The Devil’s Due- December 12th, Defeated Sanity- “Disposal Of The Dead/ Dharmata” Split 9/10 \m/

Defeated Sanity

Disposal Of The Dead / Dharmata


released July 22, 2016

Lille Gruber – Drums
Jacob Schmidt – Bass
Christian Kühn – Guitar
Josh Welshman – Vocals

Today the Devils has brought us a truly unique and mind blowing release in the form of self split CD. Yea a split CD with Defeated Sanity, and themselves. This album is fucking mind blowing, it’s a split cd, with half being the brutal death metal that Defeated Sanity is known for and then some really cool jazz infused progressive death metal on the latter half of the CD and titled Dharmata.  This album is brilliant, the way that this album opens up. The tribal ritual like intro on Remotio Mortuorum. It’s a subtle way of allowing the listener to acclimate oneself to the music that is about to be projected from speakers or headphones. Into the Soil comes in hard and fucking fast, with the blast beats being surgically precise and just the slightest ping on the snare.  I’m loving just how brutal this album is for the first half of it, consuming the grief is a great track. In particular the way it starts out, fast and those gravity blasts sound great. I think that this album is truly one of the best albums of 2016 mostly due to the sheer talent that these guys are delivering in this one album. But it’s essentially a split with themselves. And the latter half of the album with the jazzed up progressive death metal is truly top notch.  And I think it’s an important part of the music process also, for the people that “don’t understand” metal. Especially brutal death metal , I think its assumed that sure  metal bands can growl and play drums fast but  there’s no real talent there… right? WRONG  and this is what I love about this album, these guys tear shit up  following their modus operandi, but then half way through the album they decide to go south paw on us and deliver a different form of brutality. And these guys are really fucking good, this album is a must have for anyone a fan of death metal, let alone brutal death metal, and also progressive metal and the sub genres associated with it. One listen to even just the track Dharmata is enough to have sunk its claws in me and I wasn’t going to pass on this album. This album has everything from a hard hitting yet rapid hail of blast beats, and jazzy bass and guitar riffs with a more progressive drum feel to the songs, and the vocal are also different. I mean they didn’t just change the sound of the guitars or drums, they changed everything the vocals everything. And that adds a little more to what makes this album great. Because it’s like they wanted to do something with a clean slate but still get a chance to put it out with some recognition by their already established fan base, and then could also cross contaminate their fan base and generate a larger group of fans that will be following their musical creations. 9/10 \m/





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-Badger \m/

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