The Black Dahlia Murder’s new album is titled Abysmal!

The band announced today the name of the album as well as a release date of September 18th worldwide release.  It has been suggested that pre-orders and a new track may be available around June 24th so stick around for that. I will be sure to set my calander for that because TBDM is a band i can never get enough of, its like a guilty pleasure, i will always buy their album becuase they are a killer band, with great songs, and they are a bunch of goofy bastards that love metal as well. So yep i’m in i will be getting in on that action. This summer has been great for new music announcements and releases and pre orders and streaming albums and songs, and videos. Travor had this to say about the  music;

“I get a lot of inspiration from our continuing success as a band. There is a tremendous pressure to deliver for our fans. I want to wow them every time we come back and for our new material to keep them excited about us. I have had a long, intimate love affair with death metal and I enjoy sharing my continued excitement for it through this outlet. I am still obsessed with the macabre and the darker side of life, and I revel in creating dark lyrical content that makes the listener react in some way. I enjoy straddling the line between fantastic elements and real life horror, as there is constant atrocity all around us in the human experience. You don’t have to look far to find something that is happening in the modern world that can fill ones sails with disgust.”

Now after reading this makes me get excited becuase they do seem to raise the bar with every album.

-Badger \m/

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