Only 47 days left to help Cryptopsy out!

So I am checking out Cryptopsy’s indiegogo crowd funding page, and i noticed that there are only 47 days left, and  only $4,242 has been raised so far.   So to try and help boost your awareness, and ambition to spend a few dollars for a killer band’s next album. Here are a few videos for Cryptopsy,  I’m talking Flo on drums, music videos anything  to get you to pull out your wallet and spend a few dollars. Shoot just to get a CD+ a digital Copy is only $20. and that includes shipping. you cant get that any most music shops in your local mall.


Worship your demons;

Bass and guitar playthrough;

Book of suffering promo

Flo Drum solo

Slit your guts live:

And more FLO!!!

So go and check out their indiegogo page  and give this album a chance. i mean shoot if you go to the page there are options for if they exceed their goal if they can triple their goal they can also put out the second installment of the Book of suffering.

SO check it out, here;

These guys are brutal, the first time I heard them was the song ” Emaciate” and I was just absolutley blown away. It was from that moment I became a Cryptopsy fan. ANd they are on tour right now, check out their facebook page for dates

-Badger \m/

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