May 24th at Millys

This past Sunday at Milly’s tavern was a great show.  I personally had a great time, I first pulled up and  as I was getting ready to walk in Saw Nick From Alterius,  said happy birthday and then John Beattie who put on the show also wished me a happy birthday. By that time there was a band already playing.  The feeling you get when you are outside and are walking towards live metal blasting out of monitors and amps.  Its like a breath of fresh air for me.  The adrenaline starts to enter the bloodstream as i hear the sound of distorted guitars and heavy drums.

I walk down the stairs make my $10.00 donation and head towards the bar.  As I am walking I see Joe from Alterius,   thats when I see the rest of the Alterius gang and also meet Aaron from Hand of Azrael, and Carlos from Pande monee em.

Bands are playing and I am just enjoying some beers while chatting with the guys.  Talking metal, drums,  brands of drums,  buying equipment.  The thing about most metal bands is, they arent making a ton of money.  These groups of people are working 9-5 jobs.  Really working a job and trying to manage their life, and a band. This isnt easy work, and to also try and get equipment is not the easiest either, or keeping it in great shape for that matter.

Nick ( one of Alterius’ guitarists)  was trying to  get a guitar that he had paid for, long story short he got ripped off.  The money he paid  lost.  The guy sellling the guitar scammed him. Now this is what is very discouraging about being in a band.  You have a great time playing metal, and you strive to get gear you want. For many you make a collection out of it, my mothers boyfriend has countless basses. The guy really knows how to play the bass, so is he going to stop at owning just one? HELL no, you get as many as you can justify. So for this character out of California to scam Nick is just very disapointing. I hope Nick gets what he should be getting which is either a guitar or his money. Which by the way if you come across a  guitar tech named Chris Guibord who has a guitar to sell. DONT DO IT!

End rant, just very disapointed that a great guitarist got scammed.

SO alterius tells me their friends in Pande monee em, and Hand of Azrael are playing before them. so once Pande took the stage I moved up front more. Really taking in their sound. I only wish I had gotten more pictures of them as that was going to be their last show for a while.  They had a great set, and got the mood brought back up to get ready for Hand of Azrael play.


Hand gets set up and the first thing I notice, no drummer. They didnt have a live drummer playing with them. From what I gathered they had a drummer but he was busy juggling other bands and life so he couldnt continue with them. Understandably so.  They had drums on a recording playing through a laptop. No dont be quick to give up. They played a tight set. a very tight set. to stay in time and in beat with a drummer who was not there is impressive.  They bring a really badass and fun sound. I really got into their playlist.   When the vocals were mellow they were trance like very hypnotic in their fashion. and when the vocals were heavy  they were just punishing. I cannot wait to hear more of them and i hope they do find a full time drummer soon because they are playing some great music.

Next on stage were Alterius. Now truth be told I was there to see them, its a bonus when going to see one band and you discover one or two more along the way.   A real big bonus!  So they had told me before they were going to play their whole Voyager E.P. so that was great news. They played in the track order, starting with  ” A citadels demise” was great. I am still uploading pictures and videos from the show to my computer so I will have another post  going to be mostly visual media from the show.20150524_205420 20150524_205507 20150524_210207 20150524_210230 20150524_211732 20150524_211744

As I have said in prior posts when the song ” Sanctuary” gets played you find yourself screaming ” Sanctuary!”   Yea when you see these guys live you yell it as a crowd.  i see these guys playing more shows and bigger shows with that song being a fan favorite.

after them  we also saw On your deathbed take the stage. Those guys put on a great show. The energy level was up there.

20150524_215002 20150524_215904 20150524_215935 20150524_215945

By that time some of the bands had to pack it up and leave as they had a ride back to Massachusetts. The show began to wind down and I had, had my fill of beers and music. I went out and talked to some of the guys before they took off.

This is my point right here,  John Beattie put this show together, a normal guy like you and me, puts this show together 8 bands to play live at a local venue.  All the bands came out to put on a show to help beneift someone who needs some help. So on top of going to see the one band I was going for, I heard 7 other bands,  and discovered bands that really had that “WOW” factor to look forward to hearing more from.  This is what the local music scene is about.

The show was great,  i had a great time and I look forward to seeing more from these bands, and going to more shows that John and ” Never GIve Up Promotions” put together.

-Badger \m/

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