Burial In The Sky- Persistence Of Thought- Album Review 8/10 \m/

Burial in the Sky

Persistence of thought

William Okronglis – vocals, rhythm guitar, bass

James Tomedi –  lead guitar, bass, keys, mandolin,

Sam Stewart – Drums

Samus Paulicelli – session drums

Out November 4th 2016



  1. Entry I

This song begins with about a full minute of some really atmospheric sounds, they build up slowly before the band comes in hard at the 1: 09 mark where you have the drums setting the pace of this song. Vocals come in about ten seconds after.  They fall under a tech death sub-genre, but they are more than that based on the sounds of this first track. They would be more like a progressive melodic technical death metal.  The song really starts this album off well, it’s a subtle track,  do not confuse subtle for short and monotonous. Nope that is not the case.  It’s a subtle track by simply getting the listener acclimated to the sounds and stylings of Burial in the Sky.  They have guitar tones and sounds that remind me of bands ranging from the Tony Danza tap dance extravaganza to Pink Floyd. A truly unique band, offering some thought provoking metal. its got that atmospheric feel like Fallujah, I am really digging this album so far.


  1. Entry II

This song begins with a slow start, but it’s a cool soulful melody that’s played for the first thirty eight seconds, before the drums come in heavier, and the rest of the instruments join in.  The guitar riff at the one minute mark is a great way to progress into the first verse.  I’m having a hard time placing who the vocals remind me of. But they have a sound that brings me back to my high school days and going to the small shows.  Damn the guitars at the 2:02 mark have that cool feel again. They bring that prog sound and style to the table, that’s something I do like about these guys. It’s not just tech death, it’s a really smooth blend of atmospheric technical progressive death metal.  Or “pretty fucking cool” as I have been describing them these past few weeks.  Right around the 3:25 mark when the vocals come in those thirty seconds are great. The tone of the vocals, and then coming out to the blast beats on the drums and the way they are delivered make this a worthwhile track.  But it’s also worth mentioning about the guitar work from the 4:40 mark and lasting about 15 seconds that reminds me of Chris Letchford. so that adds another flavor to the mix,  they have a sound that can appeal to fans of  instrumental bands like Scale The Summit, to metal bands from all the various sub-genres connecting prog metal to technical metal.


  1. Entry III

Ahhh yes this song, it begins much like the previous tracks in a slower and almost smokey way.  They aren’t coming right out and playing, they are adding the tiny details to the sound to give you that type of imagery. It gives you this spacey feeling, like you are just floating in air.  You know the more I am getting this vibe, the more they remind me of bands like Fallujah who have a similar style.  Following that beginning sequence, they come in hard around the :53 mark but in a slow tempo. It’s more of a dramatic feel than trying to blow everyone away with speed. I love the progression of their music so far in this album, it’s subtle, wonderfully crafted and emotional in the delivery.  I will say that Entry I, Entry II, and Entry III are best listened back to back.  But all three can hold their own ground as far as how good they are individually.


  1. Anchors

This song also begins with that slower, spacey feel like the previous tracks had.  One thing worth mentioning before the song takes off, is that this song is 7:27 minutes/seconds long. All the tracks have a considerable amount of time, and it’s not spent playing the fastest blasts or shred fest solos.  They fill the time with sounds that buildup to make the songs just that much more enjoyable for the listener.  Don’t get me wrong, I love blistering fast blast beats and sick guitar solos. But it’s the proggy tech death bands like this one here that gives you music that is going to encourage the thought process.  This is a thought provoking album, it gets the listeners to think. I like when an album has that characteristic.  Right around the :55 mark  we get some more percussion, shakers, I think I hear a Guiro,   either way I like that they are adding some non-conventional in the mix and then  only about twenty seconds later the  heavy vocals  barrel in with brute force.  This song has plenty of ups and downs that the listener experiences. And I enjoy that about this album, the songs are keeping your attention, they are bringing you on a ride.  A wild and beautiful ride.


  1. Galaxy of Ghosts

This song does not start out the way the previous tracks did, nope this one is an instant 0-100 in a split second right out of the gate heavy track.  This is the odd ball track, 4 songs back to back start out cool and smooth, and then this one track begins at full speed right from the first note. This song is a solid track, and unique in its own way.  It’s different from the previous tracks but it holds its ground for being a solid track. The section at the 2:46 mark and playing through is a highlight for this track, the vocals sound layered. Then coming out of that is a mellow segment before we get some cool guitar work.  Get to the 3:37 mark and you will begin to hear the guitars setting up a killer riff, and getting the listener amped up for when the vocals come back in only about thirty or so seconds after. The rest of this track basically lifts the listener up all the way and then the last forty seconds or so  gently bring the listener back to the ground.


  1. Dimensions Divide

So in the first few seconds of play on this track you observe the following.  They come in hard from the very beginning, and this has a good feel to it, like this is the track to end the album with. It has that vibe like everything comes together, and is the conclusion of the album. They hit us with a short guitar solo only about a quarter of the way into this track. There truly is a lot going on in this song.  And some will take away that this is a three piece band, but they have that spacey atmospheric sound in the background, they are delivering forceful vocals, the drums are locked in with keeping the pace of the songs, and the guitars keep hitting us with cool riffs here and there as well as a satisfying solo a few times throughout the track. Ultimately with a minute and a half left of the song, the track drops down dramatically to a somber spacey melodic tune.  Just lifting you weightlessly, taking you away giving you the image that you are doing just that floating away after listening to a powerful set of songs.



This is a solid album, it is only six tracks but each track is between 5-8 minutes long.  And each song has a lot packed in as well. This album is intriguing, I can’t explain it well. But when you listen to it, it’s hard to just focus on one track being the best on the album.   I find that I enjoy listening to this album start to finish.  Some albums have that vibe to them. Where you can just as easily play any track in random order if you wanted.  But playing at least the first three tracks back to back offers a more in depth experience when listening to the album.  They have that spacey atmospheric style like Fallujah, and it has a prog metal feel to it in other areas, but the whole time they are rocking the tech death line. I think we live in a world where you have to prove yourself in 30 seconds or less on whether or not your band or your album is the next best thing. I encourage anyone who wants to and will listen to this album. To give yourself the time to listen to it.  Don’t listen to one track and make up your mind, or listen to 30 seconds of one track skipping to the next. Give this a full play through upon listening to it for the first time.  Every song brings you up and down, but really delivers the goods.  This album is a solid 8/10 \m/ and definitely deserves to be heard.  Give it a listen,  check out the links below and  take a listen to the fifth track off this album titled Galaxy Of Ghosts.





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Virvum unveil the track list and album art for their upcoming album titled “Illuminance”

Swiss metallers Virvum have recently unveiled the album art and track list for their upcoming album “Illuminance” due out on September 16th 2016.



The band spent the past two years recording and getting this album ready.  Spending time at Ashburn Productions and Hardbeat Studios to get this album recorded, and mixed at Iguana Studios Germany.

The track-list, line-up, and recording information for Illuminance is as follows:

1. The Cypher Supreme
2. Earthwork
3. Illuminance
4. Ad Rigorem
5. Tentacles Of The Sun
6. Elemental Shift
7. I: A New Journey Awaits
8. II: A Final Warming Shine: Ascension And Trespassing

Virvum is:
Bryan Berger: Vocals
Nic Gruhn: Guitars
Toby Koelman: Guitars
Diego Morenzoni: Drums

Even better news, is that they will be premiering a track on July 22nd and for those of you, who have not heard Virvum before, here is a taste of what they bring to the table. This is a track they put out in 2015 and  this will give you a good idea as to what they are going to be hitting us with in the next few days.


So if you like what you hear, stayed tuned as a new track will be premiered this Friday, and also go check them out on FACEBOOK

and if you want to get this album and some other cool pre-order bundles head on over to their bandcamp page by clicking HERE


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Metal Drummer Spotlight: Philippe Tyrant Boucher

We are now in the month of May, and I wanted to touch base with  a drummer who has been a part of several amazing bands, and  has been heard playing drums on albums like Le dernier crépuscule by Chthe’ilist, and Earthborn Evolution by Beyond Creation. I had a chance to meet Philippe while he was on tour with Beyond Creation on the Infernus tour supporting Hate Eternal, with other bands on the tour being Misery Index, and Rivers of Nihil.

1)     So , Earthborn Evolution came out towards the end of 2014, however 2015 your band Beyond Creation did a great amount of touring. I can say it was very cool to see you guys live for my first time  on Oct 27th for the Infernus tour.  What was it like to be playing that many dates with   fellow drummers Adam Jarvis, Hannes Grossman, and Dylan Potts. For me that was a killer tour in regards to drumming. What was it like for you?

It was amazing, one of the craziest tours I did and honestly, each band and each drummer was very nice with me. I love Adam, Hannes and Dylan’s work, they are absolutely great drummer and they all have a good personality. We had so much funny moments and crazy nights on this tour, I’ll always remember it!

2)    While Beyond Creation made some big waves with Earthborn, Chthe’ilist put out   Le dernier crépuscule which in my opinion was also a killer release.  7 songs of some really dark, brutal tech death metal, is there any chance there will be any touring in support for this  release?

I hope to play more shows with Chthe’ilist because I really like this band. It feels good to play in an old school style of death metal; this genre is one of my favorite. I’m really busy with Beyond Creation so it’s kind of hard to book shows but everything is possible. We plan to do more shows near the end of the year or in the next one.

3)     What about the other bands you are a part of,  is there anything in the works for new material?

Yes of course, there’s a lot of work in progress! When I’m back from tours or shows with Beyond, I work on my other projects, especially Incandescence, it is my main project and accomplishment. I withdraw myself from the surrounding world, I follow my thoughts: I can do whatever I want in this band. I like to put some grooves and a little technicality in it even if it’s black metal music. I play the drums, guitars, bass and my very good friend is doing the vocals. We have a first album that we released back in the end of 2013. We just finished all the recordings for our second one. It might be release at the end of the year, I really look forward for this one to come out!

Décombres is more of a low-profile black metal project. I do the instrumental part as well as the vocals. I didn’t do any live performance yet and it pleases me like that. I released my first album and now I’m currently working on a second one. Stay tuned!

4)     Based on your drumming, you can play some really impressive and  precise technical drumming, what are some of your influences? I have to assume that hailing from the Quebec area that Flo Mounier could be one of them. Who else influenced you and your style?

Yes of course, Flo Mounier is probably the drummer who inspired me the most throughout the years. I am a fan of his intensity and the grooves that he creates. When I began to drums, my real first influence was Mike Portnoy. I appreciated his energy. Although, if I can talk of recent drummers, I would say that Frost (1349, Satyricon) inspired me a lot for extreme drumming. Hannes Grossnan is a great one too, George Kollias, Trey Williams (Dying Fetus), John Dolmayan (System of a down), John Longstreth (Origin), Buddy Rich, Tim Alexander (Primus), Inferno (Behemoth, Azarath), Patrice Hamelin (Martyr, Gorguts) and probably many more, are all inspiration.

5)     From what I can count you are playing the drums in a total of four bands, are there any other projects that you are working on that we might hear about in the near future?

From now, I’m alright with all these bands/projects haha. I recorded the new album of Vengeful, a death metal band from Montreal, it will be out soon. Bands are asking me for sessions and studio collaborations so you might hear from me a little bit more. Maybe someday I would like to start another project, something with a tiny touch of metal, something progressive with a taste of funk like a mix of Primus/Mastodon. Let’s be honest, this is really far from happening because I’m really busy with all the ideas I have for my current bands/projects.

6)     Aside from metal, what other styles of music do you enjoy playing?

I really like to play funk, prog, tribal, blues, rock. When I have time to play alone, I like to create some grooves that couldn’t work inside my bands, I like to push my creativity towards completely other genres.

7)     Any big plans for touring in 2016, or any big festivals that your bands will be playing?

We plan to do more tours for sure! Although, there’s nothing I can confirm yet.

8)     I find that more and more metal drummers are doing skype lessons, or dvds, digital videos. Is this something that you might entertain in the near future?

Yes of course, it’s hard to make it happens with all my projects but it’s certainly something that I want to start. To teach and to transmit my passion to others is something that I want to experience in my life.


So there you have it,  Philippe is a really cool guy that plays some mean drums, and with past bands like  First Fragment, and then current bands Beyond Creation, Chthe’ilist, Incandescance, and Décombres. His drumming is sure to impress many who have listened to any of these bands.

some live footage of Philippe

Fundemental process off Beyond Creation’s last album Earthborn Evolution


If you like what you hear, check out these links where you can purchase some of his music.

Beyond Creation on Bandcamp

Chthe’ilist on Profound Lore Records

Incandescence on BANDCAMP


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Streaming “Gomorrh.” the latest release by Dead Eyed Sleeper

Heidelberg, Germany brings us Dead Eyed Sleeper with their latest release Gomorrh.  a killer progressive death metal album with 6 brutal tracks that was realeased earlier this month.

Get the digital album by going to BANDCAMP

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Currently Streaming Dark Reincarnation by The Soul Exile \m/


Dark Reincarnation just released today is a four song E.P. full of blasts, driving rhythms, and brutal hooks. If you haven’t heard of these guys, get to it.  Check it out on BANDCAMP, and with the ” Name Your Price” option,  throw them some $ and show them some support.




Also if you like what you hear, then go like them on FACEBOOK



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Currently Streaming Aether & Echo by State Of Serenity

Currently Streaming Aether & Echo by State Of Serenity

UK based progressive instrumental metal outfit have this album dropping 02/22/2016

Take a listen to a few of the tracks and tell us what you think?



For up to date news  check out their Facebook Page Here \m/

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If you want to Pre Order this E.P. CLICK HERE

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The Badger’s Metal Breakdown Odyssey-Voids Bundle Giveaway

Badger’s Metal Breakdown and Mind Eraser PR  present  February’s Metal Bundle Giveaway this month Featuring a  CD bundle by Odyssey including a Physical copy of the  Voids CD, and T-shirt bundle.

Odyssey mysteryGrabBag-Tee-Main_2048x2048


The Rules are Simple

ON FACEBOOK- Like our Page, Share this post , Comment “ Odyssey Bundle”

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Contest begins Monday February 8th, 2016 at 6:30 P.M. EST and will run until Tuesday March 1st 2016 at 6:30 P.M. EST. A winner will be announced Friday March 4th,2016 so stay tuned as we will  message the winner to get shirt size and valid shipping information.

After you have completed the instructions  make sure you   take a listen to Odysseys’s latest release ” Voids” Released on  02/05/2016 by clicking below




Odyssey on Twitter

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Divine Realm- Tectum Argenti 10/10

Divine Realm

Tectum Argenti


Leo Diensthuber
Marc Roy
Tyler Brayton
Josh Ingram

  1. Tritos

The song begins with the sound of falling water, dripping and splashing on a surface, some electronic sounds fade in, with little pops and then a heavy electronic sounds setting things up for the guitars and drums to join in with an n explosive technical metal style. The guitar riff around the 1:10 mark is on point to what you would expect to hear, it is a classic guitar solo in the vein of Dream Theaters John Petrucci. This song is a killer track to start the album off with. The best way to explain this song, is that you are getting ready to listen to something much like if you took Dream Theater, Animals as Leaders, and The Algorithm put them all in a blender, and   then take that mix for something out of the ordinary realm of what you think progressive technical instrumental metal would sound like. This is an awesome track, and I can only expect that the rest of this album is just as good if not progressively better.


  1. Cloak and Dagger

And it looks like my high hopes have panned out, this song has really taken that DT, AAL, The Algorithm, and Ennio Morricone and put it into perspective, wondering what the hell I am talking about. Well just play the song and you will hear the electronic sounds, and then the guitar riff, the crisp technical drums, and it is simply badass. Now wait until the: 45 second mark where the Ennio Morricone reference sinks in. Absolutely brilliant, this is a progressive technical death metal instrumental masterpiece! No one would have thought to put that section in a song, and I don’t think anyone could have pulled it off the way this band does it. Hot damn the 2:15 mark is equally as bad ass, and you will want to play this song again, and again, each time you will find yourself actually enjoying the song more and more, all the while appreciating every little note and section more and more. Right around the 3: 02 mark you will hear one of the simplest rhythms being played, and you will then acknowledge the fact that you can’t help but like it. It is outside the norm for progressive metal, technical metal, or any subgenre in between and it works so well.


  1. Inherit The Earth

This song begins with the sound of nature, birds flying away and chirping. An electronic melody begins to fade in and then what sounds like a growl, and then the band jumps in with a real cool guitar riff and some really intricate drums laying down the base. The moment you get to the 1:28 mark you will experience one of the best musical sections for a metal release of 2016, (
I would also put 2015 also, it’s absolutely badass) this guitar riff right here is something you would hear from Marty Friedman from his solo work. I have found many uses for this specific section of song. I without a doubt could create hundreds of scenarios and descriptions/references to illustrate just how great it is. I have also used that riff as entrance music when coming home from work because why not. It works with anything. Ringtone, alarm clock entrance music, holding music, elevator music, driving music, music to get you amped up to play, music to chill out to. Shoot I could easily hear this song being a song in a video game also. This song is amazing, and I just don’t know how to explain it but this song alone is worth the cost of the whole album. It is without a doubt my favorite song on this album. You will be head banging, you will be tapping your foot, you will be playing air guitar, and air drums, and you will remember the name Divine Realm after this song.


  1. Tectum Argenti

This song begins with some electronic sounds fading in, until the guitar dives head first with a soulful guitar riff, to set things up and then transitions into the technical metal sound. Throw in some quick precise drumming, and a few menacing guitar riffs, (you will know what I mean once you hear them) and lay down a killer groove that you can’t ignore. Right around the 1:55 mark the song goes into a cool section trading off bars, and then a quick little riff bringing the song down to almost nothing. Then after a few seconds the song picks back up with a cool groovy beat until they change again, raising the bar with more intricate guitar solos and drum patterns.


  1. Glass Empire

The sound of electronics, and glass shattering can be heard then what sounds like a clock ticking, with some electronic sounds fading in until a short pattern and the band jumps in with a guitar playing a solid rhythm, and the lead playing a cool riff,   they keep it up for a few seconds and then they raise the bar, attacking the more technical and intricate guitar riffs and fast technical drumming with laser focus precision execution. At 3:14 you will see what they are capable off and how they can seamlessly transition from breakneck guitar riffs and blistering fast drums to a more relaxed instrumental groove. I like the way the end the song, it seems to fade out, and become muffled sounding and then the only sounds you hear are some electronic noises and something that sounds like a heart monitor beeping.


  1. Ab Aeterno

This song begins also with the electronic sounds, and has more of a mellow feel to it, similar to Scale The Summit’s delivery. It is a very relaxing, song with all guitar riffs and drum patterns moving with fluid motion. They really did their homework trying to determine the track order, and this is exactly where it should be. The whole album shreds, and it blows your mind with some of the sick guitar riffs, and the technicality of the song structures, but they use this song to really take you to a relaxed feeling, as if you are enjoying a cosmic oasis just floating along and taking in all the sights without a worry in the world. This is what I mean about how the music sets up scenery for the listener.


  1. Metaphor of the Sun

This song has an interesting beginning, you can hear crackling fire, something that sounds like a clock ticking, a piano joins in playing a light melody, some electronic sounds start to join in. then BOOM the band gets right down to some really impressive guitar shredding, and technical drumming. This has such a damn solid groove it’s great, these guys can shred too, the guitar solos being played are incredible. They seem to have scrutinized every note to sheer perfection of timing and placement along with the rhythm of the song. We hear the piano again when the song takes on a jazzy style transition and the guitar is laying a soul filled riff. They come out of that with a heavy progressive metal feel, and the delivery is spot on. This is exactly the right song to end the album with, my only gripe, is now I wish the album had more tracks because I want more Divine Realm playing through my speakers.




This E.P. is awesome, this is one of those albums that when you hear it, it blows you away. It’s not a new genre, hell Animals as Leaders have been doing the instrumental thing since 2007. Plenty of bands are involved in the Instrumental or instrumental genre. Divine Realm don’t sound like they are trying to be the fastest or anything. They are playing some genre bending progressive technical instrumental metal with some impressive elements blended in. From the electronic programmed sounds and rhythms, to the sections like in Cloak and Dagger where it takes you to a different scene altogether. This album is mind blowing, I have no regrets giving this album 10/10 it blew me away, and these guys are very impressive.   Every song has a specific detail that when that change happens and you hear it, you are surprised. You aren’t expecting it, and they have this method where they are playing technical metal, the song doesn’t just change, it almost evolves into a new section, and really gives you some images of a scene. When you listen to this album you will find yourself almost imagining a scene, or image that this album really generates flawlessly. For the many of you that will actually listen to this, if you have not heard Diving Realm before, well after you listen to this album, you will know their name and remember what you felt when you listened to this great release.














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Sunburst to join the Inner Wound Recordings family and a new album set to be released 02/26/2016

Progressive metal band Sunburst . Their highly anticipated debut album “Fragments of Creation” will be released on February 26th 2016 in Europe and North America.


The music video for the song “Dementia” from the album was just released check it out below!!

The video was directed by Bob Katsionis.


Suburst are:

Vasilis Georgiou [Black Fate, Innosense] – Vocals

Gus Drax [Biomechanical, Paradox, Black Fate, Suicidal Angels] – Guitars

Kostas Milonas [Blacklegs, N.U.R.V, G.K Group] – Drums

Nick Grey [End Of Innocense, Jailcat] – Bass

They can be described as sounding like  Nevermore meets Dream Theater, and have an excellent clean sound for all the progressive metal fans out there. You can pre-order the Fragments of Creation bundle be clicking Here for their Big Cartel store

Make sure to check these guys out on FACEBOOK \m/

 and also to check out the Inner Wound Recordings  FACEBOOK/innerwoundrecordings and website

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Hothfest 2016 lineup and interview with Jamie

Hothfest- 2016

Maximum Capacity Chicopee, MA 01013



Metal Festivals happen every year all over the world, these festivals are one of the greatest shows metal heads end up going to. Getting a chance to see metal bands from all over at the same venue, be it an open air stadium, or other concert halls. Many metal heads like myself have great memories from going to big festivals, hearing and seeing bands we are stoked to see, to discovering bands that we had never heard before. In the Northeast U.S. there is really only one big festival that has been happening annually since 1999. But that is just not enough to satisfy the appetite of metal heads across the region. This is when a drummer and tattoo artist from the Massachusetts area decided he had waited long enough, and was going to take matters into his own hands. Jamie Cross came up with Hothfest last year and is doing it again this year around. Hothfest -2016 we will be witnessing 30 bands over the course of two days. To make things even better its on a weekend, Saturday and Sunday, that means for most you wont have to miss work to go to an awesome metal show.

I had the chance to talk to Jamie and ask him a few questions about Hothfest 2016 to get an idea,  what started it all, and what to expect.



Badger- So this is the second annual Hothfest, have you already noticed more exposure of this festival than when you did it last year?

 Jamie- A little bit, I mean I’m trying a bit harder, I went to other shows and have been passing out postcards to everybody. Of course there’s Facebook and doing the old school thing driving around and putting up flyers but I’m just hoping for the best. It should be good

 Badger- Yea I think so, and what prompted you to organize a metal festival in the first place?

 Jamie- When I did it last year I kind of did it just for fun and it turned out pretty good, and then I had bands from across the states offering to play so, I mean I probably had one hundred bands offer to play this year so I had to pick and choose but yea it’s awesome.

 Badger- That’s cool, that very promising now I am looking forward to 2017 already hearing that.

Jamie- I know right me too, I can’t wait

 Badger- So what has the general reaction been from the bands last year? Were you like reaching out to bands last year, and this year they are coming to you to do it?

 Jamie- Yea I reached out to a couple that played last year and they did well, and a lot were friends of bands so I had people say “ you gotta check out this band,” so I got a lot of that and bands started hitting me up offering to play, offering to get on it.

 Badger- Now here is a metal festival with  a lot of bands playing,  do you have any sponsors for this? Or is it all you?

 Jamie- No I do it all myself man,

Badger- That’s pretty cool, good for you man that’s awesome.

Jamie- Yea I just put like the music stores and logo on our artwork because they were letting me hang stuff up there to help out.

 Badger- Now do you have any times for what time the doors open and what time it’s going to run till on Saturday, and then the same for Sunday?

Jamie- Yea I am not positive on that last year doors opened at noon, and bands started at 1. So I’m assuming the same, I haven’t figured out the times yet, I have a few other shows going on right now also that I am working on.

 Badger- What other shows do you have going on?

Jamie- Well this Saturday I have what’s called jingle jam, it’s a toys for tots thing with 9 bands on that, it’s a metal show all ages two bucks bring a toy. It’s called jingle jam and there is a Facebook page for that too. I got a couple of tribute bands on that and some locals playing.

Badger- Any shows besides that one?

Jamie-Then after that, the next one is actually after Hothfest and its January 23rd and called musical masterpiece theater the art of the guitar edition. It’s going to be a metal show for the sickest guitar players. I have Mark Rizzo from Soulfly headlining, and then I have Dave Sharp and the Solar Power, a few other ones are going to be on that, and I am still waiting to hear back from them.

 Badger-So I know, I can’t remember where the venue was originally going to be, but was it a case of so many bands and people showing interest that caused the venue change?

Jamie- No actually something had happened and they switched owners so I am actually having shows there now. I had already moved it so we are going to keep it where it is (Maximum Capacity) I know the guy that owns it now so and they own both venues so I will be throwing shows at both venues. Yea I have a big summer show I throw that has about 30 bands called rocking on the river and it’s my birthday bash, and we have that at the waterfront. So I already booked that again this year.

Jamie-That one’s kind of like Hothfest but the summer instead. I do about four or five big shows a year, when bands play every weekend people sometimes don’t want to show up. So (with a big show they are more likely to show up)

Badger- yea I know my old band we would play the same club almost every weekend because we were tight with the owner. But we knew that some people didnt want to come and see us every Friday or Saturday, it is what it is, and you always have the group that wouldn’t miss a show for the world.

 Jamie- We have our first show in NH playing at the Shaskeen pub in Manchester. It’s January 2nd and I am pretty psyched because we haven’t played anywhere else except from around here so it should be fun.

 Jamie- We sound like COC and Pantera that who we get compared to all the time, two of my favorite bands so I will take that. We are half rock half metal so.

 Badger-Are there any updates you want the readers and local to know about this show? Your band? What you are putting into this, other stuff about you? I know you do tattoos so…?

 Jamie-Yea I own a tattoo studio, I do some work for bands cd artwork, t-shirt all that stuff. At the shows the background for Hothfest that’s one of my paintings I did I actually just got the posters in for Hothfest, so I will be driving around and hanging wherever places will let me.

 Bader- I know you had just done a painting event,

Jamie-Yea called who wants to paint with me. We had a blast, it was a lot of fun.

Badger-Is that something you think you will be doing more of?

Jamie-Yea every couple of months I am going to do it, this time around I am going g to limit it to around 25 people so I know and have them pay up front. We had a blast, listened to metal and local bands all night.

 Jamie-If I could add one more thing the band Defeated Sanity will be here all the way from Germany they haven’t been in the states for about 5 years. So that’s going to be a pretty cool deal that they are playing at Hothfest and they are bringing a band called Iniquitous Savagery from Scotland with them so we have this whole European/ UK tour coming this way and also a band from California, and then metal bands from NH, MA, Vermont pretty much everywhere around here.

Jamie- Dehumanized will headline Saturday, and carnivore will headline Sunday

Jamie-Sunday is more of a local thing, and closer, and the travelling bands are playing on Saturday.

 Badger-That’s pretty good planning, especially for like Defeated Sanity who are on tour. Thank you for setting up a sick metal festival, thanks for trying to keep the metal scene going around here, and thank you for the phone call.

Jamie- Cool thanks man.

So there you have it, I for one am looking forward to Hothfest 2016.

The set lists are TBA, however the lineups for both days are already determined;


Saturday January 9th


Immortal Suffering

Defeated Sanity



Iniquitous Deeds

Iniquitous Savagery

Torturous Inception



Assault on the Living

Open the Nile

Dream of Scipio

Forest of Remorse

To Kill Again



Sunday January 10th



City Of Homes

Western Massacre

Sevenday Curse -first show with new members


The Aberration

She Walks Without Legs


Oxblood Forge

Disguise The Curse

My Pet Carcass

One Ton Tommy Gun




If you want to check out the bands before the show, here are a list of their FB pages

Dehumanized (OFFICIAL)
Torturous Inception
Open The Nile
Western Massacre
Oxblood Forge
City of Homes
Sevenday Curse
One Ton Tommy Gun
To Kill Again
My Pet Carcass
The Aberration
Disguise the Curse
Forest of Remorse
Immortal Suffering
Assault on the Living
Dream of Scipio
Defeated Sanity official
Iniquitous Deeds
Iniquitous Savagery
She Walks Without Legs

Also check out the event page for Hothfest 2016


-Badger \m/