Apotheon- Mechanically Consumed-E.P. Review- 9.3/10 \m/


Mechanically Consumed

1 - Front Cover.jpg

Andrew Morris – Drums
Fernando del Valle III – Guitar
Ibrahim Jimenez – Bass
Reece Deeter – Vocals

Ian Burnside – Guitars

Releases on June 22nd, 2017



This song begins in an epic sounding way. This is something you put on right before you are ready to start something big, whether it be weight lifting, sparring for boxing or another martial art, to just getting yourself in an amped up mood and ready to attack all obstacles that life will throw at you. If there was going to be entrance music for someone and they wanted to be able to effortlessly project their attitude without a single word expressed. This track gets this E.P. set up very well and based on what Apotheon have delivered in the past. I can say that without a doubt the songs that follow are going to be erupting with some tasty riffs, and killer blasts.


Tyken’s Rift

This song is the song that will make any gamer past or future feel some connection to the music and also vivid scenery. Just wait until the one-minute mark where you will understand the last statement and then you will be immersed in a world of metal, and video game like imagery.  Now come back to the track titled Premonition, it really jives with this song. Again you get that uplifting and melodic style form the music and also creates a perception of imagery, scenery, and a different dimension or world. I feel as though Reece is hitting a lower range than on the previous songs but then again. I keep getting wrapped up in what sort of imagery you get while listening to this song and having the dialogue at the 1:09 that sounds straight out of a game.  Apotheon are taking the metal making game to some new levels as they are creating music that is not only heavy and addicting but also energizing and spawn images from words and musical notes. However as great as this song is, I know that my favorite track is about to follow.



Mechanically Consumed

This song begins quietly with a really a subtle amount of notes being played almost at random, before a stringed instrument like a cello lays down what one might expect from an old movie, a horror or thriller to be exact. But then the drums and the distortion begins and the pace of the song goes into high speed.  This song is my favorite off the E.P. in my opinion this is the heaviest track, it has the most jarring riffs, and the vocals are on point.  The hardest part for me is to narrow down what section I like the most, which part of the song gets me the most amped up and excited to listen.  The whole song has that effect on me. For example, right around the 1:43 mark the guitars and drums set up a badass section that is contagious. And it hits right before a solo, the vocals give way for the guitar solo, but only for so long before they are layered over the solo and really add to the reasons why I love it.  Now if that was it I’d say you have a solid track, but it’s not. Because right around the 2:50 mark they slow things down to an almost sideshow or circus sounding section.  Under most circumstances I would have heard this and thought “gimmicks” or “ yea why did they do that, it doesn’t even sound right with the song” but I can’t say that in this situation. It works, it sounds odd, and if they started or ended the song with it, it would have been a flop. But its smack dab in the middle of the most badass song on this E.P. and you haven’t even gotten to the second solo of the song. And this song is minutes less than the previous two tracks.  Apotheon have again packed so much into the song it’s almost unbelievable that they managed to make another killer E.P.


The Flesh Machine

All you need to know about this song, is that  some things should be left to mystery,  I typically will not breakdown the last song on an E.P. only because there aren’t that many songs and I want at least one song to be a little bit of a mystery. I just can’t find it in me to do that for this one. It is just too damn good.

The song begins with a subtle progression of the guitar playing a riff that’s panned from left to right while the drums are playing a jazzed up beat to go along with the guitars, while the bass is holding things down. A keyboard strikes a note at the :18 second mark and continues playing with the other instruments. leading up right at the :44 second mark Reece slices through all that buildup with a growl that sets up his next few lines perfectly.  Right around the 1:14 mark they have a section of solid riffing before the next verse. I’m beginning to have conflicting thoughts on which song I like more “Mechanically Consumed” or this one. Right at the 2:43 mark the song takes a deep dive into an uplifting and euphoric section that lasts just shy of a minute and then the vocals attack again. At what is roughly the 3:50 mark, the listener begins to become activated by the music.  Whatever you may be doing at this moment in time, whether it be driving, walking down the street, rocking out in your room, or getting your jam on at the office. This is where you lose all of your collective shit and fucking throw some haymakers, air guitar or air drums and rock the fuck out. I dare anyone who listens to this E.P. to not get ready to take on the world when this song reaches this point. As they come out of one of the most badass moments on this, Ian pulls off a whirlwind of a guitar solo. There is no better way to put it, this song wraps everything up brilliantly.




This E.P. is an awesome little banger to be dropping at the beginning of this summer like this. There is soooo much killer music coming out in 2017, but summertime is the time of year where I look forward to killer tunes and having speakers blasting  with the windows rolled down. This E.P. follows their 2016 E.P. titled The Acension (which gathered attention among Facebook groups following the Technical metal and deathcore scene) and then also the single Tyken’s Rift from January. Apotheon are making a name for themselves, and in a very short amount of time I might add. I am very pleased with this E.P. and has been some solid music to listen to while working on projects. While the E.P. is great I must admit, I have been listening to the advance copy, including instrumental tracks.  Whether or not the guys decide to release this with the instrumental versions or not, my recommendation would be to do it. The music is so damn good. An amalgamated blend of equal parts technical, melodic, and and heavy.  I strongly suggest anyone and everyone who is looking for something new to jam to this summer. Get yourselves over to their bandcamp page and get your copy ordered up because this drops on Friday. 9.3/10 \m/

I had to find out about the instrumental versions and I cant tell you how happy I was to hear from Fernando that they will be releasing an instrumental version of this E.P. as well.

“On streaming sites (Spotify being one of them) will have the ep + the instrumental tracks. Bandcamp will be vocal and instrumental versions sold separate.”  “Going forward we will always be offering instrumental mixes. We love the offering, and while we love our vocalist and what he brings to table, we also write this music without vocals considered! And as fans of instrumental music ourselves, it’s always cool to hear A different version of a song!”

So there you have it, there will be instrumental versions available. Now imagine how many,  videos can be made by people doing vocal or other instrument playthrough covers over the instrumental copies. I think Apotheons view on instrumental versions is a brilliant idea.  Metal fans, and metal bands, lets make that a thing shall we?


Check out these links for Apotheon:

Apotheon’s Website- https://apotheonband.wixsite.com/apotheon Click it, you know you want to see what happens


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The Hallowed Catharsis – Solar Cremation E.P. 9.5/10 \m/

Hey metal lovers! Let’s get stoked about this fantastic mid-week release from British Columbia Groovy Prog Death Metallers The Hallowed Catharsis and their new concept EP Solar Cremation!

Continue reading “The Hallowed Catharsis – Solar Cremation E.P. 9.5/10 \m/”

The Finite Cycle Rithiya Henry Khiev



The Finite Cycle E.P.


Out  today March 1st, 2017


Chris Dovas on Drums (Seven Spires)

Jeff Demarco On vocals (Solium Fatalis)

Ryan Knight- Guitar (Arsis, Black Dahlia Murder)

Nick Scarfo Guitar (The Hours End)

Dmitry Demyanenko Guitar (Shokran)

Joey Conception Guitar (Absence, Armageddon)

Jim Gregory (Solium Fatalis) and Charles Ayala (owner of the Wreck Room) on lyrical content

This is the solo project by guitarist RHK. This is also his debut E.P. as a solo artist. He has amazing talent that has has graced listeners ears over the years whether it was in Mortis Deveia, Alterius, or simply demonstrating or reviewing guitar amps, pedals and others on his YouTube chanel. He is an endorsed artist by Airis Effects, Xvive, and is the founder/owner of RHK studios. He has shared the stage with many bands and notable musicians like Within The Ruins, Shadows Fall,  Misery Index, Lord Dying, The Human Abstract, Die Cast, God forbid, Arsis, 1349 and even when Angel Vivaldi did his first mini tour as a solo artist. Since the last time we heard him on a recording was with Alterius from their E.P. “Voyager” it has been a pleasure to hear his music again only a few short years later with a solid E.P. as this one is. With guest musicians like Ryan Knight, Dmitri Demyanenko, Jim Gregory, and Alterius band mate Nick Scarfo. The first track is “Industrial Demise” a heavy track with plenty of Djent feel, and is a killer song with copious amounts of shred. The guitar work between RHK and R. Knight is an impressive instrumental track. It has so much flavor in that track right away. This E.P. is saturated with talent right from the beginning. The following song veers towards a slightly darker blend of metal. Not exactly what you were expecting after that first track. The title track features vocals by Jeff Demarco from Solium Fatalis giving the music a darker and more abrasive edge to it. It helps to hear Rithiya’s guitar skills against vocals of a different style than his other bands/ projects. It also allows people who may have not heard Alterius or Mortis Deveia to grasp the talent,  that he can play to different styles and still end up sounding great. Maelstrom of War follows up the title track quite nicely. But the track that has gotten the most play from me has been Voyager II which is the follow up to Alterius’ E.P. with the title track.  while that one had vocals this one is an instrumental track. it certainly shows how far Rithiya has gone with his guitar abilities. This track also features Alterius band mate Nick Scarfo and  the two of them pull of an amazing job with this track. right at the :39 second mark you experience one of the most infectious riffs of the year. They just build and build on this song, it is bursting at the seams with talent. Because this is a five track E.P. I don’t want to give up too many details, but its worth mentioning that Rithiya has immense talent when it comes to music, the guests he landed on this E.P. are also very much impressive. This E.P. is killer and you need to check it out. 8/10 \m/




You can order this E.P. by going to the RHK store if you click HERE

Find it on Amazon by clicking HERE \m/

Or grab it on Google Play by clicking here \m/


You can also click here to go to his FACEBOOK artist page and there are links below for some of the other artists featured on this E.P.


Follow Chris on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chris.dovas
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sevenspiresband/

Follow Nick on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thehoursendofficial/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nscarfo83/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/nscarfo83

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The Devil’s Due- December 22nd – Onera- “Olde” E.P. Review. 6.5/10 \m/ *Update*




Released June 30, 2016

Justin Christian

Curtis Caswell

Craig Simas

Scott Mayo


Today the devil has brought us a little New England progressive doom from NH natives Onera. Now what really piqued my interest in this band was when I saw “From the remains of MORGION, KEEN OF THE CROW, CORTEZ, DECEMBER WOLVES.”  This is a 3 track E.P.  With some cool, melodic, doom with some hearty progression included.  The E.P. was actually quite surprising as it was not at all what I was expecting. But not in a bad way by any means.  They blend doom, with progressive metal and post metal.  Each track is right around 10 minute’s long give or take a few.  I dig the melodic characteristics of their music on this E.P.  This E.P. will appeal to a large crowd as this is easily something I could hear on a local rock station as well.  While this E.P. only has 3 tracks, it’s hard to get a good idea of everything these guys are capable of, but I am curious to find out. This is going to be something that fans of Porcupine tree and Neurosis, as Onera are a little in between those bands in my opinion.    My most played track on this E.P. is “Still As Stone” that song has been blasted many times during my morning commute. I do wish they had a few more tracks on this E.P. but  the sound is good, mostly (about 95%) clean singing but still have a few growling vocals in the background. Not a bad E.P. and worth checking out.  6.5/10 \m/




Update: They are currently looking for a 2nd guitarist, so if you’re in the new england area,  dig their sound, and know your way around a guitar.  then head on over to their FACEBOOK page

If you like what you are hearing you can check out their BANDCAMP page to grab a digital copy


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The Devil’s Due- December 20th, Riftwalker- Green And Black album review 10/10 \m/


 Green And Black


Released October 31, 2016

Miles Morrison (Guitar/Vocals)
Spencer Atkinson (Bass/Vocals)
Zan Petrovic (Drums/Percussion)


Today the Devil has brought us a really cool album titled Green & Black by the Vancouver BC progressive Death Trio- Riftwalker. From the very first track titled B.H.O. this truly mesmerizing album blends some really cool elements, of progressive metal and death metal with the likes of melodic metal and technical metal. But also appealing to a very broad audience range. Very similar to if members of Tool had a side project that was a bit heavier and the lyrical content driven more towards a stoner crowd. The music has so much to offer when it comes to imagery of the songs.  I think that the album art really does a great job representing what this album has packed into it, but not the snippet above. The full album art all the many elements and influences combined to creates.  When we get a first taste of their sound is when B.H.O. begins with an instrumentally big exhale as the cool funky yet heavy rhythm begins and the song takes on a form of simulating an energetic yet captivating body high.  That’s all within the first sixty seconds of the song.  These guys push themselves and it’s quite noticeable in this track. When you reach the two minute mark you can hear that Bass getting rowdy. The drums begin to add more, and layer more until you have blast beats and a fucking kick ass driving riff. With songs like B.H.O, Engineer Their Consent, and Harlequin Ichthyosis you get that really gritty death metal, while other tracks like Primordial Collapse offer up a more visual and thought provoking side to their music. Primordial Collapse is an instrumental track that competes with bands like Scale the Summit, because the track is a mesmerizing instrumental journey through the sense and flow of the music. Riftwalker certainly has an edge, being able to play music like Primordial and listening to the talent and the spellbinding riffs is downright impressive. After listening to this album I am really surprised, no blown away by the power and detail in the music, with only three members, they completely jam pack each song with so much talent and confidence that can be heard. This is an album that should be on everyone’s list of music to check out. If you haven’t then you are passing up on one really impressive album. This is also an album that you will want to listen to from start to finish. When it opens up with B.H.O. you really only have thirty seconds to understand what direction this music is taking you, and it’s a forward direction. A very forward thinking direction at that, because this album proves itself track after track that this album is an unorthodox yet thought provoking album by a forward thinking band. Since this album has been released I have found that I have enjoyed it more and more as I play it. Something I liked before I like more now, there are other areas of the album that I hadn’t picked up on right away and now enjoy more. This album will grow on you, if you even so much as enjoy 1 minute of one song I can pretty much guarantee you will find the album to grow on you more and more. Green & Black. An absolute mesmerizing journey as it takes you on a cool and smokey ride through captivating riffs, and infectious rhythms from the drums and bass.  Green & Black is a solid 10/10 \m/ I absolutely love it, and it continues to impress me without question just take a listen for yourself and see why.




Head on over to the RIFTWALKER FACEBOOK page to stay up to date with them.


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The Devil’s Due- December 18th The Reticent- “On The Eve Of A Goodbye” Album Review 10/10 \m/

The Reticent

On The Eve Of A Goodbye


Released October 5, 2016

All instruments and vocals performed by Chris Hathcock except;

Narration- Carl Hathcock, Justin green & Amanda Caines.

Female Vocals- Amanda Caines

French Horn- Dr. Nicholas Kenney

Trombone & Trumpet – Matthew Parunak

Tenor Saxophone – Andrew Lovett


Today the Devil has delivered a really strong progressive experimental death metal album by the unique title On The Eve Of A Goodbye, by The Reticent. This album right here came out and almost flew under my radar but I found something really haunting about the artwork and I knew I was indeed going to check this album out. I am glad I did, this is one of my favorite albums of 2016. Now I know I may not cover a lot of progressive metal bands. But this is an album that deserves a lot of credit. The song writing is on an apparent emotional level that seems to connect at nerves deep inside your conscience. The story behind this album is that the main songwriter Chris Hathcock lost a beloved friend to suicide and complied all of his memories and emotions into the music. This is certainly going to have clean vocals but this will be a solid album to check out for fans of Opeth from really any album era, and other bands like Porcupine Tree, and a few others. Every song on this album has some type of emotional connection and is Chris way of projecting what this tragic experience was like.  Songs that are highly recommended to check out are;

The Comprehension, The Confrontation, The Apology, and then one truly powerful song titled “Funeral For a Firefly” in which the song was recorded in entirely one take. During the song you can hear Chris as he begins to weep over the loss of Eve. I don’t know how many people out there have the determination and conviction to go through what Chris had to go through in order to write an album like this. It took Chris about ten years to go through and take everything that he had gone through to make this album.  This album is one of the best I have in a long time. I wasn’t going to pass up on this one and you shouldn’t either. This brilliant album is 100% deserving of a 10/10 \m/ from the idea and concept to the songwriting and the sound quality. Chris created something beautiful and heavy as fuck at the same time. This really is an album you need to listen to it from start to finish to get the full effect. and trust us when we say it is worth it.



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Here are some videos to check out:







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The Devil’s Due- December 12th, Defeated Sanity- “Disposal Of The Dead/ Dharmata” Split 9/10 \m/

Defeated Sanity

Disposal Of The Dead / Dharmata


released July 22, 2016

Lille Gruber – Drums
Jacob Schmidt – Bass
Christian Kühn – Guitar
Josh Welshman – Vocals

Today the Devils has brought us a truly unique and mind blowing release in the form of self split CD. Yea a split CD with Defeated Sanity, and themselves. This album is fucking mind blowing, it’s a split cd, with half being the brutal death metal that Defeated Sanity is known for and then some really cool jazz infused progressive death metal on the latter half of the CD and titled Dharmata.  This album is brilliant, the way that this album opens up. The tribal ritual like intro on Remotio Mortuorum. It’s a subtle way of allowing the listener to acclimate oneself to the music that is about to be projected from speakers or headphones. Into the Soil comes in hard and fucking fast, with the blast beats being surgically precise and just the slightest ping on the snare.  I’m loving just how brutal this album is for the first half of it, consuming the grief is a great track. In particular the way it starts out, fast and those gravity blasts sound great. I think that this album is truly one of the best albums of 2016 mostly due to the sheer talent that these guys are delivering in this one album. But it’s essentially a split with themselves. And the latter half of the album with the jazzed up progressive death metal is truly top notch.  And I think it’s an important part of the music process also, for the people that “don’t understand” metal. Especially brutal death metal , I think its assumed that sure  metal bands can growl and play drums fast but  there’s no real talent there… right? WRONG  and this is what I love about this album, these guys tear shit up  following their modus operandi, but then half way through the album they decide to go south paw on us and deliver a different form of brutality. And these guys are really fucking good, this album is a must have for anyone a fan of death metal, let alone brutal death metal, and also progressive metal and the sub genres associated with it. One listen to even just the track Dharmata is enough to have sunk its claws in me and I wasn’t going to pass on this album. This album has everything from a hard hitting yet rapid hail of blast beats, and jazzy bass and guitar riffs with a more progressive drum feel to the songs, and the vocal are also different. I mean they didn’t just change the sound of the guitars or drums, they changed everything the vocals everything. And that adds a little more to what makes this album great. Because it’s like they wanted to do something with a clean slate but still get a chance to put it out with some recognition by their already established fan base, and then could also cross contaminate their fan base and generate a larger group of fans that will be following their musical creations. 9/10 \m/





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The Devil’s Due- Dec 2nd- Deviant Process- Paroxysm- Album Review 9/10 \m/



Deviant Process


Released 03/11/2016

Jean-Daniel Villeneuve (guitar and lead vocal)
Stéphane Simard (guitar and back vocals)
Pierre-Luc Beaulieu (Bass)
Antoine Baril (Drums)


If you haven’t had a chance to check out Deviant Process’s album that came out back in March titled Paroxysm than you didn’t really didn’t get out from under that rock you have been under in months. This album is sick, I mean you have Augury’s Antoine Baril on this album and boy does that have an impact. This is a tech death / Progressive death metal. The opening track title “Unconscious” is fucking undeniably badass.  When the song starts you have a cool intro for a solid minute and then when the vocals kick in you know you just opened up a kickass can of metal you are going to wish you had opened sooner.

This is album will appeal to many tech death fans and progressive metal fans.  They really raise the bar with this release and its albums like this one, that when you hear it. You know, you want more of what these guys are delivering.  Tracks that really stand out are Unconscious, Persecution, and Dysfunctional Therapy.  All the songs kick ass and this is a must have for many of you reading this article. .  It’s just too damn good, to not listen to this in its entirety.  One complete spin of this and you will understand why we are giving this a 9/10 \m/ rating



Since the album dropped they have made lineup changes so we wanted to also detail the current lineup.

Current Lineup:

Jean-Daniel Villeneuve (guitar and lead vocal)
Stéphane Simard (guitar and back vocals)
Philippe Cimon (Bass)
François C. Fortin (Drums)


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The Devils Due- Dec 1st- “The Ascension”- Apotheon review 6/10 \m/



The Devil’s Due is a segment we are doing because to be honest, a shit ton of bad ass metal came out in 2016, and for some of us. We just couldn’t keep up with it.  Some albums or E.P.’s dropped at the same time and got over shadowed by a popular band or something.

So without any further to do I want to kick off part one of our devils due segment.  A month long article where we will be reviewing the E.P.S and Albums that came out in 2016.  As this is not a list but a daily shotgun review of these releases, they are in no particular order and focus on one release a day.




The Ascension E.P.

released 4-30-2016

Andrew Morris – Drums
Fernando del Valle III – Guitar
Ian Burnside – Guitar
Ibrahim Jimenez – Bass Guitar
Reece Deeter – Vocals

This Boulder, Colorado outfit released this E.P. back in the spring and it got little attention. This four track E.P. will surely surprise many who listen to it. It has solid production quality, and has elements of progressive metal and technical death metal. We were pleasantly surprised by this E.P. when it dropped, having found that the tracks “isolationist” and “ Emergence” really appealed to us as listeners.

Now this is where things get even harder to fathom.  There really wasn’t a lot of talk about this E.P. from what we had seen, but this is a killer E.P. with a name your own price option on Bandcamp. Now out of all you metal heads reading this, who doesn’t want to buy an E.P. for whatever you want.  Download it for free, or throw them a couple of bucks, but  not checking this E.P. out is a mistake, whether or not you become a fan. You have the opportunity to get some great music at an even better price. 6/10 \m/

Curious to see what it sounds like? Well that’s why we are streaming it so you can listen to it, and help support metal.


Head on over to their BANDCAMP page

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Dischordia- Thanatopsis album review 8/10 \m/




Out 11/25/2016

Josh Turner – Vocals/Bass
Keeno – Guitars/Vocals
Josh Fallin – Drums


Dischordia have put together this album following last years  Sources E.P. and I gotta say.  They have a lot to offer, and they do so by utilizing so many of their influences and molding them into their own sound.   From a quick listen you will hear influences from bands like Opeth, The Red Chord, as well as the Dillinger Escape plan, and Meshuggah.  They have such a cool sound. I mean they are a legitimate progressive death metal band with multiple personalities, but all seem to jive.  If I told you that a metal band would play a song and break out a xylophone with some circus like music for a few bars before going into one of the coolest endings to an album. Most of you would probably think I need to be medicated. But Dischordia do just that, in fact there haven’t been many songs  that got more play than the albums final track titled The Traveler.  The album is one of those few albums that I simply cannot do my normal track by track review format on. This album is one that you do not break the album down track by track.  You buy this album, and push play.  When the tracks begin to fade into the next track and you aren’t paying attention to that, but focusing more on the cool shit happening in your headphones or speakers.  Then you know the album has a shit ton going on, and it’s all that stuff you want to be paying attention to.

The tracklist consists of nine hearty and heavy songs that will take you places, and I can honestly say you will listen to some tracks and it will have a different tone than the other tracks. But its all part of their style, and that I can appreciate.  As far as songs go they are all solid songs, and bring out different elements in each song to build this heavy hitting and mind bending album. its the very reason why I felt  it was an injustice to review track by track as usual. But not all albums are created equal are they? And Dischordia march to the beat of their own drum as well.

Thanatopsis  Tracklist:

  1. Thanatopsis I: The River
  2. Thanatopsis II: The Road
  3. Thanatopsis III: The Ruin feat. James Dorton
  4. The Curator
  5. 22°
  6. An Unlikely story
  7. Bone Hive
  8. Madness
  9. The Traveler


When I was listening to this album I did get a lot of enjoyment from; The River, The Road, and The Ruin, but also Bone Hive and the Traveler. I really gravitated towards those tracks, I suppose its just personal preference, but I really dig those tracks. The first thirty seconds of Bone Hive should be enough to get you interested. Listen to the bass, and by the time the vocals come in, the song has kept the tempo, but evolved subtly and has a Meshuggah-esque feel about it. But then you have tracks like The Ruin that blow the doors off their hinges with the very first note. And then The Traveler, that is my favorite track off of the album.  I mean I have caught myself playing the last 3 minutes of traveler on a loop because of the unique and heavy progressive feel. Thanatopsis, is an album that I could easily see fans of almost any metal genre, finding something that they like about it and Dischordia. But I’d be willing to go as far to say, that if I had to play one song off this album to entice you to listen to the whole thing. It would be The Traveler.  If the word unorthodox was used to describe these guys  I would hope they embrace it.  For every bit unorthodox they are, the music is every bit as heavy and surprising.  This album right here, is an album you put on and just listen. You cant just pop it in and skip through the tracks. I encourage anyone who wants something different, or something that fits into many metal sub genres and has plenty of character, I highly recommend checking out Dischordia’s  Thanatopsis.

8/10 \m/


Want to give it a listen,  click play and check out the tracks streaming below the album drops this Friday!

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