Revocation drop a new Lyric video for ” Madness opus” @revocation

I am always in the mood for checking out new videos, and i love how some bands are putting out lyric videos. Its not the fact that they are adding the lyrics to the video. Its how they do it. They aren’t doing simple captions in blocks with white letters and keeping it bland. I have seen bands doing it in all different ways, just the creativity and imagination to put out a video and incorporate the lyrics with the video. Bands are constantly trying to get their message across to the listeners.

Well Revocation did that today, from their Facebook and twitter pages they put out a link to check out their lyric video for ” Madness Opus”  off of their ” Deathless” album that was released this past October ( October, 14th 2014 to be exact)


so here’s the video ;

check out their facebook page;

Or their Twitter page;

or just go to their website;

-Badger \m/

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