Settler by NH’s own Vattnet Viskar dropped today @vattnetviskar

Today we see the release of “Settler” by New Hampshire metal band Vattnet viskar. Listening to this album you can really enjoy the steady head banging pace of the track Yearn. It has a heavy yet melodic feel, with some boiling intenisty that keeps you locked in for the rest of the album. The title track is great, right out of the gate. I can easily listen to this track on repeat, and if the day allows it I will. Being from New Hampshire myself, i can say that although there are not too many bands being huge in popularity. Growing up NH and Massachusetts had some of the best metal acts. New England is home to some serious badass metal. My theory on why goes all the way back to the revolutionary war. New England has a fuck you dont tell me what to do attitude and it really comes out in the music. Settler is a great album and i cannot wait to hear more by this band.

Check out Settler on itunes;

or if you are really looking for a physical copy check out

and use your location to find a store that has it available.

Get On THIS!

-Badger \m/

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