Never give up promotions presents the Joel Bournes benefit show! Today!!! @alteriusmetal

In just a few short hours, Milly’s tavern will open the doors. Bring $10.00 and walk through those doors. If you do you will be treated to 8 metal bands. 8  LIVE LOCAL METAL BANDS!!! $10.00 is the cost of a burger, pizza, wont get you much gasoline. But it will get you 8 bands playing their hearts out. All to benefit Joel Bournes and family. So what can you do with ten dollars that’s better than helping out someone who needs a little help? I can’t think of anything of the top of my head. So come on down, join 8 bands, countless people including myself in having a great time and helping out.

So bring your wallets,  and get yourselves ready for a great time!


-Badger \m/

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