Hail Mary! Iwrestledabearonce new album today!!!!! @iwabo

Anyone who has ever listening to iwrestledabearonce knows that they do not play by any rules. They are an all out assualt on everything you ever knew to be within your comfort zone. Gift of Death is a great example of this  march to the beat of their own drum style. Green Eyes is also a great track, i mean the whole album is great don’t get me wrong. I am just really all over the place with this new album. You have to listen to it to understand, but they take your typical steady paced groove to head bang to, throw in a few psychotic episodes and fast riffs and you have Hail Mary. The clean vocals are a nice touch not overly present, but still as always a nice touch to some of the songs. Green eyes is a great example of that. So for all you iwabo fans out there, what ar eyou waiting for the new album is out.  pick it up. The album is badass, this band did a killer job on these songs.

Look for it on itunes; https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/hail-mary/id985795768

and; http://iwrestledabearonce.merchnow.com/



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