The Devils Due- Dec 1st- “The Ascension”- Apotheon review 6/10 \m/



The Devil’s Due is a segment we are doing because to be honest, a shit ton of bad ass metal came out in 2016, and for some of us. We just couldn’t keep up with it.  Some albums or E.P.’s dropped at the same time and got over shadowed by a popular band or something.

So without any further to do I want to kick off part one of our devils due segment.  A month long article where we will be reviewing the E.P.S and Albums that came out in 2016.  As this is not a list but a daily shotgun review of these releases, they are in no particular order and focus on one release a day.




The Ascension E.P.

released 4-30-2016

Andrew Morris – Drums
Fernando del Valle III – Guitar
Ian Burnside – Guitar
Ibrahim Jimenez – Bass Guitar
Reece Deeter – Vocals

This Boulder, Colorado outfit released this E.P. back in the spring and it got little attention. This four track E.P. will surely surprise many who listen to it. It has solid production quality, and has elements of progressive metal and technical death metal. We were pleasantly surprised by this E.P. when it dropped, having found that the tracks “isolationist” and “ Emergence” really appealed to us as listeners.

Now this is where things get even harder to fathom.  There really wasn’t a lot of talk about this E.P. from what we had seen, but this is a killer E.P. with a name your own price option on Bandcamp. Now out of all you metal heads reading this, who doesn’t want to buy an E.P. for whatever you want.  Download it for free, or throw them a couple of bucks, but  not checking this E.P. out is a mistake, whether or not you become a fan. You have the opportunity to get some great music at an even better price. 6/10 \m/

Curious to see what it sounds like? Well that’s why we are streaming it so you can listen to it, and help support metal.


Head on over to their BANDCAMP page

Also check out their FACEBOOK page and give them a like.


-Badger \m/

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