Of Tyrants -Confessor – Lyric Video ahead of their next album ” A Step Into Darkness” due out in the spring of 2017

It is with great pleasure to come across this lyric video from the guys in Of Tyrants.  This band just keeps grinding  and working and getting music out there.  One word comes to mind “Persistence”   it applies to O.T’s because they are persistent when it comes to playing shows, promoting the bands playing shows, and getting music written and recorded.  Persistence is what makes a river cut through a rock.  Persistence is what will make Of Tyrants a big name in the scene and have the potential to become a juggernaut from their efforts.


This video is exciting because  if this is what they are sounding like right now, then they have made a lot of headway into their next album. this already sounds like they are raising the bar again from their E.P they released last winter. Well enough of all this talk here’s the video, check it out, and then go check Of Tyrants out. \m/



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-Badger \m/

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