The Devil’s Due- December 14th- Man Made God- “Prima Materia” Review 7/10 \m/

Man Made God

Prima Materia


Released April 8, 2016

Man Made God is:
Niles Rodriguez – Drums
Izzy Rodriguez – Guitar
Isaac Fowler – Guitar
Christian Waiau – Bass
Adrian Clark – Keyboards/Backing Vocals
Roderick Spenner – Vocals



Today the Devil has brought us a solid seven track E.P. full of atmospheric progressive death by the Las Vegas NV outfit known as Man Made God.  Prima Materia is a killer E.P. that bursts at the seams with heavy hitting drums and some really gnarly guttural vocals.  They have virtually minimal fluff on this disc.  I mean the very first track titled “Source” starts out with what sounds like a Didgeridoo and the song fades in after about thirty seconds, but I hardly call that filler.  This was a thirty second welcoming period to introduce the listener to the atmospheric style they bring to the table. I love it, this E.P. has been in my rotation since it dropped, and has yet to disappoint me.  They have that atmospheric style similar to Fallujah, but the vocals are right in line with death/ death core styles and the drums and guitars are more death metal driven in areas. It really makes this E.P. a great listen because you can hear all the different elements that make up their style.  The sound quality of this E.P. is great also, it’s one of the things I really liked about this when it came out. Not only does it come with a “Name Your Own Price” tag (for digital copies) but the sound quality is top notch.  The Keyboardist really adds a lot of flavor to this, I wouldn’t say that garnish a melo death delivery just because there are keyboards. But man they really add to this E.P., every time you come to a point in any song where you would think there could be empty space, they fill it with keyboards. And not a flashy fast fingers Freddie slamming keys at blistering speeds. No they add the atmospheric sounds. They add imagery to the music, and I believe that’s something that needs to be mentioned with bands that have an atmospheric style to their music. When listening to this E.P. there are point in which you begin to visualize things, and I find that it is always when the keys are setting things up. While some will argue what song is the best off of this E.P. we did play “Goliath” and “The Martyr” both of those tracks were played often and loud. We love this E.P. and the only gripe we have is that it’s just not long enough. When this E.P. came out it was the first time we heard Man Made God and it was quite a surprise. This E.P. will not be the last time we mention these guys that much is certain, and they aren’t walking away with anything less than a 7/10 \m/


 If you want to get a taste for yourself check it out below and hit play.




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