The Finite Cycle Rithiya Henry Khiev



The Finite Cycle E.P.


Out  today March 1st, 2017


Chris Dovas on Drums (Seven Spires)

Jeff Demarco On vocals (Solium Fatalis)

Ryan Knight- Guitar (Arsis, Black Dahlia Murder)

Nick Scarfo Guitar (The Hours End)

Dmitry Demyanenko Guitar (Shokran)

Joey Conception Guitar (Absence, Armageddon)

Jim Gregory (Solium Fatalis) and Charles Ayala (owner of the Wreck Room) on lyrical content

This is the solo project by guitarist RHK. This is also his debut E.P. as a solo artist. He has amazing talent that has has graced listeners ears over the years whether it was in Mortis Deveia, Alterius, or simply demonstrating or reviewing guitar amps, pedals and others on his YouTube chanel. He is an endorsed artist by Airis Effects, Xvive, and is the founder/owner of RHK studios. He has shared the stage with many bands and notable musicians like Within The Ruins, Shadows Fall,  Misery Index, Lord Dying, The Human Abstract, Die Cast, God forbid, Arsis, 1349 and even when Angel Vivaldi did his first mini tour as a solo artist. Since the last time we heard him on a recording was with Alterius from their E.P. “Voyager” it has been a pleasure to hear his music again only a few short years later with a solid E.P. as this one is. With guest musicians like Ryan Knight, Dmitri Demyanenko, Jim Gregory, and Alterius band mate Nick Scarfo. The first track is “Industrial Demise” a heavy track with plenty of Djent feel, and is a killer song with copious amounts of shred. The guitar work between RHK and R. Knight is an impressive instrumental track. It has so much flavor in that track right away. This E.P. is saturated with talent right from the beginning. The following song veers towards a slightly darker blend of metal. Not exactly what you were expecting after that first track. The title track features vocals by Jeff Demarco from Solium Fatalis giving the music a darker and more abrasive edge to it. It helps to hear Rithiya’s guitar skills against vocals of a different style than his other bands/ projects. It also allows people who may have not heard Alterius or Mortis Deveia to grasp the talent,  that he can play to different styles and still end up sounding great. Maelstrom of War follows up the title track quite nicely. But the track that has gotten the most play from me has been Voyager II which is the follow up to Alterius’ E.P. with the title track.  while that one had vocals this one is an instrumental track. it certainly shows how far Rithiya has gone with his guitar abilities. This track also features Alterius band mate Nick Scarfo and  the two of them pull of an amazing job with this track. right at the :39 second mark you experience one of the most infectious riffs of the year. They just build and build on this song, it is bursting at the seams with talent. Because this is a five track E.P. I don’t want to give up too many details, but its worth mentioning that Rithiya has immense talent when it comes to music, the guests he landed on this E.P. are also very much impressive. This E.P. is killer and you need to check it out. 8/10 \m/




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-Badger \m/

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The List of our favorite metal albums of 2015

Every year new music comes out, sometimes you get excited and anticipate the release.  Other times you discover a band new to you because of their newly released full length or E.P.  2015 was a great year for metal, we had plenty of albums, E.P.’s singles and tours that happened.

Why make a list of the “best” or the “worst” albums of the year?  This is a list of our favorite albums of 2015, here you will find E.P.’s, full lengths, deathcore, black metal, death metal  grind and everything in between that graced our playlist.


In no particular order these are the top albums, our favorites, and the albums we simply cant get enough of.


  1. Cattle Decapitation- The Anthropocene Extinction
  2. Vehemence- Forward Without Motion
  3. Cryptopsy – The Book Of Suffering Tome 1
  4. The Black Dahlia Murder – Abysmal
  5. Pronostic – An Atomic Decision
  6. WRVTH – Self Titled
  7. Iron Maiden- The Book Of Souls
  8. Napalm Death- Apex Predator
  9. Skinless- Only The Ruthless Remain
  10. High on Fire- Luminiferous
  11. Baroness- Purple
  12. Antlion-The Prescient
  13. Alterius- Voyager
  14. Fulgora- Stratagem
  15. Hate Eternal- Infernus
  16. Jungle Rot- Order Shall Prevail
  17. Lamb Of God-  VII Sturm Und Drang
  18. Fit For An Autopsy- Absolute Hope, Absolute Hell
  19. Born of Osiris- Soul Sphere
  20. Vattnet Viskar- Settler
  21. Horrendous- Anareta
  22. Solium Fatalis- The Undying Season
  23. Unleashed- Dawn of the Nine
  24. Parius- Saturnine
  25. Punching Moses- Humanity Pandemic


While 2015 has given us so many more albums, we like to keep it short and to the point. If we went beyond and tackled the 100+  releases many of you would not stick around for the other notable releases on the list.


Feel free to comment with other albums you feel deserve to have made the list, and also it looks as though 2016 will have plenty of great metal coming also.  Big releases coming from  bands like Pig Destroyer, Alterius, Sevenday Curse, Solium Fatalis and many others. \m/

Thank you for following us on Facebook, Twitter and by subscribing to our emails. 2015 was a great year for us, and we couldn’t have done it without, the metal heads out there, the fans, the bands, the P.R. agencies and all the people who helped the bands release their music, and play local shows as well as tour.


Here’s to 2015 and all of its greatness, on to 2016,  NOW LETS SEE THOSE HORNS \m/


-Badger \m/


Metal news catch up part 2. @gojiramusic @meshuggah @cobhc @alteriusmetal

Gojira fans sorry to dissapoint but all the posts the band made over the months about recording,  they just recently announced they scrapped the songs. Now to be honest it wasn’t becuase of any errors or disputes or drama. The band decided to record songs 10, and then figured lets do another one, and another one. but then they had songs recorded that they didnt feel were up to par. So by scrapping the songs, they are essentially trying to deliver only the best to the fans. So no need to worry about an album that only has 100% effort put in, they are taking longer to record because they are putting in 200%. So its good news and bad news balancing themselves out to have an album as early as october, but most likely in the beginning on 2016.


Meshuggah are planning on releasing an album in 2016! Now with that said, they were planning on being in the studio now recording. But they are currently playing festivals. So really lets be honest with eachother, Touring and playing big shows are essential to a band, so all they are doing is just taking a little recording studio detour to allow fans to come see them play a killer show at some big festivals. The band state that it may not be in the beginning of 2016 but we could possibly see an album this time next year to the fall of 2016. Either way Koloss was a great album is was only released 3 years ago, so we aren’t talking 5+ years between albums. Just keep rocking out to ” The demons name is surveillance” and a new album will be here in 2016.

Children of Bodom are set to release their album I Worship Chaos in October. Specifically a date of October 2nd was listed with the album being released via Nuclear Blast Records.

Angel Vivaldi will be playing a show July 5th in Camberidge Mass at the Middle East with my good friends Alterius. That will be a killer show, On one hand you have Angel who is an absolute great guitarist, and then with Alterius you have the guitar team that is (in no particular order) Nick and Henry.  i havent had a chance to listen to the other bands but there will be some killer guitar riffs getting played that day guaranteed! If you want more information here’s a link for the event.  

Black Tongue released a new lyric video for the song L’appel du Vide from their   upcoming album ‘The Unconquerable Dark’.
Out September 4th worldwide via Century Media Records. have a listen for yourselves it sounds pretty good from what i am hearing so far.

Dew Scented have a new album to be released June 30th via Prosthetic records in the U.S. If its anything like their last album 2013’s Insurgent than we could be in for a great album.

Thats all for now, busy day today lots going on. but tomorrow i will be doing a throwback Thursday metal edition again. So i will be putting up serveal videos, or audio clips of some metal that i grew up listening to. Metal that was so good when i listen to it again, i instantly get pulled right back into a time of being younger and witnessing metals finest contributors and their works of art. Shaping the metal scene and actracting fans like myself.

-Badger \m/

May 24th at Millys

This past Sunday at Milly’s tavern was a great show.  I personally had a great time, I first pulled up and  as I was getting ready to walk in Saw Nick From Alterius,  said happy birthday and then John Beattie who put on the show also wished me a happy birthday. By that time there was a band already playing.  The feeling you get when you are outside and are walking towards live metal blasting out of monitors and amps.  Its like a breath of fresh air for me.  The adrenaline starts to enter the bloodstream as i hear the sound of distorted guitars and heavy drums.

I walk down the stairs make my $10.00 donation and head towards the bar.  As I am walking I see Joe from Alterius,   thats when I see the rest of the Alterius gang and also meet Aaron from Hand of Azrael, and Carlos from Pande monee em.

Bands are playing and I am just enjoying some beers while chatting with the guys.  Talking metal, drums,  brands of drums,  buying equipment.  The thing about most metal bands is, they arent making a ton of money.  These groups of people are working 9-5 jobs.  Really working a job and trying to manage their life, and a band. This isnt easy work, and to also try and get equipment is not the easiest either, or keeping it in great shape for that matter.

Nick ( one of Alterius’ guitarists)  was trying to  get a guitar that he had paid for, long story short he got ripped off.  The money he paid  lost.  The guy sellling the guitar scammed him. Now this is what is very discouraging about being in a band.  You have a great time playing metal, and you strive to get gear you want. For many you make a collection out of it, my mothers boyfriend has countless basses. The guy really knows how to play the bass, so is he going to stop at owning just one? HELL no, you get as many as you can justify. So for this character out of California to scam Nick is just very disapointing. I hope Nick gets what he should be getting which is either a guitar or his money. Which by the way if you come across a  guitar tech named Chris Guibord who has a guitar to sell. DONT DO IT!

End rant, just very disapointed that a great guitarist got scammed.

SO alterius tells me their friends in Pande monee em, and Hand of Azrael are playing before them. so once Pande took the stage I moved up front more. Really taking in their sound. I only wish I had gotten more pictures of them as that was going to be their last show for a while.  They had a great set, and got the mood brought back up to get ready for Hand of Azrael play.


Hand gets set up and the first thing I notice, no drummer. They didnt have a live drummer playing with them. From what I gathered they had a drummer but he was busy juggling other bands and life so he couldnt continue with them. Understandably so.  They had drums on a recording playing through a laptop. No dont be quick to give up. They played a tight set. a very tight set. to stay in time and in beat with a drummer who was not there is impressive.  They bring a really badass and fun sound. I really got into their playlist.   When the vocals were mellow they were trance like very hypnotic in their fashion. and when the vocals were heavy  they were just punishing. I cannot wait to hear more of them and i hope they do find a full time drummer soon because they are playing some great music.

Next on stage were Alterius. Now truth be told I was there to see them, its a bonus when going to see one band and you discover one or two more along the way.   A real big bonus!  So they had told me before they were going to play their whole Voyager E.P. so that was great news. They played in the track order, starting with  ” A citadels demise” was great. I am still uploading pictures and videos from the show to my computer so I will have another post  going to be mostly visual media from the show.20150524_205420 20150524_205507 20150524_210207 20150524_210230 20150524_211732 20150524_211744

As I have said in prior posts when the song ” Sanctuary” gets played you find yourself screaming ” Sanctuary!”   Yea when you see these guys live you yell it as a crowd.  i see these guys playing more shows and bigger shows with that song being a fan favorite.

after them  we also saw On your deathbed take the stage. Those guys put on a great show. The energy level was up there.

20150524_215002 20150524_215904 20150524_215935 20150524_215945

By that time some of the bands had to pack it up and leave as they had a ride back to Massachusetts. The show began to wind down and I had, had my fill of beers and music. I went out and talked to some of the guys before they took off.

This is my point right here,  John Beattie put this show together, a normal guy like you and me, puts this show together 8 bands to play live at a local venue.  All the bands came out to put on a show to help beneift someone who needs some help. So on top of going to see the one band I was going for, I heard 7 other bands,  and discovered bands that really had that “WOW” factor to look forward to hearing more from.  This is what the local music scene is about.

The show was great,  i had a great time and I look forward to seeing more from these bands, and going to more shows that John and ” Never GIve Up Promotions” put together.

-Badger \m/

Never give up promotions presents the Joel Bournes benefit show! Today!!! @alteriusmetal

In just a few short hours, Milly’s tavern will open the doors. Bring $10.00 and walk through those doors. If you do you will be treated to 8 metal bands. 8  LIVE LOCAL METAL BANDS!!! $10.00 is the cost of a burger, pizza, wont get you much gasoline. But it will get you 8 bands playing their hearts out. All to benefit Joel Bournes and family. So what can you do with ten dollars that’s better than helping out someone who needs a little help? I can’t think of anything of the top of my head. So come on down, join 8 bands, countless people including myself in having a great time and helping out.

So bring your wallets,  and get yourselves ready for a great time!


-Badger \m/

Christmas came early for Badger!

For some of you, Alterius is not a name you are familiar with. Well let me explain to you why you should be.

  1. They are a killer band based out of Massachusetts (local for me)
  2. They have an incredible sound not like many of the other bands out there.
  3. The guitarists do some serious shredding and have a lot of talent.
  4. They have a fucking sick drummer who is on point during live shows, and is willing to help out other fellow drummers.(he ran and grabbed his snare drum for Lord Dying at the Palladium in Worcester)
  5. Vocals are as heavy as a new england metal breakdown pit!
  6. They did their own recording, mixing, and mastering for their E.P. and it sounds like a proffesionally done badass piece of work!
  7. An E.P. that kicks ass, and its a great price on their bandcamp page. 

So why am I posting this right now, I’ll tell you why.  I just got this killer shirt to wear to their next show May 24th, at Milly’s Tavern in Manchester, NH.

Alterius, Massachusetts Metal \m/
Massachusetts Metal \m/

Thanks for the shirt guys, you guys rock \m/ !!!!!!!!!


Benefit Show May24th

Sunday May 24th at Milly’s Tavern ( located at 500 commercial st in Manchester , NH 03101) there will be a benefit show for Joel Bourne. He was involved in an accident that caused massive injuries including brain bleeds, damage to his central nervous system, shattered femur, broken foot, broken arm hand injured wrist as well as muscle damage and lossed 100% feeling and movement of his right arm. He has had a few surgeries so far to replace bone structure with metal rods. He currently is in a nursing home to begin the rehabilitation process. Joel has a four year old daughter, as well as a pregnant girlfriend Crystal. Due to his injuries he will not be able to work and support his family, leaving Crystal with the herculean task for handling all the finances. The benefit kicks off at 5:00 pm and a $10.00 cover charge ( 100% of all proceeds go directly to; )

Some great bands will be there, including Alterius playing songs from their “Voyager” EP out on bandcamp. The list of bands and times they are playing are;

My White Sky 10:10-11:00
Secrecy 09:30-10:00
Alterius 08:50-09:20
On Her Deathbead 08 :10-08:40
Hand Of Azrael 07:30-08:00
Pande Monee Em 06:50-07:20
Sentenced To Solitude 06:10-06:40
When Faith Dies 05:30-06:00

This is an all ages show, lets help out Joel and Crystal out.

Alterius Voyager E.P.

Alterius -Voyager E.P.

First thing everyone notices about buying music is what the album looks like. Voyager has a clean planetary photo for the cover art.
Hit play

The first track is “ A citadels Demise“ It starts with a great drum intro, nothing over the top in length but just enough that you know you are in for some good metal. The guitars come in, and you get an upbeat metal sound with chugging riffs, then the vocals break through the sound. They aren’t trying to ease their way into anything here. This is the musical equivalent to an intense cage fight. Once you hit play there is no going back you are going for a ride. For just shy of 5 minutes Alterius keeps you rolling with their punches. Subtlety is not what these guys are going for, more along the lines of blunt force trauma. Right around the 2:30 mark you experience the rush and whirlwind of the guitars. This is not your average guitar sound either, by the end of the guitar solos you get that old school guitar squeal sound many familiar with metal will recognize instantly. Great track to start an album with.
2)  “Cast into purgatory“ boom right into drums and guitars with a quick attack before the first verse. Right after the first verse you get that long drawn guitar and ride cymbal beat that everyone getting ready to go into a pit has heard before. This is the precursor for that destroy everything pit feeling. This song has all the elements of Massachusetts metal, that has made the north-east characteristically famous for. Then on to the slow punchy verse and drums right into a light piano and drum groove setting you up for an up tempo verse. Shortly after a double bass drum assault and guitar riff introducing you to the guitars creativity for solo riffing once again. This time a slow melodic solo that eases into a progressing beat and harmonizing guitars. If your head isn’t moving at this point you don’t have the volume to the required level. The song ends on a very subtle guitar, piano, drum send off. So smooth its like the guy in the Olympic curling team sending that kettle across the ice. No frills, no effects, just a final note that carries off.

3) “Catalyst Machine“  starts with a quick little drum set up for a nice slow groove offset by a blasting groove. Bass drum and ride cymbal ringing out with each strike. A nice double bass, and guitar chugging groove. Perfect for absolute destruction inside a pit. If you are listening to this song you will have your head moving, imagining you are getting ready to jump right in to a pit. Pure adrenaline flowing numbing any current, or future pain you may incur, or inflict. Some quick guitar solos this track is mostly that slower style groove you can move to. This is one of those songs you bob your head, follow the groove and want to be on the mic singing along too. A nice slow double bass beat followed by quick fast  16th note double bass beats I am tapping my feet while listening to it. Finishes off with just a nice chugging riff  to end out the song.

4) “Sanctuary” has a great quick guitar set up for some blast beat style drumming into a nice guitar solo giving you a sense of what the song  has to offer. Some great guitar playing early on right away. Into a cymbal set up for the first verse, with a great groove of guitars, and drums following with the vocals. Then into a slow punchy verse with some low tuned guitars and nice drum fills to set up each chugging riff. At the 1:49 it picks up to a fast paced drum beat and guitar build up to the vocals “You no longer see, what life has given me, SANCTUARY SANCTUARY!“ Love this if you don’t find yourself wanting to sing that line with Joe you need to pack it up and go home. Bam guitar solo with some nice drums in the background. I cant tell you who is soloing when but the guitars that make up this band are skilled. Double bass roll out to the last verse keeping the intensity level there with the rhythm guitar and lead guitar you can follow. Killer track that can pump you up.

5) “Voyager“ the title track to this album starts out great, like a song you can go into battle listening to. Quick guitar riff into a nice solid double bass and guitar chugging riff you can groove to. You know this song has something up its sleeve. And boom a nice guitar effect to set up the first verse. This song  should have your undivided attention. When the verse kicks in its one of those solid riffs you can just follow right along to. Once they go into a slower groove its just setting you up for some heaviness. Progressing into another great guitar effect almost fading right into a technical beat you just have to enjoy. If you don’t then you just don’t get it. These guys aren’t trying to undersell their talents. These guys are bringing it 100%. An equal blend of technical and brutal you may find yourself getting ready to just break out and start throwing some hay-makers.

All in all this album is a great addition to any metal head and hardcore fans collection. The album sounds like something that has come out of a great recording studio and mixed and mastered by someone who has been in the metal scene for decades. For a debut 5 song EP these guys already seem to know what they are doing, and what they want to accomplish. They aren’t looking to blend in with all the other metal acts you hear day in and day out. They are establishing their own sound. If you are a fan of metal, Alterius should be on your playlist. For fans of bands like Sevenday Curse, Diecast, older Shadows Fall, and At the Gates and a lot of others. Alterius gives you a great blend of elements making them the next  hardcore metal band you discover and became a favorite.

you can check out their E.P. out on their  bandcamp page;   

-Badger \m/