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The release of WRVTH today is one that will have a monumental impact for the rest of 2015. These guys bring so much to the table with this album its not even close to anything, or  anyone else has offered to us so far. To get right down to it, I have been listening to this album on repeat for at least the past 4 hours or so.  Without any further to do, here it is.

1) Harrowing winds, the first track on the album. It starts out with a very mellow, melodic trance like guitar melody, and light ride cymbal rhythms. Then boom right into distortion, and a great beat. Vocals kick in and its just a banshee of  a wail. It keeps you on the edge of your seat, setting you up for some quick blast beats and fast riffs.  This is only 2:32 into the song and already I am smiling and moving to the pace. This is like a metal kid in a record store type of excitement right here, The riffs are perfect, not over the top technical, but the intensity of the technicality is right there. They progress, in a way that much like a an explosion under water. The force over comes the water and pushes outward, then the water pushes back shrinking the gas expulsion, to which forces back out. The song takes you a step back into a comfort zone like no other, then tries to seduce you with a funk like feel. Showcasing the talent of the bass and drums, Right into a solo, that is not trying to take give you an epileptic episode, its just trying to persistently tickle your senses. This is a great track to start an album out with. If you had to listen to one track to make up your mind, these guys nailed it. With the short attention span of the world. We collectively need to be blown away or the album will collect dust. Not the case for this one, I see this being in top ten lists for the remainder of 2015.

2) Malaise rolls right into it with a gloomy trance like guitar riff and a drum beat that’s subtle, yet you know will branch out into something heavy momentarily. Aaaaand it sets that theory up perfectly. Holy hell Batman this is bad ass on a professional level. Blast beat into a riff like something you heard off of BTBAM’s Silent Circus album. Brings you right back down, so far these guys really want to bring you up slowly, and then launch you like a roller-coaster meeting the apex of the highest point in the track and letting you go for the ride. The slow melodic section hits you, giving you that moment of bliss, and then bam! Back into the heavy blender effect of just head banging and hearing the guitars and drums swirling around you in sync. The thought behind this track, what inspired this song? However they came about writing this song, they were definitely thinking about cause and effect.

3) Looming Sigils is a track that is an ominous rolling beat then picks up its pace 3/4 the way through. Accenting the bass and drums with finesse.

4) Ongoing Dissension starts with a drum fill into  heavy vocals and guitar riffs. Picking up that double time feel in seconds, then changing direction again. Blast beat and high guitar tones fast picking, intricate riffs, the song is progressing at a rate that once you get acclimated to the sound it changes. Yet the basic rhythm is the same, until about 2:05 when it takes on a different stop motion feel for almost 15 seconds and into a refreshing riff. This track has so much to offer!

5) Endless Haze starts out eerie sounding, makes me think of the album cover art. Like you are walking up to the house and when you get to the door, elements just start coming out at you. Unwavering just like all instruments and vocals. It’s hard to put into words how to describe this song. It could have a different effect on everybody. This track is a menacing psychological thriller of musical direction. Haunting vocals and guitars slow down to a lull.

6) Lured by Knaves is just right out of the gate intense blast beats, yet melodic rhythmic guitar riffs. Vocals are just piercing you. Slow it down now entering an unknown realm full of mystery.  Boom boom boom right into a a heavy dose of haymaker mosh pit flailing fists. This song has so much going on it could be considered a schizophrenic prodigious beautiful mind in perpetual motion. The way this song progresses, and then into some saxophone filled jazz. This a work of art right here. Metal, Jazz, Funk, saxophone, and double bass into a heavy chorus. WTF is there nothing off limits here? WRVTH is willing to take the world by storm. A metal/jazz infused storm,  and I would buy tickets to that ride without any second thoughts.

7) Forlorn is that a flute? Wind instrument? It is peaceful, cue the drums. slow but steady, picking up the beat pattern slightly but using swells with the guitars to encourage you to reach for it. The drum fills are getting a little bit more involved and it sounds great. Just perfectly balanced fills into a subtle prog rock feel. This song could appeal to so many. The bright guitar riffs flash into a heavy blackened metal sound that makes me think of Emperor meets animals As Leaders. This song is awesome, and it just keeps getting better.  Got a jazzy feel going on right now with the beat picking up to  a nice blast beat and guitar riffing bridge into a heavy head moving rhythm. Slowing down with the drums just letting you down gently until they keep you at this level with light drum fills.

8) Larkspur Breaks right into distorted guitars heavy drums lead up to a melodic guitar riff and the banshee like vocals.  Continuing the journey with blast beats into a short, but ruthlessly heavy riff.  This song builds, and builds. I challenge you to at this point in the album tell me what your favorite track is so far. Because the songs are abundantly unique and full of soul.

9) Amber Glow starts out slow, with emphasis on the ride cymbal pattern and the funk feel to the drums, and drawn out guitar tones. Jazz saxophone playing to their hearts content. Really soulfully dazzling melody blossoming into a peaceful tune. At 3:18 the song is not very long, but man they could really keep this going if they wanted to. This song captivates, serenades, and exhilarates the senses. Spine tingling impressively great tune, just showing off the skills of this band. Not only as a metal band, but very talented musicians with their goal to create very thought out music.

10) Into Bloom maintains the same guitar sound but has the vocals and drums keeping the pace up there. Slowing down for only a moment, into an orchestral black metal feel. ” Left in the gravel we walk through!”  The set up here is great, the blast beats and the guitars are really doing it for me here. Oh wait new direction with a great drum beat and a guitar riff to match. Into that blackened blast beat sound that I  encountered and  thoroughly enjoyed. The way the song flows is mesmerizing. This is like taking a blender, putting King Crimson, Emperor, Scale The summit, Abigail Williams, and a few other notable acts and getting only the finest of symphonically sonic smoothies. The song takes on another direction that has a hardcore in your face approach. back into the melodic progression that has been prevalent throughout the entire album so far. This track is amazing.

11) Cease to Exist.

I want you to go out and get this album, and with the way this album has been so far. I really think something should be left a mystery for you to unravel on your own. All I will say is this. The song appropriately wraps up the album. The way it starts out, the changes. It sums things up, and puts the album in perspective. This album is worth the buy.  This is one of those albums you can listen to while working out, sitting and thinking, trying to relax, trying to get amped up before a fight. This is like the Swiss army knife of metal albums. So the last song I will not tell you how it goes and what changes happen when. That’s up to you, to go out and listen on your own. Get blown away by the talent, get captivated by the astronomic musicianship and life breathed into this album.

WRVTH is going to be one of the best albums of 2015 mark my words. This should be in every metal fans collection. This should be played for everyone, as the diversity reaches beyond just metal. The jazz, the funk, the melodic progression is out of this world. And I for one cannot wait to see what these guys have up their sleeves for the future.

Get your copy now at https://www.indiemerchstore.com/b/wrvth/

check them out on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WrathofVesuvius

and twitter https://twitter.com/wrvthofficial

-Badger \m/


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