WRVTH put up a new video for “Larkspur” check it out!

West Coast progressive metal outfit WRVTH recently released a video for “Larkspur” off of their self titled album that came out this past summer.  If you are not familiar with them, you should watch and be amazed, then show them support.  These guys  have put out other albums, but this album is what really got the attention of metalheads from all over.  I was lucky enough to review the album when it came out( click here to read the album review), and was thoroughly impressed with  what they brought to the table.  Check out the video below




The album is awesome, the video is exactly what I would have wanted to see from this band and the song, well the song is one of my favorites off the album.

So check it out, and  then find them on FACEBOOK/WRVTH

or buy the album here http://www.wrvthofficial.bigcartel.com/products

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New Video up for ” Scorn” by Oracles featuring members of Aborted and System Divide

Oracles  just put up a video for “Scorn” for their upcoming release of Miserycorde due out this July.

Oracles is

Sven de caluwe: vocals
Sanna Salou: vocals
Mendel bij de Leij: guitars
Steve Miller: guitars
Andrei Aframov: bass
Ken bedene: drums

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Odyessey- Voids Album Review 8/10 @OdysseySpokane




Out February 5th, 2016

Guitar – Jerrick Crites
Bass – Jordan Hilker
Drums – Lukas Hilker




  1. Emerge. Evolve. Adapt

The song begins with some muffled guitar tones playing and fading in, becoming clearer until they start playing a steady rhythm. I am enjoying this, it has a feel good groove about it, and then walks along the lines of something heavy. It’s not one hundred percent metal, these guys are blending several styles from metal, to fusion, some classic rock stylings. This is a solid track to start the album out with, and I get the first impression, that this is their simple song, the song that gives you a good first impression to get your attention. The hold down the groove, and really lay it on thick so you can be nodding your head, tapping your foot, rocking out in general, and really enjoy their unique intrumetal delivery.


  1. Negate The Infinite

I called it, this is a bit more complex than the previous track, this band is not only playing some killer music in the form of instrumental metal, and they are bringing their talents for different music styles, and technical abilities to the table as well. Jerrick can definitely hold his own on the guitar. This has spawned the sudden urge to break out the air guitar. You know what I’m talking about, that moment you hear a sick riff, and you just want to rock out on the air guitar trying to follow the whirlwind shredding riff and all of its finger placements along the fret board. I always enjoy when I can hear the bass in most music because so often they get buried underneath, and some bassists can really deliver so sick bass lines. Jordan holds things down very well.


  1. Like Moths To a Flame

It is way too early to say that this is my favorite track, but I have listened to this one a few times already. I am really digging the way they start this song off, that rhythm, and how they take it, play it for a few bars,   add more dynamics to it, and progress with that foundation. The guitar hits us with some solo action around the 1:52 mark, and while it not a dizzying shredfest, it’s a soulful solo. The tempo is quick enough to keep your energy levels up there and your head nodding. This is a fun song to listen to, and what I really like is that Lukas is not trying to play over the guitar or bass. He is not trying to take the spotlight, and he is not hiding in the shadows either. He keeps the beat, keeps it interesting and does so by balancing his talents all across the boards, knowing when to play something with panache, and when to just keep the time.


  1. Motives

The song starts with a heavier feel to it for the first ten seconds and then goes to a more fluid style. The guitar is playing out to some extent, without getting to flashy. I like the change around the 1:30 mark because it sets up the next section and you can see how they progress throughout the song. At the 2:25 mark, the drums and bass set things up for a very cool sequence of the drums keeping the beat and the guitar is playing a cool riff while it may be simple what he is doing,   all three of them doing it together blends well and sounds awesome. The last minute of this song is badass, the guitar solo, how it starts out simple and then shreds for a few bars, the drums playing on the toms with the accents on the crash, while the guitar is also accenting on the same notes. This song ends in such a manner that it leaves you hoping that the next thing you hear is going to blow you away.


  1. Echoes

The guitar riff with all of its echo and the bass doing what sounds like volume swells, playing like this for a bar or two and the drums come in with a rhythm to follow along, then progresses to what is like a 4:4 time signature. Evolving into something more but keeping that guitar pattern going. This song is a killer track, I love it, this will be making it to my playlists, as it has that badass beginning, but then when they bring it down a few notches. The guitar is playing with some soul, it reminds me of Clapton, and some Gilmour fused together. This song is one that leaves you reaching for the back button, you know if you haven’t hit that “repeat 1” button yet (which I have and l can’t stop listening to).


  1. Before There Were Eyes To See

This song starts out with a thrash feel to it, and they get right down to the energy boosting rhythms with this song. I really like the old school vibe about it, the guitar solo starting around the 1: 30 mark is great. Jerrick plays a soulful solo and then ends with some shredding licks, only to take a quick breather and hit us with a dizzying riff, it’s a straight up hand cramping riff that lasts almost thirty seconds. They break the time down a bit and give it some accented points to only bring it down some more with the bass all alone setting up the next rhythm.


  1. The Plot thickens

The song begins with a riff and a bit of mystery behind it, which really leads you to wonder which way they will be going. They don’t leave that amount of mystery in question long and dive right into a quick tempo pace with steady drums for the first section. The next change brings things down a slight amount with the drums being played on the toms, and then going into a jazzy feel for a bar, popping right back into a heavy feel again. WE haven’t even cleared two minutes in yet and they are jumping from style to style and giving the listener a brief moment to get acclimated to the change. All the while they do have a solid groove, that while they change tempo a few times that groove follows the entire time. The guitar solo though, Jerrick will be a more known name after this album I am sure of it. You don’t play the way he is on this and not get attention from it.


  1. Delineation

This song starts a bit muffled with the introductory riff, yet you can hear the hi hat being hit, this is a very soothing beginning, I like that it is about to change and it does, the drum pattern on the hi hat accent the rhythm, the perpetual guitar riff and the bass hitting the groove in that low tone. This song seems like it could tell a story, it could leave you thinking about things in a different perspective, and will keep you hanging on every note for the entire 7:17 of song length.


  1. Left Unspoken

This song starts out very smooth and melodic, this is a very relaxing tune so far, and I am certainly enjoying the vibe it gives off. This is like once of those intermission tracks, it’s not very long, it doesn’t have many changes, it’s just a cool soothing track to get you brought down from the last song and get you mentally prepared for the last track of the album, the title track.


  1. Voids

This has a rock solid groove right out of the gate, this is actually a fun song by the sounds of it so far. I am betting they like to end on this song because it sounds like as much fun as it is to listen and enjoy this song, it’s a fun song to play. Jerrick though, he likes those hand cramping riffs I can tell. The song picks up the pace right around the 1:20 mark and delivers some energy inducing drums to get you going into the next change. This is a killer track, I mean that groove alone is highly enjoyable but right around the halfway point they mix things up and then those toms rolling out and setting up that slower more dramatic section. They throw down some funk right around the 3:40 mark where they just start to set it up, but yea you get to that point and they just brought the funk. And to answer your question, no they did not end the album without Jerrick delivering a face melting shredfest of a guitar solo.




This album is awesome, the amount of sound they pack in with only three members is impressive. The styles that can be heard throughout this album range from jazz and funk, to thrash and progressive metal. I couldnt pick just one song to be a favorite, but I will tell you that “Echoes” has been played a few dozen times, it is now my alarm clock sound,  and a  ringtone, as it is such a killer track. The album really is a an example of variety, not every song sounds the same,  yet every song has its own style.  Call me crazy but  if this was to be paired the way people pair wine or beer with food. This album could be paired with ” The Algorithm”  I would love to see maybe a split, where you have The Algorithm  doing their thing, and Odyssey doing theirs because they would compliment each other so well. This album can be played any where, from the office to  driving. With instrumental metal bands coming out more and more, I will say that this album would rank high in a list of instrumental metal album lists for 2016,  if compared to the releases from 2015,  I would put this higher than quite a few albums released last year.  My only hope is that they eventually release it on vinyl, for my collection. Hands down a solid 8/10 rating is what Voids deserves, and you should pre order today! \m/



Check out this Album promo video they put up New Year’s Eve Check it out below.






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After you do that you can stream their last release while you wait for “Voids” album to be released.


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Matubes release new single and video

MATUBES are proud to announce their new single “Песента На Мъртвеца”(Words Of Power )


Head on over to their website at: http://www.matubesblackmetal.com/
and you can always check out their music on BANDCAMP


also feel free to take a listen to their last E.P. they release a few months back

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Vehemence posts up a new Video for “Murdered by the Earth”

Vehemence’s new album is only ten days away from its release date,  and the band just put out a new video for the track titled ” Murdered by the Earth”

You will want to check the video out and definitely check out their website to pre order the new album.

Heres the video \m/


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Scale The Summit premier video for “Blue Sun”

Scale The Summit have premiered a video for the song ” Blue Sun” off of their upcoming album ” V”  due out September 18th.

The song is a solid track for these guys, really displaying their blend of prog instrumetal talents.

Take a look for yourselves and make sure to get in on the album by pre ordering

pre order here: Official Scale The Summit Store

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Iron Maiden Speed of Light Video released @ironmaiden

Today this morning metalheads like myself woke up to witness that the metal legends known as Iron Maiden released a video for their upcoming album Book of Souls. The song is ” Speed Of Light” and the first thing we have seen from Iron Maiden in five years. Iron Maiden fans everywhere are getting as excited as I am for September 4th 2015 when the album is released. For the few of you who have not seen the video I have it here for you to enjoy.

On a side note, I like the fact that it has a video game feel, as i am the proud owner of Ed Hunter and would not be opposed to the band having another video game put out. hopefully on more platforms like playstation, Xbox  and PC/Mac.

Iron Maiden on Facebook

Iron Maiden on Twitter

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New Kataklysm album Of Ghosts and Gods @kataklysmband

Today we see Kataklysm’s latest release ” Of Ghosts and Gods” their twelfth album. Just one of the great examples of what Canada has to offer for killer metal.


To get the most out of this album they released 10 videos, one video for each song, lets start off in the track order.

1) Breaching The Asylum

Digging this tune, the vocals actually remind me of At The Gates from Slaughter of the Soul. Not as deep and previous Kataklysm tracks like Shadows and dust.

2) The Black Sheep

starts out with a solid mid tempo feel, picks up with that classic Maurizio Iacono style, definitely a solid song for the album.

3) Marching Through Graveyards

Blast beats right out of the gate, now this song has promise, more of that Kataklysm feel I am sensing. The first two tracks were good, but I am really enjoying this track more. When I think of Kataklysm it’s songs like this one I think of.

4) Thy Serpents Tongue

This song starts off with a slow riff but when the drums kick in in has that looming death metal feel. The beginning is great really dig that section. When the vocals kick in its a slower feel to it but the pre chorus  picks back up with Oli  playing a fast beat on his drums. The chorus is solid, all in all a great tune.

5) Vindication

Really like this intro, I could probably listen to that on repeat, a solid marching tempo beat quarter notes on the crash feel, then fast riffing Oli delivering the blast beats with ease. This song starts out ready to rip you apart, when the vocals kick in it has a slower feel,  with a pre chorus that keeps the same pace but transitions into blast beats. This song is a killer track a little short for my liking, but it is one of those tracks you will listen through and hit the back button again.

6) Soul Destroyer

Nice little PSA about the extinction rate of the worlds animal population in the beginning, the sound of animals in the jungle and then right into a nice guitar riff and drums. Takes a half time feel, but with a groove that you can move to. This is a song that when played live I envision pits just opening up and masses of bodies moving and colliding into each other.  Not rapid blast beats like the previous tracks, just a solid death metal feel to this song. Nice double bass rolling for the chorus, nothing over the top they are basically keeping it pretty simple for this one.

7) Carrying Crosses

This song has that mid tempo feel again, its almost like they are trying to broaden their musical range on this album. Again there are fewer blast beats. There are only a few short sections  mainly the pre chorus’s have the blast beats going. Pretty steady chugging riffs throughout the whole song.

8) Shattered

This song starts out with guitars holding a note,  then Oli comes in with a drum beat on the rack toms and floor tom for a few bars. Then a drum fill into a nice solid heavy drum beat for about two bars,  into a rolling tom pattern with  crash on the quarter notes.  Slow it down as vocals join in, the verse is simple yet sounds great, pre chorus guitar riff is nothing over the top but fits the song rather well. Not a bad tune, maybe not my favorite on the album though.

9) Hate Spirit

Blast beats right away, this song sounds like it is made to pump you up and get you moving. As soon as the beginning transitions into double bass rolling death metal beat it keeps that feel for a few bars until the vocals enter the mix.  Slower punchy feel.  The chorus keeps that slower feel.  This song so far is not bad, not every song on every album a band puts out will be great. The song does have its message, and the video is well done.

10) The World Is   A Dying Insect

The song starts out with what sounds like stringed instruments just playing random chords and then the guitars come in with a slight acoustic sound for a bar or two then distortion, tribal drum beat. this is a heavy track, at times the tempo changes from fast to slow, but it is a solid heavy track and definitely a great song to end the album with. This track is on my list for the top songs of the album, I really do like this song. In my opinion I like a fast Kataklysm song. When I heard Katakylsm for the first time it was a fast paced brutally heavy song, and so for me it set the bar high. The world is a dying insect is the best song they could have picked to end the album with hands down.

All in all not a bad album, if you are a fan of Kataklysm then its worth the buy, if you are looking to try Kataklysm’s sound out to see if you like it, I actually hold other older albums above this one. but they did release a video for every song leading up to today so I do applaud them for doing something different that other bands have not done yet. Kataklysm may have just started a trend with this and we may be seeing more videos for metal bands before the albums come out. This is a trend that I would love to see because metal bands deserve to have music videos just as much as all the pop and hip hop artists out there.

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Cattle Decapitation The Making of The Anthropocene Extinction @cattledecap @metalblade

CFdZ9FJWgAEIPjI.jpg large

Cattle Decapitation and Dave Otero talk about the making of the new album due out August 7th.

This is great getting to see the behind the scenes making of the upcoming brutal album by Cattle Decapitation. I personally can’t wait for the album to drop.

Check the video out here;

Make sure if you haven’t (there is no good reason if you haven’t) pre-ordered the new album get on that by going to

www.metalblade.com/cattledecapitation    check out the pre order bundles.

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