The Devil’s Due- December 13th- My Missing Half- A Proper Hangman’s Knot 8/10 \m/

My Missing Half

A Proper Hangman’s Knot


Released June 10, 2016

Bijan Hennessey-Vocals/Guitar
Alex Elwell-Bass
Erik Matthews-Drums




Today the Devil brings us A Proper Hangman’s Knot by Mass metalers My Missing Half. The way this E.P. starts out, the first track, “The Cell I Call Home” has a very melodic and subtle beginning, but don’t let that fool you, because after a deep breath they slam the MMH mobile to death mode and blow the doors of when the vocals come in. For a three piece band they fucking kill it, the drums are perfect, no over the top showmanship.  Erik holds the beat down, and knows when the right time and place to add some cool fills are. I like the fact that when it’s time to play a basic beat,  he does that, allowing for the guitars to be doing cool sounding shit like the hammerons around the three minute mark.  There is no shortage of cool riffs on this E.P. every track satisfies my metal thirst, and these guys are a bunch of cool bastards. I got a chance to see them a few months back, and they played their entire set with YouTube cat videos playing in the background, they really embrace the metalhead culture and seem to really play off of the influences of the great acts from the 90’s and blend those sounds with a more current model of melodic death metal.  They have played with bands like Dark Tranquility, Overkill, Revocation, Havok, and Suffocation. These guys grind out the old school method of being in a metal band.  You can hear it in their music that they are giving 100%, and have even given up big opportunities for the sake of metal.  They didn’t just put out a 5 track E.P. they put out five tracks of unwavering melo-death with a thrash metal attitude and together form a brilliant E.P. that will appeal to so many listeners.  While it may only be five tracks, this E.P. is a solid release and worthy of positive feedback it gets. We really like the whole thing, but if you really need some tracks to check out to give you a taste of whether or not you will like it,  The Cell I Call Home, Another Illness, and Erase Me are all solid tracks.  But I gotta say, this E.P. is right in line with the intensity of their previous album released in 2014 titled “The Lives I’ve Ruined”. I strongly encourage you to check out both and get an idea of their musical evolution and you will see. These guys have no desire to cut corners, do things that are popular, and strive to put out only their absolute best work possible. The production quality of A Proper Hangman’s Knot is superb, one listen and you will be thinking this is a metalblade records band with an E.P. that took years to finish.   These guys came in, and kicked ass with this E.P. We have been listening to this gem for most of the summer and what we liked the most about it, beside the intensity, and the sound quality. But the fact that not many bands sound like these guys, and if you are looking for something cool with a shit load of talent just overflowing form these musicians, and an abrasive vocal delivery that cuts deep.  Check out A Proper Hangman’s Knot and find out why My Missing Half are on the fast track to becoming a band that’s coming out of everyone’s mouths, and selling out some big shows.  These guys are the real deal, and have given a lot up to become the band that they are, and will become.  A proper Hangman’s Knot- 8/10 \m/ fucking awesome and you wouldn’t believe me if I told you anything higher than 8/10, but it’s up to you to decide where this E.P. ranks. But we fucking love it.




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-Badger \m/


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