well. not only on that song. The EP is packed with awesome grooves, sweet super fast yet creative beats with lots of great cymbal and especially ride work, and seamless transitions.

It makes me proud to hear this EP. These guys are amazing people and musicians, creating truly unique and inspiring Death Metal. Fans of original and slightly experimental sounds with great melody and groove, this band is for you! The vocals are well ranged and have an exciting delivery and great tone. The drums have incredible speed and excellent beats and fantastic groove and feel when called for. The riffs are creative and very intriguing, with tons of stand out bass through this EP! I strongly urge you to give this a listen! I know this band can have a bright future in this genre if they reach the right amount of fans! It would be a dream come true to see these guys live or play with them some day!

For fans of Atlantis Chronicles, Between The Buried And Me, Dark Matter Secret, Cyborg Octopus, Slugdge, Flub, Black Crown Initiate

9.5/10 \m/





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The Finite Cycle Rithiya Henry Khiev



The Finite Cycle E.P.


Out  today March 1st, 2017


Chris Dovas on Drums (Seven Spires)

Jeff Demarco On vocals (Solium Fatalis)

Ryan Knight- Guitar (Arsis, Black Dahlia Murder)

Nick Scarfo Guitar (The Hours End)

Dmitry Demyanenko Guitar (Shokran)

Joey Conception Guitar (Absence, Armageddon)

Jim Gregory (Solium Fatalis) and Charles Ayala (owner of the Wreck Room) on lyrical content

This is the solo project by guitarist RHK. This is also his debut E.P. as a solo artist. He has amazing talent that has has graced listeners ears over the years whether it was in Mortis Deveia, Alterius, or simply demonstrating or reviewing guitar amps, pedals and others on his YouTube chanel. He is an endorsed artist by Airis Effects, Xvive, and is the founder/owner of RHK studios. He has shared the stage with many bands and notable musicians like Within The Ruins, Shadows Fall,  Misery Index, Lord Dying, The Human Abstract, Die Cast, God forbid, Arsis, 1349 and even when Angel Vivaldi did his first mini tour as a solo artist. Since the last time we heard him on a recording was with Alterius from their E.P. “Voyager” it has been a pleasure to hear his music again only a few short years later with a solid E.P. as this one is. With guest musicians like Ryan Knight, Dmitri Demyanenko, Jim Gregory, and Alterius band mate Nick Scarfo. The first track is “Industrial Demise” a heavy track with plenty of Djent feel, and is a killer song with copious amounts of shred. The guitar work between RHK and R. Knight is an impressive instrumental track. It has so much flavor in that track right away. This E.P. is saturated with talent right from the beginning. The following song veers towards a slightly darker blend of metal. Not exactly what you were expecting after that first track. The title track features vocals by Jeff Demarco from Solium Fatalis giving the music a darker and more abrasive edge to it. It helps to hear Rithiya’s guitar skills against vocals of a different style than his other bands/ projects. It also allows people who may have not heard Alterius or Mortis Deveia to grasp the talent,  that he can play to different styles and still end up sounding great. Maelstrom of War follows up the title track quite nicely. But the track that has gotten the most play from me has been Voyager II which is the follow up to Alterius’ E.P. with the title track.  while that one had vocals this one is an instrumental track. it certainly shows how far Rithiya has gone with his guitar abilities. This track also features Alterius band mate Nick Scarfo and  the two of them pull of an amazing job with this track. right at the :39 second mark you experience one of the most infectious riffs of the year. They just build and build on this song, it is bursting at the seams with talent. Because this is a five track E.P. I don’t want to give up too many details, but its worth mentioning that Rithiya has immense talent when it comes to music, the guests he landed on this E.P. are also very much impressive. This E.P. is killer and you need to check it out. 8/10 \m/




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The Devil’s Due- December 13th- My Missing Half- A Proper Hangman’s Knot 8/10 \m/

My Missing Half

A Proper Hangman’s Knot


Released June 10, 2016

Bijan Hennessey-Vocals/Guitar
Alex Elwell-Bass
Erik Matthews-Drums




Today the Devil brings us A Proper Hangman’s Knot by Mass metalers My Missing Half. The way this E.P. starts out, the first track, “The Cell I Call Home” has a very melodic and subtle beginning, but don’t let that fool you, because after a deep breath they slam the MMH mobile to death mode and blow the doors of when the vocals come in. For a three piece band they fucking kill it, the drums are perfect, no over the top showmanship.  Erik holds the beat down, and knows when the right time and place to add some cool fills are. I like the fact that when it’s time to play a basic beat,  he does that, allowing for the guitars to be doing cool sounding shit like the hammerons around the three minute mark.  There is no shortage of cool riffs on this E.P. every track satisfies my metal thirst, and these guys are a bunch of cool bastards. I got a chance to see them a few months back, and they played their entire set with YouTube cat videos playing in the background, they really embrace the metalhead culture and seem to really play off of the influences of the great acts from the 90’s and blend those sounds with a more current model of melodic death metal.  They have played with bands like Dark Tranquility, Overkill, Revocation, Havok, and Suffocation. These guys grind out the old school method of being in a metal band.  You can hear it in their music that they are giving 100%, and have even given up big opportunities for the sake of metal.  They didn’t just put out a 5 track E.P. they put out five tracks of unwavering melo-death with a thrash metal attitude and together form a brilliant E.P. that will appeal to so many listeners.  While it may only be five tracks, this E.P. is a solid release and worthy of positive feedback it gets. We really like the whole thing, but if you really need some tracks to check out to give you a taste of whether or not you will like it,  The Cell I Call Home, Another Illness, and Erase Me are all solid tracks.  But I gotta say, this E.P. is right in line with the intensity of their previous album released in 2014 titled “The Lives I’ve Ruined”. I strongly encourage you to check out both and get an idea of their musical evolution and you will see. These guys have no desire to cut corners, do things that are popular, and strive to put out only their absolute best work possible. The production quality of A Proper Hangman’s Knot is superb, one listen and you will be thinking this is a metalblade records band with an E.P. that took years to finish.   These guys came in, and kicked ass with this E.P. We have been listening to this gem for most of the summer and what we liked the most about it, beside the intensity, and the sound quality. But the fact that not many bands sound like these guys, and if you are looking for something cool with a shit load of talent just overflowing form these musicians, and an abrasive vocal delivery that cuts deep.  Check out A Proper Hangman’s Knot and find out why My Missing Half are on the fast track to becoming a band that’s coming out of everyone’s mouths, and selling out some big shows.  These guys are the real deal, and have given a lot up to become the band that they are, and will become.  A proper Hangman’s Knot- 8/10 \m/ fucking awesome and you wouldn’t believe me if I told you anything higher than 8/10, but it’s up to you to decide where this E.P. ranks. But we fucking love it.




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The Devil’s Due- December 8th Vale Of Pnath- “II” review- 10/10 \m/

Vale Of Pnath


Released June 10, 2016


Vance Valenzuela – Guitar
Eloy Montes – Guitar
Reece Deeter – Vocals
Eric W. Brown – Drums
Alan Parades – Bass


Today the devil has brought us the second album by CO melodic tech death Jedi’s Vale Of Pnath.  If for some reason you missed this album when it came out, or you still haven’t listened to it, then you fucked up.  This album rips, it has a melodic yet technical death metal feel to it, and the use of classical piano as well as organ in the tracks Klendathu and Heart Of Darkness they set the bar high.  There are albums that are great, and then you have albums like this one, from start to finish it fucking kills it. Start with the first track of the album “Blacker Than” which is the most subtle way of the band showing the listener the bar that they are raising right before you. It starts out so mellow and smooth (in comparison to what you will experience later) with the acoustic guitars playing for just shy of half a minute before the guitars go to distortion and the drums come in. But it’s the vocals at the :48 second mark that leave the lasting impression.   I can honestly say that after listening to this album since the summer I am a fan and will be for the foreseeable future.   Now the tricky part is trying to tell you guys why you should check this out, and what songs to listen to. But the fact of the matter is that every track on this fucking holds their own.  It really depends on what your personal tastes are, but just know that Vale deliver the tech in a way that many haven’t done before.  They are incorporating all these different elements together but they pull it off. The talent and the shear amount of craftsmanship that went into making this album is astonishing.  Drums are surgically precise and have a hard attack.  The drums sound great too, but that’s not all, I mean each instrument can be heard and fuck these guys are talented.  But let’s shed some light on points of interest, now for starters I am going to explain probably my favorite part of this album. On the Track “A Nightmare Phantasm” you listen to that track and get to the 1:31 mark and you are going to hear one of the coolest, most bone chilling guitar solos of 2016. It’s short and to the point but man that guitar wails.  This song is my most played track off of the album to begin with, however you still have tracks like “ The Serpents Lair” that track absolutely decimates the feeble listeners who doubt what Vale Of Pnath have in their arsenal.  I would love to tell you the one to three tracks you really should check out but the fact of the matter is, that this album is 100% bad-ass. The talent these musicians have is impressive, and the sound quality and production are in top form. These guys did their homework, they took everything they could from their first album, and improved, they did not disappoint with this album.  It doesn’t happen often but this album is a solid 10/10 \m/ and should be in everyone’s collection who are fans of melodic metal, death metal, tech death and all the sub genres that are spawned from the previous mentioned genres. Vale Of Pnath will be a big name, the proof is in the pudding, and they only have time on their side to keep raising the bar in the same way they have been.

Want to hear what all the hub-bub is about click play below



Yea now you know why this is a must have, (so if you have a metal head on your Christmas list and don’t know what to get them look no further) and why it got a 10/10 \m/ rating.  The album, plain and simple kicks ass, a whole lot of ass, and it just keeps kicking.  I’m still spinning this album, and I haven’t gotten to a point where I wasn’t amped up when listening to it. And that guitar solo in A Nightmare Phantasm gets me every time.



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Aversed- Renewal (debut) E.P. Review 6.5/10 \m/




Haydee Irizarry-Lead Vocals
Sungwoo Jeong-Guitar/Vocals
Alden Marchand-Guitar
Martin Epstein-Bass
Jeff Saltzman-Drums




  1. Prison of Existence

This E.P. begins with this melodic and somber introduction that flows for thirty seconds and then the drums come in to set up the vocals. Wow she has a good sound in my opinion, Haydee really harnesses those melodic death metal growls, but has a really smooth voice for the clean singing. Really smooth, like if you heard her singing clean, you would never know she can flip a switch and get down to death metal vocals.   One thing I am really focusing on is the talent of the other musicians in this band.  Often times you find a female vocalist that has a set of lungs that can go on for long periods of clean singing, and then growls that sound so cool, but the rest of the band is so-so.  Not the case here, this group doesn’t get to use the vocals as the selling point of “female vocalist” just to get a targeted fan base. Nope, everything about this song is crisp, every transition they have gone through all the way to the guitar solo at the 4: 11 mark as brief as it is. It was clean and they come back for about 30 seconds to  set up another guitar solo, only this one has a little bit more behind it.  Killer track, and I am really digging the vocals for the last minute of the song.


  1. Renewal

I love the simple drum intro, and the guitar riff that follows. It has a great driving rhythm, just gets you moving.  And they take it down a level for the first verse, she brings the volume and tone down. The first lines of vocals are clean, but building Setting things up for the harsh vocals to take over the next lines. The more I listen to this, the more I feel like Aversed is picking up with the melodic metal from the mid to late 90’s and refreshing it.  I mean I can’t be the only one that digs the transition at the :45 second mark.  This is a song you can tap your foot to,  it has a great rhythm, and the tempo matches to make this song a really enjoyable track off this E.P.  This song has   that magnetic characteristic, it’s really catchy, and fun to follow along to. I will always add points to a song based on if it brings certain emotions that bring me back to my younger days.  When you hear something and it makes you smile, or say fuck yeah.  Music that gets you moving and makes you break out the air drums or air guitar while listening to the track. This is a perfect example of that.


  1. Living Denial

A cool but bri4ef drum fill sets up the song, this time the song has a much slower feel. But I dig the layered vocals from Haydee, and then right at the :39 mark they kick things into high gear. I love this transition they went through to this point.   This song doesn’t sounds like what you would have expected from the first thirty seconds.  They completely took this song in a different direction than I anticipated, and damn I am glad they did. This song is catchy as hell, and I love those guitar tones. I can’t really tell you much about the guitars since I don’t play, but I know when I hear something I like and the guitars on this track sounds great, this song sounds awesome.  And who expected the vocals at the 3:47 mark? I did not, Haydee has more range and sound than we expected. Not sure if any backing vocals besides her are being layered in.  However the more I listen to this E.P. the more I am digging the talent of this band.


  1. Sorrowful Eyes

So this song starts out with a nice simple melody and then picks the tempo up. I am listening to this and wondering what happened here?  I mean the song is good musically.  But I feel as though maybe not all songwriting is done by the same person, or persons.  And this song is a track that makes me feel that way. Because it doesn’t really sounds like what I heard from the previous three tracks. Sure there are harsh vocals double bass, distortion. However when the song kicks in, it sounded like a different band, with the same vocalist, and different ideas. This song to me sounds like a hard rock song.  Something I would hear on the radio, I think they are showing that they have a bigger range than you would expect.  The song is good, I think though, that it takes away from the E.P. a little.  Solid song, but it sounds too radio rock friendly to me. Like they went from being a band like Arch Enemy, to a band like Evanescence.  Don’t get me wrong, there is a time for a song like this, however I just didn’t feel it.


  1. Aversion

This song is a little more in the same direction that the first three were going. I dig the beginning of the song. The first ten seconds or so is cool, and they transition again a few times before the first verse. Which really reminds me of that 90’s melodic death metal like arch enemy and Crisis. Once you get passed the first verse they hit you with a guitar solo right around the 2 minute mark, and damn. It’s a subtle solo that speaks volumes, not all solos have to be the fastest shredding solo. Think of it like gravity blasts for drums. Are they cool, yes, are they always necessary? No they are not, but to rip a solo that has some soul behind it, I will enjoy that every time.  This song is just shy of eight minutes long and they sure as shit pack a lot into this one.


After listening to this E.P. I gotta say I really dig it. Aversed has a sound very similar to bands like early Arch Enemy, they have a fresh sound that’s blended with late 90’s melodic death metal.  They seem like a force to be reckoned with when it comes to their sound.   I like the dauntless delivery. They are so confident and you can hear it in the music.  The first three tracks are killer, Sorrowful Eyes was an interesting choice. I’m not going to say the song was bad it just didn’t affect me the same way that the rest of the E.P. did.  Now I need to point out, that one song out of 5 is not bad by any means, and this E.P. is quite possibly going to take this band places. I can’t listen to this E.P. and think that they are lacking drive and ambition. They definitely don’t lack anything when it comes to their music, they fill their music to the maximum capacity.  Melodic metal/ Melodic death metal fans will appreciate this E.P. – 6.5/10 \m/



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Divine Realm- Tectum Argenti 10/10

Divine Realm

Tectum Argenti


Leo Diensthuber
Marc Roy
Tyler Brayton
Josh Ingram

  1. Tritos

The song begins with the sound of falling water, dripping and splashing on a surface, some electronic sounds fade in, with little pops and then a heavy electronic sounds setting things up for the guitars and drums to join in with an n explosive technical metal style. The guitar riff around the 1:10 mark is on point to what you would expect to hear, it is a classic guitar solo in the vein of Dream Theaters John Petrucci. This song is a killer track to start the album off with. The best way to explain this song, is that you are getting ready to listen to something much like if you took Dream Theater, Animals as Leaders, and The Algorithm put them all in a blender, and   then take that mix for something out of the ordinary realm of what you think progressive technical instrumental metal would sound like. This is an awesome track, and I can only expect that the rest of this album is just as good if not progressively better.


  1. Cloak and Dagger

And it looks like my high hopes have panned out, this song has really taken that DT, AAL, The Algorithm, and Ennio Morricone and put it into perspective, wondering what the hell I am talking about. Well just play the song and you will hear the electronic sounds, and then the guitar riff, the crisp technical drums, and it is simply badass. Now wait until the: 45 second mark where the Ennio Morricone reference sinks in. Absolutely brilliant, this is a progressive technical death metal instrumental masterpiece! No one would have thought to put that section in a song, and I don’t think anyone could have pulled it off the way this band does it. Hot damn the 2:15 mark is equally as bad ass, and you will want to play this song again, and again, each time you will find yourself actually enjoying the song more and more, all the while appreciating every little note and section more and more. Right around the 3: 02 mark you will hear one of the simplest rhythms being played, and you will then acknowledge the fact that you can’t help but like it. It is outside the norm for progressive metal, technical metal, or any subgenre in between and it works so well.


  1. Inherit The Earth

This song begins with the sound of nature, birds flying away and chirping. An electronic melody begins to fade in and then what sounds like a growl, and then the band jumps in with a real cool guitar riff and some really intricate drums laying down the base. The moment you get to the 1:28 mark you will experience one of the best musical sections for a metal release of 2016, (
I would also put 2015 also, it’s absolutely badass) this guitar riff right here is something you would hear from Marty Friedman from his solo work. I have found many uses for this specific section of song. I without a doubt could create hundreds of scenarios and descriptions/references to illustrate just how great it is. I have also used that riff as entrance music when coming home from work because why not. It works with anything. Ringtone, alarm clock entrance music, holding music, elevator music, driving music, music to get you amped up to play, music to chill out to. Shoot I could easily hear this song being a song in a video game also. This song is amazing, and I just don’t know how to explain it but this song alone is worth the cost of the whole album. It is without a doubt my favorite song on this album. You will be head banging, you will be tapping your foot, you will be playing air guitar, and air drums, and you will remember the name Divine Realm after this song.


  1. Tectum Argenti

This song begins with some electronic sounds fading in, until the guitar dives head first with a soulful guitar riff, to set things up and then transitions into the technical metal sound. Throw in some quick precise drumming, and a few menacing guitar riffs, (you will know what I mean once you hear them) and lay down a killer groove that you can’t ignore. Right around the 1:55 mark the song goes into a cool section trading off bars, and then a quick little riff bringing the song down to almost nothing. Then after a few seconds the song picks back up with a cool groovy beat until they change again, raising the bar with more intricate guitar solos and drum patterns.


  1. Glass Empire

The sound of electronics, and glass shattering can be heard then what sounds like a clock ticking, with some electronic sounds fading in until a short pattern and the band jumps in with a guitar playing a solid rhythm, and the lead playing a cool riff,   they keep it up for a few seconds and then they raise the bar, attacking the more technical and intricate guitar riffs and fast technical drumming with laser focus precision execution. At 3:14 you will see what they are capable off and how they can seamlessly transition from breakneck guitar riffs and blistering fast drums to a more relaxed instrumental groove. I like the way the end the song, it seems to fade out, and become muffled sounding and then the only sounds you hear are some electronic noises and something that sounds like a heart monitor beeping.


  1. Ab Aeterno

This song begins also with the electronic sounds, and has more of a mellow feel to it, similar to Scale The Summit’s delivery. It is a very relaxing, song with all guitar riffs and drum patterns moving with fluid motion. They really did their homework trying to determine the track order, and this is exactly where it should be. The whole album shreds, and it blows your mind with some of the sick guitar riffs, and the technicality of the song structures, but they use this song to really take you to a relaxed feeling, as if you are enjoying a cosmic oasis just floating along and taking in all the sights without a worry in the world. This is what I mean about how the music sets up scenery for the listener.


  1. Metaphor of the Sun

This song has an interesting beginning, you can hear crackling fire, something that sounds like a clock ticking, a piano joins in playing a light melody, some electronic sounds start to join in. then BOOM the band gets right down to some really impressive guitar shredding, and technical drumming. This has such a damn solid groove it’s great, these guys can shred too, the guitar solos being played are incredible. They seem to have scrutinized every note to sheer perfection of timing and placement along with the rhythm of the song. We hear the piano again when the song takes on a jazzy style transition and the guitar is laying a soul filled riff. They come out of that with a heavy progressive metal feel, and the delivery is spot on. This is exactly the right song to end the album with, my only gripe, is now I wish the album had more tracks because I want more Divine Realm playing through my speakers.




This E.P. is awesome, this is one of those albums that when you hear it, it blows you away. It’s not a new genre, hell Animals as Leaders have been doing the instrumental thing since 2007. Plenty of bands are involved in the Instrumental or instrumental genre. Divine Realm don’t sound like they are trying to be the fastest or anything. They are playing some genre bending progressive technical instrumental metal with some impressive elements blended in. From the electronic programmed sounds and rhythms, to the sections like in Cloak and Dagger where it takes you to a different scene altogether. This album is mind blowing, I have no regrets giving this album 10/10 it blew me away, and these guys are very impressive.   Every song has a specific detail that when that change happens and you hear it, you are surprised. You aren’t expecting it, and they have this method where they are playing technical metal, the song doesn’t just change, it almost evolves into a new section, and really gives you some images of a scene. When you listen to this album you will find yourself almost imagining a scene, or image that this album really generates flawlessly. For the many of you that will actually listen to this, if you have not heard Diving Realm before, well after you listen to this album, you will know their name and remember what you felt when you listened to this great release.








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Hammer Horde – Fed To The Wolves 9/10 review

Hammer Horde

Feds to the Wolves

Brock Bickelhaupt – Vocals

Derik Smith – Guitars/Vocals

Jayson Cessna – Drums

Ryan Mininger – Guitars

Jason Reynolds – Bass

Storm Surge Records
Pagan Metal / Melodic Death Metal


  1. Starborn

The song begins with a foreboding tone lingering for about ten seconds and then some melodic sounds start playing from the guitars and the percussion adding a dramatic feel to the song. This little intro plays out for just about a full minute, then they unleash upon you some serious speed, and blackened melodic metal. The blast beats and the guitars are tight, I am really enjoying the vocals as they come in. This is a solid track to start and album with. The even throw some falsetto vocals in the mix also which is a pleasant surprise. This is lie taking several different styles of metal and putting them into a centrifuge and pulling out only specific elements and utilizing them precisely. This is a six and a quarter minute long song filled with stellar guitar playing, solid drumming, and the vocals both main, and backing really pull it off.


  1. Tale Of The Wayward Voyager

This song starts out with fast guitars and drums right away with a melodic guitar riff being played over a driving rhythm guitar. This has a solid groove right out of the gate and this song you can really get into easily. It’s too early to call this a favorite, but it has all the makings of the album favorite. I hate to say it, but listening to this song, is like listening to what it would sound like if Cradle of Filth was actually good still. These guys are delivering that symphonic / melodic blackened metal without the theatrics.   This is such a good song, they even know when to play a simple and melodic guitar solo.


  1. Fed to the Wolves

The title track begins with some ominous sounds fading in and then the drums and guitars start in. The drums play a marching style cadence for a few bars and then the entire band joins in with a slower but really rock solid metal sound. I really like the section at the 1:45 mark, there is something about it that fits just right. I really dig the harmonizing guitars, the song as a whole has a tempo of around 110 BPM and is about 6:21 minutes in length every section is enjoyable for fans of heavy melodic metal.


  1. Unholy Harbingers Of War

A cool melodic guitar solo with some echo starts the song off luring you into a sense of a slower, calm and collected atmosphere. The drums roll right into a much faster tempo, delivering a whirlwind of guitars and blast beats, the vocals are great especially during the chorus sections when the darker lower vocals have a line, and then the backing vocals do clean gang vocals. This is very much a battle anthem, right around the 3:00 mark you will know what I am talking about. These guys do not let up on this one, this is a song that marches along and doesn’t not falter, or lose any of its momentum. Around the 4:20 section we get a great guitar solo, some serious shredding is happening here. This is an all-around rock solid song.


  1. Hail and Kill

This has a mysterious beginning, it goes from guitars and drums playing only on certain notes for accent. Then clean vocals singing with acoustic guitars playing a very melodic for the first 1:22 minutes of the song. Then the band comes in hard and fast with an explosion, blending clean and heavy vocals at times and trading off bars for other times. This is a very anthem sounding song, even going back to the blistering fast moments filled with blast beats and low growling vocals. This song is very enjoyable, with a great guitar solo, these guys are having fun, and playing a great metal tune. They do a great job with this Manowar cover, because of this cover, I could honestly see them pulling off other Manowar covers perfectly.


  1. Ortum Aurorae

For the first five seconds you can’t hear much except for an ominous tone, and then more and more the melodic key boards and orchestral sounding percussion and instruments fade in. The chugging guitar riff that follows adds some dimension before a melodic guitar and piano segment. This is really just a cool 1:31 minute long instrumental track.


  1. The Scourge Of Man

Ortum basically fades right into this fast paced metal masterpiece here. This song, sounds absolutely bad ass in the first thirty seconds played. This song has an insatiable rhythm and the groove is great, you will involuntarily fall into by head banging at the moment the first note plays through your headphones or speakers. This is my favorite song off of this album. The song really keeps you amped up until the very end where it slowly brings you down with the sound of a piano playing.


  1. As Embers Fade

Heavy guitar distortion and pounding drums being played in a way where certain notes are really being accented be it on the toms and bass and then the cymbals. This is like an instrumental track where it’s almost like a victory march in the way it sounds. This is not just an instrumental track to get you to enjoy the sounds of the instruments without vocals and lyrics. This is almost meant to give you a sense of satisfaction that you leave the battlefield alive and well being victorious in your conquests.

This was a great album, I had never heard this band before so I was really unsure of what I was getting into. They just gained a fan that’s for sure, they play some really fast, and infectious blackened melodic metal. This album really surprised me, I was expecting something along the lines of a Viking/folk metal sound, and that is not what came out of my speakers when I put the CD in. This album is easily rated at a 9/10 as every instrument, every moment is great its enjoyable, and powerful. I guarantee that popping this album in for a listen will blow your expectations away.




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-Badger \m/

Hothfest 2016 lineup and interview with Jamie

Hothfest- 2016

Maximum Capacity Chicopee, MA 01013



Metal Festivals happen every year all over the world, these festivals are one of the greatest shows metal heads end up going to. Getting a chance to see metal bands from all over at the same venue, be it an open air stadium, or other concert halls. Many metal heads like myself have great memories from going to big festivals, hearing and seeing bands we are stoked to see, to discovering bands that we had never heard before. In the Northeast U.S. there is really only one big festival that has been happening annually since 1999. But that is just not enough to satisfy the appetite of metal heads across the region. This is when a drummer and tattoo artist from the Massachusetts area decided he had waited long enough, and was going to take matters into his own hands. Jamie Cross came up with Hothfest last year and is doing it again this year around. Hothfest -2016 we will be witnessing 30 bands over the course of two days. To make things even better its on a weekend, Saturday and Sunday, that means for most you wont have to miss work to go to an awesome metal show.

I had the chance to talk to Jamie and ask him a few questions about Hothfest 2016 to get an idea,  what started it all, and what to expect.



Badger- So this is the second annual Hothfest, have you already noticed more exposure of this festival than when you did it last year?

 Jamie- A little bit, I mean I’m trying a bit harder, I went to other shows and have been passing out postcards to everybody. Of course there’s Facebook and doing the old school thing driving around and putting up flyers but I’m just hoping for the best. It should be good

 Badger- Yea I think so, and what prompted you to organize a metal festival in the first place?

 Jamie- When I did it last year I kind of did it just for fun and it turned out pretty good, and then I had bands from across the states offering to play so, I mean I probably had one hundred bands offer to play this year so I had to pick and choose but yea it’s awesome.

 Badger- That’s cool, that very promising now I am looking forward to 2017 already hearing that.

Jamie- I know right me too, I can’t wait

 Badger- So what has the general reaction been from the bands last year? Were you like reaching out to bands last year, and this year they are coming to you to do it?

 Jamie- Yea I reached out to a couple that played last year and they did well, and a lot were friends of bands so I had people say “ you gotta check out this band,” so I got a lot of that and bands started hitting me up offering to play, offering to get on it.

 Badger- Now here is a metal festival with  a lot of bands playing,  do you have any sponsors for this? Or is it all you?

 Jamie- No I do it all myself man,

Badger- That’s pretty cool, good for you man that’s awesome.

Jamie- Yea I just put like the music stores and logo on our artwork because they were letting me hang stuff up there to help out.

 Badger- Now do you have any times for what time the doors open and what time it’s going to run till on Saturday, and then the same for Sunday?

Jamie- Yea I am not positive on that last year doors opened at noon, and bands started at 1. So I’m assuming the same, I haven’t figured out the times yet, I have a few other shows going on right now also that I am working on.

 Badger- What other shows do you have going on?

Jamie- Well this Saturday I have what’s called jingle jam, it’s a toys for tots thing with 9 bands on that, it’s a metal show all ages two bucks bring a toy. It’s called jingle jam and there is a Facebook page for that too. I got a couple of tribute bands on that and some locals playing.

Badger- Any shows besides that one?

Jamie-Then after that, the next one is actually after Hothfest and its January 23rd and called musical masterpiece theater the art of the guitar edition. It’s going to be a metal show for the sickest guitar players. I have Mark Rizzo from Soulfly headlining, and then I have Dave Sharp and the Solar Power, a few other ones are going to be on that, and I am still waiting to hear back from them.

 Badger-So I know, I can’t remember where the venue was originally going to be, but was it a case of so many bands and people showing interest that caused the venue change?

Jamie- No actually something had happened and they switched owners so I am actually having shows there now. I had already moved it so we are going to keep it where it is (Maximum Capacity) I know the guy that owns it now so and they own both venues so I will be throwing shows at both venues. Yea I have a big summer show I throw that has about 30 bands called rocking on the river and it’s my birthday bash, and we have that at the waterfront. So I already booked that again this year.

Jamie-That one’s kind of like Hothfest but the summer instead. I do about four or five big shows a year, when bands play every weekend people sometimes don’t want to show up. So (with a big show they are more likely to show up)

Badger- yea I know my old band we would play the same club almost every weekend because we were tight with the owner. But we knew that some people didnt want to come and see us every Friday or Saturday, it is what it is, and you always have the group that wouldn’t miss a show for the world.

 Jamie- We have our first show in NH playing at the Shaskeen pub in Manchester. It’s January 2nd and I am pretty psyched because we haven’t played anywhere else except from around here so it should be fun.

 Jamie- We sound like COC and Pantera that who we get compared to all the time, two of my favorite bands so I will take that. We are half rock half metal so.

 Badger-Are there any updates you want the readers and local to know about this show? Your band? What you are putting into this, other stuff about you? I know you do tattoos so…?

 Jamie-Yea I own a tattoo studio, I do some work for bands cd artwork, t-shirt all that stuff. At the shows the background for Hothfest that’s one of my paintings I did I actually just got the posters in for Hothfest, so I will be driving around and hanging wherever places will let me.

 Bader- I know you had just done a painting event,

Jamie-Yea called who wants to paint with me. We had a blast, it was a lot of fun.

Badger-Is that something you think you will be doing more of?

Jamie-Yea every couple of months I am going to do it, this time around I am going g to limit it to around 25 people so I know and have them pay up front. We had a blast, listened to metal and local bands all night.

 Jamie-If I could add one more thing the band Defeated Sanity will be here all the way from Germany they haven’t been in the states for about 5 years. So that’s going to be a pretty cool deal that they are playing at Hothfest and they are bringing a band called Iniquitous Savagery from Scotland with them so we have this whole European/ UK tour coming this way and also a band from California, and then metal bands from NH, MA, Vermont pretty much everywhere around here.

Jamie- Dehumanized will headline Saturday, and carnivore will headline Sunday

Jamie-Sunday is more of a local thing, and closer, and the travelling bands are playing on Saturday.

 Badger-That’s pretty good planning, especially for like Defeated Sanity who are on tour. Thank you for setting up a sick metal festival, thanks for trying to keep the metal scene going around here, and thank you for the phone call.

Jamie- Cool thanks man.

So there you have it, I for one am looking forward to Hothfest 2016.

The set lists are TBA, however the lineups for both days are already determined;


Saturday January 9th


Immortal Suffering

Defeated Sanity



Iniquitous Deeds

Iniquitous Savagery

Torturous Inception



Assault on the Living

Open the Nile

Dream of Scipio

Forest of Remorse

To Kill Again



Sunday January 10th



City Of Homes

Western Massacre

Sevenday Curse -first show with new members


The Aberration

She Walks Without Legs


Oxblood Forge

Disguise The Curse

My Pet Carcass

One Ton Tommy Gun




If you want to check out the bands before the show, here are a list of their FB pages

Dehumanized (OFFICIAL)
Torturous Inception
Open The Nile
Western Massacre
Oxblood Forge
City of Homes
Sevenday Curse
One Ton Tommy Gun
To Kill Again
My Pet Carcass
The Aberration
Disguise the Curse
Forest of Remorse
Immortal Suffering
Assault on the Living
Dream of Scipio
Defeated Sanity official
Iniquitous Deeds
Iniquitous Savagery
She Walks Without Legs

Also check out the event page for Hothfest 2016


-Badger \m/

Xenosis- Sowing The Seeds Of Destruction 7/10


Sowing The Seeds Of Destruction

Jeff Haddad – Vocals
Ernie DelVecchio – Guitar
Mark Lyon – Guitar
Dave Legenhausen – Bass
Gary Marotta – Drums

  1. Arise

This track is an introductory track that is filled with interesting sounds that paints a cosmic yet mysterious image.

  1. Rebuild, Renew

The bass kicks things off with the drums, and then the guitars join in. The beginning is great, and then the heavy guitars and drums take the song to a different dimension. The song has a good tempo, and a great rhythm to it. The vocals are a blend of highs and mid ranges with some backing low vocals. I like how they give the song that odd timing feel, but it’s not really an odd time signature, it’s just in how they emphasize certain notes. They give us a bass line again, something that bands don’t do often enough, is let the bassist play a solo line, play a little riff to transition. Right around the 4:21 minute mark the song progresses into a really cool section. The song ends rather well, they keep the groove going to the very end, and showcases the drums ability to roll out to the end.

  1. Red Waves

This song begins slowly with a 1, 2, on the drums and some vocals, 3, 4, and more vocals, and then goes into the first verse. They give you a little more of a random attack feel with the metal feel and then a line that can only be to mind songs by Rush. This song is more of a progressive death metal. The 4:10 minute mark begins a really cool section of the song with a nice melodic moment and then some fast guitar strumming and drums. It gives it a really heavier old school death feel, and again the bassist gets a moment to shine.

  1. From Flesh To Dirt

Clean vocals and acoustic guitar starts things off, and it is a very pleasant surprise. Vocals are great, guitars are awesome. This song sounds like something that would be on Opeth’s most recent album. Now I will admit, I am not always a fan of clean vocals, but it’s because they are over used, or just don’t fit the application. This is one of the times that they are necessary to the song, and Jeff does a great job going from clean to harsh vocals. They aren’t quite growls they are more of a high range blackened style of vocals. During the chorus, they are some low growling backup vocals. This song is nothing over the top technical, but man is it solid, the way it ends, just a solid repeating rhythm.

  1. Turn Over Thy Crown

This is a cool song, it begins with a random rhythm that progresses into a blast beat filled section for the verse. It has a great groove to it, something you can really move to. It takes on a slower rhythm for the next section, and then begins the chorus section. Which also has a cool groove, and also some guitar shredding layered over the vocals. They deliver a nice guitar solo around the 3:17 minute mark. They come out of the briefly to go back into that chorus section, and then the shredding guitar riff appears again. I really like how this song showcases the guitars talents and abilities.

  1. Czernobog Part 1

This track starts out with a mean guitar riff and the drums rolling out on the toms as the intro and goes right into the verse, with a driving riff, only to slow it down before going back into the next verse. I like that the guitars are adding little short guitar riffs, and then right around the half way point we get more from the guitars and into a slower bridge. This song really gives you some great guitar work. I am hesitant to say this is my favorite song off the album, only because it is only part 1, and that means part 2 may be just as good if not better.

  1. Czernobog part 2

This one begins different than I would have expected, but give you a brutal heavy rhythm and menacing vocals, laid on top of some mean guitar tones. I am digging this section at the one minute mark, the vocals or low and guttural with a solid rhythm that you can move to, it doesn’t show off the guitars but I sense that they will deliver a good shredding, and that time is now. They gift us with a nice 20 second guitar solo, and then out of that we get a short section of the same rhythm. Only to drop a random ten second section that sounds like someone playing on PVC pipe blue man group style. Interesting, necessary probably not but it wasn’t bad, just unexpected. The song ends well and that random section never appears again so, it truly was random.

This album was not bad at all, they do seem to show off their guitarists abilities, which is not bad, it’s better to have guitars that can play then guitars that can only play simple things and don’t have any creativity to play solos. The random section in Czernobog part 2 threw me a little, I don’t think it was necessary but they wanted to put it in the song so there must have been a reason for it. Not bad, this album is better than average, it gets a 7/10 from me. The guitars are great, and the drums can play right along with them, the vocals are solid in all the areas from the highs to the lows and even the clean vocals.

get the album on BANDCAMP \m/

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Solium Fatalis- The Undying Season – album review


Solium Fatalis

The Undying Season



Jeff DeMarco-Vocals
Jim Gregory-Guitars
Ehren Hill-Guitars
Olivier Pinard-Bass
Flo Mounier-Drums

  1. To Deliver Us All

The album begins with this great inaugural track, the sound sample that eerily starts things off is like something out of an old horror movie. The band fades in right to an explosion of drums guitars and growling vocals. The song has a great rhythm, some mean verses, and the guitar solo around the halfway point is impressive. The song is blunt, no fluff, just straight up metal.

  1. Salient

This song has a cool perpetual guitar riff that begins the track, and a rhythm that delivers a indisputable groove. It has a bit of a slower feel for the majority of the song, but sinks its hooks right in you almost immediately. It just rocks the shit out of that groove for so long and then gifts we with some fast paced blasting towards the end of the song and one last line from the vocals.

  1. Monolith Of Internecion

A quick drum introduction opens the doors for a really cool rhythm and malevolent melody. The first verse begins with a hail of blast beats, and a driving guitar riff. The chorus is captivating and the guitar riff during the chorus builds up to the post chorus solo. This song is so concise and catchy you will find yourself moving, or head banging to the song involuntarily, and hoping for more.

  1. An Asylum For Penitence

At first we hear an admirable melodic guitar intro that sets things up for the door to be kicked in with a heavy hitting rhythm and menacing vocals. I am really digging this song, the beginning was such a harmonious melody, and then the band joins in. My first reaction was to clap and throw up the metal horns. These guys took me by surprise with this one, and it’s only a third of the way through. This song is like walking through several mysterious doors to end up in the same spot you were in before. Each door is a subtle change and then goes right back to the infectious melodic groove. I fight the urge to say this is my album favorite because it’s just too early to say, but damn is this a solid song that will cause listeners to have that “Fuck yeah” moment. I undeniably listened to this song again due to it being such a good tune.

  1. Corporeal Form

Damn they do not waste any time with this song, growls and ripping drums right out of the gate. I like the guitar riff that plays before the first verse, it sets the verse up well. It has a solid tempo and delivers a satisfying groove leading up to a solo around the mid-point of the song. I really like the tail end of the solo and how it comes out and begins the transition for the last verse of the song. The song ends with a cool subtle guitar riff that fades the song out.

  1. Contagion

Heavy buzz saw distortion and a mean riff begin this song for a few bars and then we get hit with some blast beats from Flo setting things up for the first verse. It has a great tempo, and I can’t stress enough this group really lays down a groove for the listener. There are plenty of bands not just metal that do not build the song structure with a groove. I find these guys make sure to give the listener something to get locked into, something to head bang to, to move to. This song in particular easily encourages the listener to break out the air drums, or air guitar. True to the name of this song, it is contagious from the very first note.

  1. Paths To Obliteration

This song rips right into you with its beginning rhythm, the first verse is solid and straight to the point going back into that killer rhythm again. The song is exactly what you would expect from the title of it. There is nothing more enjoyable than a metal song that seems to get right down to a perfect execution and is unwavering in its brutality. This song is 3:09 minutes of precision melodic death metal.

  1. Corruptor

This song begins with a pleasant melody and a grand rhythm, short and simple verses, and I must say the changes that we see throughout this song leave the listener looking forward to what’s next. This song has a solid groove and has absolutely no fillers. It is straight to the point death metal that leaves you wanting more.

  1. The Undying Season

The title track is here and leaves nothing to chance with this one. Great guitar riff right from the beginning really lays down that groove I have been talking about. The first verse is solid and comes out of it with some really menacing blast beats and guitar shredding. The song just keeps raising the bar after every section, not to mention the whirlwind of a guitar solo around the 2:15 minute mark. This song has so much to offer, and really does a great job maintaining that groove you can follow and enjoy.

All in all this is one of those moments when you hear something for the first time and it blows you away your expectations. The sound quality is great, and there wasn’t one single song that I felt like I wanted to skip and see what’s next. This is a solid melodic death metal album that I can see many enjoying and moving to that contagious groove Solium Fatalis delivered in pretty much every song.  By the sounds of it this album was written for most every metal fan looking for something heavy and melodic to enjoy any time and anywhere. I found myself really enjoying every song and every transition. I give this album an 9/10, and highly suggest readers to check this band out and buy the album. The good news is by the looks of things, if you are like me and are wanting some more, they not only have an earlier album on their bandcamp page. But they are rumored to be working on new material.

To give you a little taste of Solium Fatalis  here is a playthrough video of Jim Gregory playing the guitar for ” Monolith of Internecion”

Check them out on FACEBOOK \m/

Pick up “The Undying Season” today at their Bandcamp page.

-Badger \m/