Never give up promotions presents the Joel Bournes benefit show! Today!!! @alteriusmetal

In just a few short hours, Milly’s tavern will open the doors. Bring $10.00 and walk through those doors. If you do you will be treated to 8 metal bands. 8  LIVE LOCAL METAL BANDS!!! $10.00 is the cost of a burger, pizza, wont get you much gasoline. But it will get you 8 bands playing their hearts out. All to benefit Joel Bournes and family. So what can you do with ten dollars that’s better than helping out someone who needs a little help? I can’t think of anything of the top of my head. So come on down, join 8 bands, countless people including myself in having a great time and helping out.

So bring your wallets,  and get yourselves ready for a great time!


-Badger \m/

Benefit Show May24th

Sunday May 24th at Milly’s Tavern ( located at 500 commercial st in Manchester , NH 03101) there will be a benefit show for Joel Bourne. He was involved in an accident that caused massive injuries including brain bleeds, damage to his central nervous system, shattered femur, broken foot, broken arm hand injured wrist as well as muscle damage and lossed 100% feeling and movement of his right arm. He has had a few surgeries so far to replace bone structure with metal rods. He currently is in a nursing home to begin the rehabilitation process. Joel has a four year old daughter, as well as a pregnant girlfriend Crystal. Due to his injuries he will not be able to work and support his family, leaving Crystal with the herculean task for handling all the finances. The benefit kicks off at 5:00 pm and a $10.00 cover charge ( 100% of all proceeds go directly to; )

Some great bands will be there, including Alterius playing songs from their “Voyager” EP out on bandcamp. The list of bands and times they are playing are;

My White Sky 10:10-11:00
Secrecy 09:30-10:00
Alterius 08:50-09:20
On Her Deathbead 08 :10-08:40
Hand Of Azrael 07:30-08:00
Pande Monee Em 06:50-07:20
Sentenced To Solitude 06:10-06:40
When Faith Dies 05:30-06:00

This is an all ages show, lets help out Joel and Crystal out.