Dischordia- Thanatopsis album review 8/10 \m/




Out 11/25/2016

Josh Turner – Vocals/Bass
Keeno – Guitars/Vocals
Josh Fallin – Drums


Dischordia have put together this album following last years  Sources E.P. and I gotta say.  They have a lot to offer, and they do so by utilizing so many of their influences and molding them into their own sound.   From a quick listen you will hear influences from bands like Opeth, The Red Chord, as well as the Dillinger Escape plan, and Meshuggah.  They have such a cool sound. I mean they are a legitimate progressive death metal band with multiple personalities, but all seem to jive.  If I told you that a metal band would play a song and break out a xylophone with some circus like music for a few bars before going into one of the coolest endings to an album. Most of you would probably think I need to be medicated. But Dischordia do just that, in fact there haven’t been many songs  that got more play than the albums final track titled The Traveler.  The album is one of those few albums that I simply cannot do my normal track by track review format on. This album is one that you do not break the album down track by track.  You buy this album, and push play.  When the tracks begin to fade into the next track and you aren’t paying attention to that, but focusing more on the cool shit happening in your headphones or speakers.  Then you know the album has a shit ton going on, and it’s all that stuff you want to be paying attention to.

The tracklist consists of nine hearty and heavy songs that will take you places, and I can honestly say you will listen to some tracks and it will have a different tone than the other tracks. But its all part of their style, and that I can appreciate.  As far as songs go they are all solid songs, and bring out different elements in each song to build this heavy hitting and mind bending album. its the very reason why I felt  it was an injustice to review track by track as usual. But not all albums are created equal are they? And Dischordia march to the beat of their own drum as well.

Thanatopsis  Tracklist:

  1. Thanatopsis I: The River
  2. Thanatopsis II: The Road
  3. Thanatopsis III: The Ruin feat. James Dorton
  4. The Curator
  5. 22°
  6. An Unlikely story
  7. Bone Hive
  8. Madness
  9. The Traveler


When I was listening to this album I did get a lot of enjoyment from; The River, The Road, and The Ruin, but also Bone Hive and the Traveler. I really gravitated towards those tracks, I suppose its just personal preference, but I really dig those tracks. The first thirty seconds of Bone Hive should be enough to get you interested. Listen to the bass, and by the time the vocals come in, the song has kept the tempo, but evolved subtly and has a Meshuggah-esque feel about it. But then you have tracks like The Ruin that blow the doors off their hinges with the very first note. And then The Traveler, that is my favorite track off of the album.  I mean I have caught myself playing the last 3 minutes of traveler on a loop because of the unique and heavy progressive feel. Thanatopsis, is an album that I could easily see fans of almost any metal genre, finding something that they like about it and Dischordia. But I’d be willing to go as far to say, that if I had to play one song off this album to entice you to listen to the whole thing. It would be The Traveler.  If the word unorthodox was used to describe these guys  I would hope they embrace it.  For every bit unorthodox they are, the music is every bit as heavy and surprising.  This album right here, is an album you put on and just listen. You cant just pop it in and skip through the tracks. I encourage anyone who wants something different, or something that fits into many metal sub genres and has plenty of character, I highly recommend checking out Dischordia’s  Thanatopsis.

8/10 \m/


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