Sevenday Curse new music!!! I repeat Sevenday Curse new music!

the other day, Sevenday Curse posted on their facebook page Capture

Well not only is that an epic post to read but today they put up a sample of the new music. I

am glad to say that after waiting, damn about 15 years we get to hear new music by these guys.R-3085161-1315007437.jpeg

Their last album was great. Had that signature Massachusetts metal sound, just heavy, melodic, brutal, music.

The new sound clip? It is killer, I am stoked and can’t stop listening to it now.  I know i am not alone in saying this, but i have waited so long for this, and no one was able to pull off the same sound. So i just want to say to Sevenday Curse WELCOME BACK! I can’t begin to tell you how awesome this is. But maybe this sound clip will explain it.  I am still playing this clip. Here is a link so you can too,


-Badger \m/

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