The Devil’s Due- December 15th- Abnormality- Mechanism Of Omniscience- Review 10/10 \m/


Mechanisms Of Omniscience


Released April 29, 2016

Mallika Sundaramurthy: Vocals
Jay Blaisdell: Drums
Josh Staples: Bass
Sam Kirsch: Guitars
Jeremy Henry: Guitars




Today we listen to Abnormality’s 2016 crushing album of pure unfiltered aggression titled Mechanisms Of Omniscience. This album is the type of album that when you push play you shut the fuck up and listen with a barrage of emotions ranging from anger, anxiety, and pure metal thirst.  Swarm will not be the track that’s got a nice little intro to help warm you up and get you ready. Nope they fucking blow the doors off with this explosive album from second 0:01. I will admit one of my favorite elements form this album is Jay’s drums, I love the sound of his snare, and on songs like the title track you can hear that from blast beat to a regular beat.  The snare sounds the same, all that means is Jay has some sick fucking  power behind his blast beats.  He’s not pulling his punches, he’s the real deal and that dude can play. But let’s look at a few of the other misfits that make up Abnormality and this album. You have Josh staples who could teach a college course on metal, the guy lives eats breathes metal, and the metal culture and is a pretty down to earth dude.  But the same can be said for the entire band, and what you really have here is a group of some really ambitious and driven individuals that are out to make killer metal, and kick ass.  This album is brutal as hell and really gets you amped up.  Mallika’s vocals are absolutely punishing, with her honed and brutal delivery, people may throw out that it’s a female fronted band.  Female fronted bands get a lot of hype because it’s a woman on the microphone, but that’s not the case here. I don’t think anyone has hyped them up because of who their vocalist is. scratch that, no one has, they dont care about that.   People are just blown away by the music, and Mallika’s vocals are fucking awesome and add that Abnormality flavor. They surprise you because yea it’s not what you expect, and shit she can sing some metal better than me, and most of the people i know.  Granted I am a drummer, but she has some pipes on her, and they are heavy fucking metal pipes because hearing the vocals on tracks like the title track and  she fucking comes in with these growls and it hits you. Damn near crushes you underneath the sheer velocity and power of her voice.  Abnormality are playing a caliber of metal that is almost on another level.  When you think of death metal Abnormality might not be the first name you think of, but I’d be damned if they didn’t take the death metal genre and extract all that is heavy, blend that up with some infectious hooks,  blistering drums, and charisma and you have a sound all their own.  That sound is what makes Mechanisms of Omniscience one of my favorite death metal albums of 2016.  I will forever have a biased opinion towards New England metal and hardcore bands because I feel that the music from that region has the biggest fuck you attitude on the scene. And it all dates back to the revolutionary war times. New Englanders wanted to do their own thing, and the metal coming from that region is very much the same. Mechanisms of Omniscience is one of those albums that every single track on it, kicks ass.  This album has so much packed into it for sound, and intensity.  I have not been able to listen to this without tapping my foot head bang or get amped up.  When you listen to the title track they come out swinging right away but get to the twenty second mark and they have already gotten their hooks in you. But keep listening to the one minute mark and you see the set up for something cool, sure as shit at the 1:22 mark Mallika lets out a growl and how do you not get fucking ripped at that point.  The song literally gets better with each second, and every transition. That’s the way the entire album is, it just gets better, and better and fuels you and gets you ready to throw hay makers. Not only does it get better as you listen to it, the more you listen to it, the more you appreciate the sound they have pulled off.  If you are looking for a solid album, something that would be the apex predator of death metal albums.  Do yourself the favor of checking out Mechanisms Of Omniscience, it will not disappoint. It may cause you to inflict damage to the surrounding structures, so proceed with caution, because once you hit play, you my metal head friends are going for a fucking wild and fun ride.

Mechanisms Of Omniscience has been a major part of my playlist for 2016, I absolutely love this album, everything about it, sounds great, music is very impressive, the driving rhythms. Everything about this album has impressed me 10/10 \m/ If for some reason you haven’t listened to this, well you fucked up. But your pal Badger is here to make sure you don’t go into 2017 without at least listening to it, so check it out below.






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-Badger \m/


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