Christmas came early for Badger!

For some of you, Alterius is not a name you are familiar with. Well let me explain to you why you should be.

  1. They are a killer band based out of Massachusetts (local for me)
  2. They have an incredible sound not like many of the other bands out there.
  3. The guitarists do some serious shredding and have a lot of talent.
  4. They have a fucking sick drummer who is on point during live shows, and is willing to help out other fellow drummers.(he ran and grabbed his snare drum for Lord Dying at the Palladium in Worcester)
  5. Vocals are as heavy as a new england metal breakdown pit!
  6. They did their own recording, mixing, and mastering for their E.P. and it sounds like a proffesionally done badass piece of work!
  7. An E.P. that kicks ass, and its a great price on their bandcamp page. 

So why am I posting this right now, I’ll tell you why.  I just got this killer shirt to wear to their next show May 24th, at Milly’s Tavern in Manchester, NH.

Alterius, Massachusetts Metal \m/
Massachusetts Metal \m/

Thanks for the shirt guys, you guys rock \m/ !!!!!!!!!


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