Parius- Let There Be Light E.P. 8/10 \m/


Let There Be Light E.P.


Out today January 17, 2017

Louis Thierry // Vocals
Ryan Rauch // Guitar
George Fenton // Guitar
Kenny Rentz // Bass


Parius are at it again this time with a brilliant four track E.P. featuring Ryan Knight of Black Dahlia Murder fame, and Michael Keene from The Faceless. So without getting too carried away from those guest spots let’s check this E.P. out.  First off this E.P. drops today so it’s available on Parius’s Bandcamp page .



  • Let There Be Light (Feat. Ryan Knight)

The song begins with a slow melodic acoustic guitar melody being played alongside a violin played by Michaela Nachtigall. They rock that melodic introduction for just shy of forty seconds before they come in fast and hard. Now I want to point one thing out that they didn’t have on their last album. And that comes around the 1:20 mark in the form of mildly clean vocals.  I mean they aren’t your normal caliber of clean vocals, they are layered and it sounds like are more than just Louis doing vocals at this point. I actually like them, it’s not like they are trying to get the points for clean vocals here.  They aren’t trying to sound like All That Remains with Phil’s over the top use of clean vocals. No they are orchestrated in a way that gives the song another element altogether. Not to mention they do it again a few times throughout the song and I can’t shake the fact that I really enjoy those clean sections.  I am digging the drums on this track, and let’s not forget the solo at the 3:07 mark that is a short and sweet shredding solo that fits the Ryan Knight format.  If this is how they kick off the E.P. with a solid track like this one. Than I am eager to listen to the rest.


  • A Shade Darker Than Black

A quick and then some growling vocals kick this song off, while the vocals are being carried out the guitars are ripping it up the riffs with ferocity.  It’s like they took the intensity level of the previous track, and then decided they were going to make something heavier. Because this track has gone to a darker area of bar raising. I’m a big fan on Louis’s vocals, there is literally no weak point in them. For all his ranges it’s like he gives it to you 100% all or nothing, and I find his vocal style to be quite enjoyable. The guitar work on this song is impressive, but then again so are the drums. I know they parted ways with Ian, so I am not sure if he is who plays on this E.P. whether one of the guys played, or the drums are programmed its hard to tell, but at any rate the drums sound awesome.


  • A Somber Dream

I am really digging how this song starts off with a piano playing, a melody, and  just that piano opener is catchy,  but then when the drums join in so does the bass. This is a very visual interlude and fits the title perfectly. This is more or less a nice instrumental track that ties things together before the final song seals the fate of this killer E.P.


  • Another Kind Of Reckoning ( Feat Michael Keene)

I’m not going to tell you how this song is, because I really want you to check this band out and have a listen for yourself. It’s only a four track E.P. and the sound is all there. It doesn’t sound like something that was recorded in a warehouse basement, no this is the product of a group putting everything they could into self-releasing an E.P. just over a year after releasing their debut full length. I remembered hearing their debut album Saturnine and wondering why I hadn’t heard these guys before, and wondering if they would be touring. But the fact is they have been self-promoting and self-releasing everything they have been doing. Which many bands do also, but to get a sound like this, in just over a year, really only 14 months to putting out an E.P. with a few guest spots and sounds so professional. It leads me to believe that this group of guys here are really ready to be making a name for themselves. They are ready to show the world who they are and what they are all about. Picking up this E.P. would be in your best interest because I have a great reason to believe they could be putting out another or at least more music this year. Yup that’s right Parius didn’t record this and decide to take time off.  They are already back at the grindstone getting music written and moving forward to deliver another E.P. in the near future. now I don’t have anything more to tell you on an if and when, but I know they really enjoyed putting this E.P. together and have the drive to make some killer metal invade our airwaves sooner than later. I am very pleased with this E.P. they have a unique style and sound. They deliver some intense technical melodic death metal with ease.  I really enjoy this E.P.  And was surprised to see Ryan Knight and Michael Keene involved in this E.P. I think it goes to show I am not the only one who finds them to be a band worth investing some time in to.  Check out Let There Be Light 8/10 \m/



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The List of our favorite metal albums of 2015

Every year new music comes out, sometimes you get excited and anticipate the release.  Other times you discover a band new to you because of their newly released full length or E.P.  2015 was a great year for metal, we had plenty of albums, E.P.’s singles and tours that happened.

Why make a list of the “best” or the “worst” albums of the year?  This is a list of our favorite albums of 2015, here you will find E.P.’s, full lengths, deathcore, black metal, death metal  grind and everything in between that graced our playlist.


In no particular order these are the top albums, our favorites, and the albums we simply cant get enough of.


  1. Cattle Decapitation- The Anthropocene Extinction
  2. Vehemence- Forward Without Motion
  3. Cryptopsy – The Book Of Suffering Tome 1
  4. The Black Dahlia Murder – Abysmal
  5. Pronostic – An Atomic Decision
  6. WRVTH – Self Titled
  7. Iron Maiden- The Book Of Souls
  8. Napalm Death- Apex Predator
  9. Skinless- Only The Ruthless Remain
  10. High on Fire- Luminiferous
  11. Baroness- Purple
  12. Antlion-The Prescient
  13. Alterius- Voyager
  14. Fulgora- Stratagem
  15. Hate Eternal- Infernus
  16. Jungle Rot- Order Shall Prevail
  17. Lamb Of God-  VII Sturm Und Drang
  18. Fit For An Autopsy- Absolute Hope, Absolute Hell
  19. Born of Osiris- Soul Sphere
  20. Vattnet Viskar- Settler
  21. Horrendous- Anareta
  22. Solium Fatalis- The Undying Season
  23. Unleashed- Dawn of the Nine
  24. Parius- Saturnine
  25. Punching Moses- Humanity Pandemic


While 2015 has given us so many more albums, we like to keep it short and to the point. If we went beyond and tackled the 100+  releases many of you would not stick around for the other notable releases on the list.


Feel free to comment with other albums you feel deserve to have made the list, and also it looks as though 2016 will have plenty of great metal coming also.  Big releases coming from  bands like Pig Destroyer, Alterius, Sevenday Curse, Solium Fatalis and many others. \m/

Thank you for following us on Facebook, Twitter and by subscribing to our emails. 2015 was a great year for us, and we couldn’t have done it without, the metal heads out there, the fans, the bands, the P.R. agencies and all the people who helped the bands release their music, and play local shows as well as tour.


Here’s to 2015 and all of its greatness, on to 2016,  NOW LETS SEE THOSE HORNS \m/


-Badger \m/


Black Dahlia Murder @bdmmetal Abysmal review \m/

The Black Dahlia Murder

Abysmal review

Brian Eschbach: Guitar, Vocals
Trevor Strnad: Vocals
Ryan Knight: Guitar
Max Lavelle: Bass Guitar
Alan Cassidy: Drums

1: Receipt

This track starts out with an orchestra playing then the guitars fade in with the drums.  A nice little intro to begin the song filled with double bass, blast beats, and a tantalizing riff. When the verse starts Trevor kicks into the classic TBDM high vocals. This verse is strong with a breakneck pace.  The tail end of the verse is filled with blast beats and Trevor’s low vocals. The second verse is much like the first, and the pre chorus has a nice guitar riff with a melodic harmonic feel to it.  Alan is rolling that double bass like a metronomic jackhammer. Around 2:15 Ryan hits us with a cool well rounded guitar solo. The Ryan’s solos style are so properly fitted yet they adhere to no boundaries. When the solo fades in to the next verse, it is again just like the first but does not lack any intensity. The song ends with what sounds like a car wreck and broken glass.

2: Vlad, Son of the dragon

I absolutely love this song, the riff and the drums are great. I love the pace of this song and the gang vocals “higher, higher” I love it. This is a solid song. The pre chorus has a cool guitar melody and a sound clip “they will fear my very name, I am the dragons son.” The second verse keeps that same pace and intensity. The song hits us again with a sound clip only different this time, “they will fear my very name Dracul, I am the devils son” which is then followed up by “kill them all” then a bridge, and guitar solo.  The last verse is a shorter and straight to the point giving us hearty song with excellent structure, and is quite catchy.

3: Abysmal

Undeniably a mean killer guitar riff and blast beats welcome us into the beginning of this track that sounds simply sinister. I love the way Trevor’s vocals are delivered for the verse, and then the pre chorus actually reminds me of some of their work on the ‘Unhallowed’ album. This is the Black Dahlia Murder I am a sucker for right here, an absolutely systematic masterpiece. I would describe this song as “a fast paced, gritty, blast beat filled hatred hail of harmonious metal.” Right around the half-way point the song takes on a change of chaotic blast filled bars to cue the guitar solo. These guys maintain a level of satisfaction for me with this gem of a song.

4: RE- Faced

This song is bad ass from the get-go. I love that guitar riff and Trevor’s vocals. The mixture of high-low vocals blend perfectly every time. The pre chorus has a harrowing guitar melody; it has a very progressive and enjoyable feel to it.  The little transition into the next verse is nice and the verse is a solid effort. Right around the half-way point the song has a mean breakdown. I love it. This is the type of breakdown that will decimate pits.  I see this as one of my favorite tracks so far. It has a great guitar solo, nothing too over the top. All in all this song is a great tune.

5: Threat level no. 3

A slide on the guitar and a cool drum fill to introduce us to the type of unfiltered song we are going to get.  It has the gift of rapid fire; Trevor lyrical jabs that just keep on giving. The verse is great, a solid delivery of TBDM metal no doubt about it. The guitar solo is cool and sounds like a standard TBDM style guitar solo. The intensity is ferocious as well as on point with this song.  The chorus is incredibly catchy causing me to really dig this tune.

6: The fog

This song starts out with a menacing rhythm to a galloping beat and a melodic guitar riff that keeps the desired pace; the extremities are moving. The sinister feel to this song has this gritty slasher film feel. The pre-chorus is catchy as hell, and the chorus is even more contagious. The guitar solo is simple yet unique, almost as if they wanted the song to sound like the title.  The breakdown is heavy with an organ playing in the background, yet regardless of how catchy this song is, I felt my attention was drifting away from the song. It is a good tune but this may be that one song that is not as good as the others. That’s nothing out of the ordinary for most bands though.

7: Stygiophobic

This song has an eerie ambiance that actually sounds like the water phone that is used in horror movies. Actually to be honest I would not be surprised if in fact it was used. With a sound clip that sounds like Lorraine Warren during an interview for the Amityville horror remake “I hope this is as close to hell as I ever get” then the song brings forth a menacing and charismatic introduction to a slow and brutal song. There is no crazy blast beats, no over the top heavy rapid fire vocals. It maintains that heavy copasetic pace and lays the metal on thick with a very appropriate guitar solo while the song fades out. If Vincent Price were to endorse a metal song, this would be it right here.

8: Asylum

This song starts out with heavy artillery fire of maniacal blast beats and grim guitar riffs. The first verse has that skank blast beat with Trevor’s classic one bar of high vocals one bar of low vocals. Some bands will try this same formula, yet can’t pull it off as well as TBDM. The pre chorus has a very catchy riff and drum fills, that roll into that same rhythm as the intro. The chorus is mind blowing catchy and fun to listen to. This is a great track hands down, unquestionable brutality of incredible blast beats and blistering riffs. This song is the equivalent of the chaotic revolution inside the mind of a Schizophrenic.  I have found myself repeating this track over and over again because it keeps my undivided attention the entire time. The song ends with the same maniacal blast beats and grim guitar riffs that began this great song.

9: The Advent

This song has a quick and cool intro that sends us right into the first verse.   This song maintains a quick tempo feel to it, all the while delivering a brutally heavy attack. The song is actually quite simple in its genetic makeup; they are not trying to over complicate a good thing. The chorus is catchy, the guitar solo is tasteful all in all it’s a solid track that they seemed to want to keep it the way it was without over doing it.

10: That Cannot Die Which Is Eternally Dead

The song starts out like a creepy freak show themed musical box with a twisted organist playing along for about 20 seconds until the song kicks it into meat grinder mode. The guitar riffs and the drums are a mid-paced punchy and menacing feel. The vocals have a level of intensity we don’t often see from Trevor. It really feels like they planned on setting the bar high with this entire album and wanted this last song to be the heaviest and most brutal track. They wanted to end the album leaving the listeners blown away. And that is exactly how I felt; loving this song and can picture the pit when this song is playing; your limbs will be flailing and it will be an all-out metal massacre.

I am putting this album in the category of 2015 best metal albums. This album is start to finish killer badass blasting metal. If you haven’t gotten it yet, go get it, you will not be disappointed.

-Badger \m/

This weeks metal news stories

September 14th:

Metal lost a great drummer  this week

Martin ” Kiddie” Kearns (March 7, 1977 – September 14, 2015) was a drummer playing death metal and  known for his style while playing for  the band Bolthrower

Kearns joined Bolt Thrower when Andrew Whale left in 1994

Kearns died unexpectedly at the age of 38 on September 14, 2015

September 15th:

Metal Allegiance released a video for the song  The Gift Of Pain

check it out

Cattle Decapitation kicked off a huge North American tour

CATTLE DECAPITATION – The North American Extinction Tour 2015
w/ King Parrot, Black Crown Initiate, Dark Sermon:
9/15/2015 Boardwalk – Sacramento, CA
9/16/2015 Analog – Portland, OR
9/17/2015 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
9/18/2015 Rickshaw Theater – Vancouver, BC
9/19/2015 Level – Kelowna, BC
9/20/2015 Nite Owl – Calgary, AB
9/21/2015 Starlite – Edmonton, AB
9/22/2015 Exchange – Regina, SK
9/23/2015 The Zoo – Winnipeg, MB
9/24/2015 Q & Z Center – Ringle, WI
9/25/2015 Reggie’s – Chicago, IL
9/26/2015 Mac’s – Lansing, MI
9/27/2015 Hard Luck – Toronto, ON
9/28/2015 Mavericks – Ottawa, ON
9/29/2015 L’Anti – Quebec City, QC
10/01/2015 Club Metronome – Burlington, VT
10/02/2015 Basement Transmissions – Erie, PA
10/03/2015 Broadway Joe’s – Buffalo, NY
10/04/2015 Cafe 611 – Frederick, MD
10/05/2015 Brighton Music Hall – Allston, MA
10/07/2015 Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
End Tour
w/ Cannibal Corpse, Soreption:
10/08/2015 Underbelly – Jacksonville, FL
10/09/2015 Motorco – Durham, NC
10/10/2015 Ziggy’s – Winston-Salem, NC
10/12/2015 The Broadberry – Richmond, VA
10/13/2015 Reverb – Reading, PA
10/14/2015 The Emporium – The Emporium – Long Island, NY
10/15/2015 The Met – Pawtucket, RI
10/16/2015 The Chance Theater – Poughkeepsie, NY
10/17/2015 The Lost Horizon – Syracuse, NY
10/19/2015 VClub Live – Huntington, WV
10/20/2015 The Warehouse – Clarksville, TN
10/21/2015 New Daisy Theatre – Memphis, TN
10/23/2015 Tricky Falls – El Paso, TX
10/24/2015 Club XS – Tucson, AZ
10/25/2015 KnotFest – San Bernardino, CA
10/27/2015 Top Deck – Farmington, NM
10/28/2015 The Black Sheep – Colorado Springs, CO
10/29/2015 The Waiting Room – Omaha, NE
10/30/2015 Durty Nellies – Palatine, IL
10/31/2015 Big Shots – Valparaiso, IN
11/01/2015 The Pyramid Scheme – Grand Rapids, MI
11/02/2015 Ace Of Cups – Columbus, OH *
11/03/2015 Altar Bar – Pittsburgh, PA
11/04/2015 Expo Five – Louisville, KY
11/05/2015 Zydeco – Birmingham, AL
11/06/2015 Vinyl Music Hall – Pensacola, FL
11/07/2015 Venue 578 – Orlando, FL
End Tour
11/08/2015 Orpheum – Tampa, FL *
w/ Abiotic:
11/09/2015 The Atlantic – Gainesville, FL
11/10/2015 Side Bar – Tallahassee, FL
11/11/2015 The Levee – Longview, TX
11/12/2015 Dirty Dog – Austin, TX
11/13/2015 Rail Club – Fort Worth, TX
11/14/2015 Launchpad – Albuquerque, NM
11/15/2015 Club Red – Tempe, AZ * CATTLE headlining date with Hate Eternal
* CATTLE DECAPITATION headlining date

Epica cancelled all remaining North American tour dates due to a family emergency.

Broken Hope released some live concert footage to promote their upcoming DVD

September 16th:

A promotional video flooded the internet about a great Horror/ Metal style documentary. while it was officially published on youtube September 6th, it went viral  on the 16th and could be seen on every major metal new outlet.

here’s the promo video

September 17th:

Children Of Bodom premier a lyric video for the song ” I Hurt”

Killswitch Engages’ s Jesse Leach  posts on instagram  the ills of being a vocalist on the road with this post;

“Well now that is over with and I am sighing for relief, here is one of the issues. This is my throat (top) and vocal folds (bottom…yes it looks like something else, we all see it). I have had a bit of blood come out of my mouth on the last tour, that freaked me out. Also as of yesterday I felt physically off and my throat was feeling irritated. I looked in the mirror with a light and saw the white splotches and kind of freaked. Mind you I am aware white splotches usually mean an infection, but I can not help thinking the worse when it comes to my voice (as it is super important to my life)! So it contributed to an already mentally and physically off day yesterday! Turns out is is strep throat with some swollen folds. Im on the appropriate medications and will only have a one day set back for recording! Very thankful for my doctor who is the man! #DrScottKessler this guy has been my doctor for over a decade and has saved me many times from potential damage and sickness! Feeling a great deal better knowing what’s going on! I’m not sorry for sharing these gross photos ha ha! Peace everyone, keep on the grind! #kserecordingsessions #VocalFolds #Throat #Gross #VocalVagina #ISaidIt #SickMan #IKeepsItReal”

September 18th:

New Black Dahlia Murder ” Abysmal” album is released today and the band premiers the video for ” Receipt”

Some of the metal that is released today:

Atreyu – Long Live (Spinefarm)

The Black Dahlia Murder – Abysmal (Metal Blade)

Blessthefall – To Those Left Behind (Fearless)
Broken Hope – Live Disease at Brutal Assault DVD (Century Media)

Christian Mistress – To Your Death (Relapse)

Deep Purple – From the Setting Sun…(In Wacken) (earMusic)
Deep Purple – …To The Rising Sun (In Tokyo) (earMusic)

Harlott – Proliferation (Metal Blade)

Metal Allegiance – Metal Allegiance (Nuclear Blast)

Operation Mindcrime – The Key (Frontiers

Scale The Summit – V (Prosthetic)

Serial Butcher – Brute Force Lobotomy (Unique Leader)

Tesseract – Polaris (eOne)

Windhand – Grief’s Infernal Flower (Relapse)

-Badger \m/

TBDM Indiemerch tour Pt. 2 2015 @iron_reagan @goatwhorenola @bdmmetal @arti_brain @entheosofficial

The Black Dahlia Murder announce the second leg of their Indiemerch tour;

The Black Dahlia Murder, Goatwhore, Iron Reagan, Entheos & Artificial Brain
Tickets on sale Friday, September 11th
11/27 : Joliet, IL @ The Tree
11/28 : Minneapolis, MN @ Mill City Nights
11/29 : Lawrence, KS @ Granada Theater
11/30 : Denver, CO @ Marquis Theater
12/03 : San Francisco, CA @ DNA Lounge
12/04 : Los Angeles, CA @ Regent Theater
12/05 : Phoenix, AZ @ The Pressroom
12/07 : San Antonio, TX @ Alamo City Music Hall
12/08 : Dallas, TX @ Trees
12/09 : Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live
12/11 : Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
12/12 : Tampa, FL @ The Orpheum
12/14 : Baltimore, MD @ Baltimore Soundstage
12/15 : Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer
12/16 : New York, NY @ Gramercy Theatre
12/17 : Boston, MA @ The Sinclair
12/18 : Buffalo, NY @ Waiting Room
12/19 : Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Smalls
12/20 : Cleveland, OH @ Agora Theatre

Check out the tour and click on some links here;

-Badger \m/

New Black Dahlia Murder track ” Receipt” Streaming!!!\m/!!! @bdmmetal @revolvermag

Today we get a chance to listen to a new track from Abysmal, the album due out September 18th from  The Black Dahlia Murder.  As if Vlad son of the dragon was not badass enough, they present us with the track ” Receipt”

The song starts out with an orchestral feel to it with stringed instruments, going into the classic TBDM blackened metal feel. The song doesn’t have any fluff to it, just straight up unfiltered badassery! Abysmal is sure to be a great album if the only two songs we have been able to hear so far are just brutally heavy and fast paced masterpieces.

TO listen to ” Receipt” click HERE \m/ \m/

-Badger \m/

New Black Dahlia murder streaming @bdmmetal

Streaming now is “Vlad, Son of the Dragon” on metal blade’s site.


check it out here
Holy crap who is as excited as I am. This is a killer track streaming now, i cannot wait for the album to be released September 18th. And check it out they have a pre order option with bundles for the album and shirts and all sorts of other cool stuff.

You definitely need to check this out,  NOW

-Badger \m/

The Black Dahlia Murder’s new album is titled Abysmal!

The band announced today the name of the album as well as a release date of September 18th worldwide release.  It has been suggested that pre-orders and a new track may be available around June 24th so stick around for that. I will be sure to set my calander for that because TBDM is a band i can never get enough of, its like a guilty pleasure, i will always buy their album becuase they are a killer band, with great songs, and they are a bunch of goofy bastards that love metal as well. So yep i’m in i will be getting in on that action. This summer has been great for new music announcements and releases and pre orders and streaming albums and songs, and videos. Travor had this to say about the  music;

“I get a lot of inspiration from our continuing success as a band. There is a tremendous pressure to deliver for our fans. I want to wow them every time we come back and for our new material to keep them excited about us. I have had a long, intimate love affair with death metal and I enjoy sharing my continued excitement for it through this outlet. I am still obsessed with the macabre and the darker side of life, and I revel in creating dark lyrical content that makes the listener react in some way. I enjoy straddling the line between fantastic elements and real life horror, as there is constant atrocity all around us in the human experience. You don’t have to look far to find something that is happening in the modern world that can fill ones sails with disgust.”

Now after reading this makes me get excited becuase they do seem to raise the bar with every album.

-Badger \m/

New ” The Black Dahlia Murder”!?! @bdmmetal @metalinjection

So this is pretty cool, I’m sitting here minding my own business and  just getting amped up because Cattle Decapitation is going to make an annoucement tomorrow about new music, and i stumble upon  some news that  has posted about The Black Dahlia Murder. producer Mark Lewis worked with the band for the last few albums. (great albums) Has posted to his instagram account that the band wrapped up recording their 7th work of art this past Friday. This is great news, if we see a new album by these guys in this year will have been great for new music. Here’s the full story :  

Here’s a video for Goat of Departure ( love this video)

Also why not, here’s Statutory Ape :

Love these guys  let’s hope they put out an album this year.

-Badger \m/