Cryptopsy- The Book Of Suffering- Tome 1 Review


The Book Of Suffering-Tome 1 E.P. 10/30/2015

Flo Mounier: Drums

Matt McGachy: Vocals

Chrisitian Donaldson: Guitars

Olivier Pinard; Bass

  1. Detritus ( The One They Kept)

The song begins with a sound clip that is precisely appropriate for the E.P. The band joins in with Matt delivering a hauntingly long growl, then sheer brutal technicality ensues with Flo’s precision drumming, and the guitar and bass hitting us with riffs that will leave your head spinning. They first verse begins and you cannot just sit still and listen to this playing, you are head banging, you are moving around. The music takes over and engulfs you, taking you for a 4:33 minute long ride of extreme speeds with changes from not only Matt vocals of his low guttural growls to his highs, but the rest of the band going through the rhythm changes. Right around the 2:15 minute mark the band gives you a little bit of a drawn out transition going into a brutal breakdown of sorts. If bodies are not already flailing around and mashing into each other, this is where absolute chaos erupts in the pit. Such a great song, showcasing the talents of all the members and what they are capable of.

  1. The Knife, The Head and What Remains

This song like some of Cryptopsy’s older songs are written about a true occurrence the name conjures up images of unthinkable horrors, and is based on a true story about a man who beheaded and ingested parts of his victim on a Greyhound bus. His only claim was that God had warned him that this victim was sent to kill him and that he must protect himself and the passengers.  The guitar riff that starts the song off is a creepy sounding erratic riff for a bar and then the band joins in with extreme force. This song has a solid groove, this song sounds like it was engineered, every aspect scrutinized so that the final product would be flawless. This song is great, an absolutely raw and aggressive song that decimates the listener with its intensity.

  1. Halothane Glow
    I love this introductory guitar riff, the first few bars that set the song in motion with the guitars and drums are great. When Matt joins in with the vocals he is delivering some highs with quick transmission. The beginning of this song is mind blowing, I could listen to this song on endless repeat. The vocals around the: 26 second mark are great. Then the guitar strumming at the: 50 second mark. I mean this song is killing it from the very first second. It has a groove that is incomparable to anything you are hearing anywhere else. This is definitely a solid song that I could see being a fan favorite.
  1. Framed By Blood

This song has a slower punchy feel to the beginning with Matt giving us some soulless growls and then spitting some high vocals in quick intervals. This song also possess a groove that is emphasized with Olivier’s bass that really rings out in this song. This song will without a doubt be another crowd detonator for live shows. Then you have this little bridge around the 1:40 mark just showcasing Flo’s ability to deliver an elite blend of percussion. This song also gives the listener a guitar solo that is short and straight to the point. I really enjoyed this track and can see why they end the album with a song like this one especially with the sound clip at the end.

This E.P. I don’t know how I can give this anything other than a 10/10 rating. The sound quality is undeniably sharp, and crisp, being able to Hear Oli’s bass, every string on Chris’s guitar and every drum stroke and the cymbal strike. Matt’s vocal range from the lowest of lows to high banshee like screams, the sound quality captures all of that. None of the songs had anything disappointing about them, never for a moment did I feel like I wanted to skip, in fact I have listened to this E.P. on endless repeat every time I have turned to listen to music, sometimes listening to it for the first 30 seconds and hitting the back button because the beginning of the song is just that great I have to listen to it again, and again, being impressed every time almost as if I am hearing it for the first time. If you were not one of the few like myself who pre ordered this E.P. Do yourself a favor and get it now. This E.P. really displays the talents of the entire band, and also details their ability to raise the bar every time, and to adapt to all the current standards and still outperform.

Check the bandcamp page to order the E.P. at Bandcamp/Cryptopsy   

Also check them out on FACEBOOK \m/

-Badger \m/

Cryptopsy release video for Detritus \m/

On 10/06/2015 Cryptopsy published a video for the track Detritus ahead of the albums release date.

Check it out form their VEVO channel

or check it out on their Cryptopsy Deathmetal youtube channel

yes same video, different youtube channel

Check it out and go pre order the Book of suffering Tome: 1

Pre order here \m/

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Matt McGachy the crafty, calculating, and forceful frontman for Cryptopsy


I was able to reach out and ask the guys a few questions. I limited the questions to only five for a few reasons, they are busy with their own schedules trying to keep the Cryptopsy machine rolling, they also have other projects they work on, they have families and a home life, and if I ask five questions to all the guys it keeps it simple and straight to the point.

So here is my interview with the man on the mic- Matt McGachy

Badger- since going independent, how difficult has it been for you guys? You’re basically collectively as a band taking on all the responsibilities? With this decision do you find it more rewarding when you guys play out live, or release new music?

Matt- Since we decided to go independent we have been more in control of our band and actively pursuing the goals we want to achieve. It has not been easy. Our self-title was successful thanks to all of us stepping up and stating what we are interested in taking over behind the scenes. Then we had to follow through on what we said which was more difficult. I take care of most of the online presence (Facebook, website, Bandcamp etc) and admit that I fall behind sometimes when we get swamped. But it has been extremely rewarding (creatively and relationship wise within the band) whenever we reach one of our milestones.

Badger- How was your most recent (back to the U.S) tour? Any particular moments or shows that gave you memories or that boost of energy?

Matt- The Back to the US tour was a success. We had an amazing time reconnecting with the fans and meeting new ones. It had been far too long since we played the US and we were very excited to be back. The first show in Worcester was sold-out and set the pace for the entire run, it was a great way to start things off. Also all the bands on the bill were great people as well as musically; I would tour with them again any day.

Badger- How did it feel for you to play not only the older Lord worm songs, but then also the Mike Disalvo, your own songs as well as the new material?

Matt- I really enjoy the mix, it allows me to take my voice into a few different areas throughout a gig. I love the mix of the disgusting Worm songs mixed in with the rapid fire vocals of Disalvo; it is an honour to scream their parts every night. I love crowd reactions so whenever we play the classics and the crowd goes wild those are my favourite songs to play.

Badger- What do you guys have planned for the rest of 2015, more touring, big shows open air festivals, any videos etc?

Matt- This summer we will be in Europe and we have the chance to play Gothoom Fest, Wacken, Brutal Assault and Ieperfest. We are really excited to be back in Europe with some new material! Also we will be officially releasing The Book of Suffering within the next few months and I’m really excited to share this EP with the world. There will be at least one video to come out which we are in the process of organizing now.

Badger- And my last question If you could describe the new Book Of Suffering E.P. in only five words, what would those 5 words be?

Matt-Brutally Dark Diverse Technical Music


So that wraps it up, Matt and the rest of the guys have all said The “Book Of Suffering E.P. will be Brutal, dark, and fresh. Thinking about these words, and have listened to one of the new tracks at their show. It gets me pumped to not only hear the E.P. when I get it, but also knowing this will be only Tome 1. with others  to follow, and that brings the excitement level up a few notches.

For as little as $1.00, you can help get this E.P. the funded, with several other perks from a $5.00 digital download of the E.P. to getting drum, or guitar lessons, or having your own band get mixed by Chris Donaldson. No matter what, it will be worthwhile being a part of something cool. Think of it like this, if you are a Cryptopsy fan, and you help by contributing even if it is $1.00, $5.00, $20.00 or $500.00 you will be a part of that E.P. You will have helped out, every perk gets something, and for every perk you can feel good about doing what you can to help out.

Click here if you want to be a part of something cool

-Badger \m/

The man, The legend, Flo Mounier drummer for Cryptopsy interview #2. 12 days left and 2 more interviews to go!


I got a chance to speak with Flo about Cryptopsy, playing the drums, going independent etc. So allow me to get right down to it.

Badger-So Flo 2015 has been pretty productive for you guys, and with the touring as well as the indiegogo campaign. You guys have been pretty busy and it looks as though 2015 will be a nonstop ride for you guys. So with that said I just have a few questions I would like to ask you.

Badger- You have been with Cryptopsy since 1992. You have seen Cryptopsy evolve into what it is today. What has that been like for you?

Flo: It’s definitely been a trip to be a part of and experience the ups and downs of Cryptopsy for over 20 years. I’ve worked with a lot of different people during this time , in and out of the band, and I’ve learnt a few things on the way ; )

Badger- You are essentially like the father of Cryptopsy, watching it grow, and shaping it for the future. How has that affected you being a part of something this big?

Flo: well I’ve never looked at it as being big or small. I look at Cryptopsy just like my playing, it’s always a work in progress. So I feel very critical about the whole thing. So it’s affect is in a way to try to be better from year to year, tour to tour and album to album.

Badger- You are a phenomenal drummer, and I have been a fan since first listening to “ Emaciate” with that said, what sort of process do you have for writing new music?

Flo: thanks for the kind words! We have used different ways of writing in the past. For the newer stuff we actually sit in studio and go over riff that Chris has recorded. We then try to structure them and piece things together. Some are already a series of riffs that fit, some are alone. So we do a general structure. When we’re happy with that we ll start throwing in traps and different bridges and more tech elements. During this whole process beats and fills come to me. Then I take the riffs home to practice and establish my parts.

Badger-Do you have a game plan for raising the bar every time?

Flo: no real game plan. If the guys and I practice hard enough from one recording to another, you ll be able to tell. In Cryptopsy we concentrate on writing songs first then speed and tech.

Badger-Because as a long time listener I can say the bar gets raised every time without a doubt.

Flo: thanks a lot, well we try and this EP has new stuff that’s pretty sick and so will the next series of EPs promise!!

Badger- Who are some of your influences for the drums?

Flo: I have so many influences it’s not even fair to name just a few but I will. In metal, Sean Reinhert, Gene Hoglan, Kenny Schalk, in other styles, Dennis Chambers, John Bonham, Dave Weckl, Chris Coleman.

Badger-I have heard the jazz in the self-titled album, so you must have some a variety of influences for both jazz and metal.

Flo: I try and enjoy listening to all sorts of different musical styles. It just expands your influential pallet therefore your creativity and ability as well.

Badger- Now that you guys have been independent. Has it made the writing process any different? Trying to deliver only the absolute best and what you want the fans to hear?

Flo: there’s less pressure to deliver something but more pressure on us to make it as good and as marketable (package wise) as possible. We have worked with a lot of different artists in the past and still have yet to find the go to guy, lol

Badger-Is there a lot of songs that you guys end up putting on a back burner as a result?

Flo: I wouldn’t say many songs cause it doesn’t get that far, but many riffs yes have been canned.

Badger-Is it more rewarding, not financially but rather emotionally and mentally putting out new music and playing out, and getting the fans reactions?

Flo: it’s totally cool when we believe in something and are happy about a new creation then see that our fans are just as stocked as we are!! Great feeling!!

Badger-And my last question which I have asked all the guys is;

If you can describe The Book Of Suffering E.P. in only five words. What would those five words be?

Flo: brutally fresh and truly catchy!

Badger-Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions if there is anything else you would like to add feel free, because the fans are listening.

Flo: thanks for the years of support, keep it coming we have lots more to offer!!!

Badger-Thanks again Flo look forward to hearing the E.P. when it comes out and seeing what the future holds for Cryptopsy.

There you have it the E.P sounds killer ( they played a song at their show in Syracuse, and it was truly a badass tune. Flo is an incredible drummer, there are tons of videos on you tube of him playing live, or in a studio, he also has his own instructional DVD for extreme metal drumming techniques.

Make sure to check out their indiegogo page to help get this E.P. brought to life by clicking on this link here;

check out a video of Flo and Chris explaining in their words about the campaign

There is only 12 days left on the campaign. So definitely check out the perks,  the pricing is very reasonable, and lets say you cant do a campaign shirt option, but you want to help out $1.00 will help out, and you will get a thank you video, $5.00 gets you the E.P. in digital download form. Me i am a sucker for the physical disc, but even that is $20.00 (includes shipping) and still I get the digital download. So all the options are a great deal.

So really what ever option you choose you can at least feel good to be helping out a great band, that is very influential to up and coming musicians.


Chris Donaldson the man behind the killer guitar riffs for Cryptopsy

I recently got a chance to reach out to Chris Donaldson, the skilled guitar shredder for Cryptopsy.  With the band being an independent band, they are always busy, this is there 9-5 only its more of a 24-7 job. So they are busy trying to make a living, and have a life. They are back from the most recent tour and i wanted to get a quick interview in while the members had some free time.


This is my interview with Chris,

Alright Chris so I did get a brief chance to talk to you at your last U.S. show but I wanted to ask you a few questions to help the fans get more connected.

Badger- So how has 2015 been for you so far?

Chris- 2015, mmmm it must have been amazing probably, I can’t even figure out what month we are(in), (I should put windows in my studio! Hehe)

Badger- After the Book Of Suffering E.P. is released will we be seeing any more youtube play through videos of you?

Chris – we don’t have any plans for that now, but if the demand is there, I will shred that axe for you!!

Badger-Was the Back to the U.S tour special in the sense that we haven’t seen Cryptopsy in a few years. Was it as special for you, and the rest of the band?

Chris- It was special is a sense that it was a bill that we choose in majority. It was awesome to tour with all our friends. The vibe was just fantastic! He hope all the fans felt that too!

Badger- When the Back to the U.S. tour ended, you guys drove home, unpacked, showered etc. Is there any one thing you like to do first? For example go to your favorite restaurant, listen to a local radio station, catch up on your favorite tv shows, spend time with family etc?

Chris- It really depends on where was that tour, and what time who are back home. Majority of the time, we are dead tired (for example you spent 2 hung-over days in an airport to go back to your house plus the jetlag!) so I would say, sleep! But other than that, me and Oli like to go drink at our favorite pub in Montreal “le saint-elisabeth”!!

Badger-And my last question  If you can describe The Book Of Suffering E.P. in five words. What would those five words be?

Chris-  brutal, fast, dark, melodic, experimental

Thank you very much you guys are some really stand up down to earth cool individuals, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing you guys in Syracuse. And I look forward to hearing the new music when it comes out. I want to thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.

Chris – Peace man !!!

So there you have it, make sure you check out their indiegogo campaign, and make a contribution. They even have an option for $1.00 which they will send you a thank you video for.  here’s the link

but seriously if you look at the pricing, for the digital E.P. or even the physical, its a pretty damn good price. Only you can feel better that you are helping the band out.

-Badger \m/

Cryptopsy, becoming independant, new music. Great musicians, great guys! Lets get them to their goal!


I want you to think about this for a second,

You grow up knowing that you will work a certain profession some day.  You need to pick a career and try to work your hardest at it to succeed. Now lets say you land a good job. You go to work, put in your time, earn a paycheck. You look at that pay check and you have all of your standard deductions and tax deductions etc. now lets say your employer also takes a portion of your paycheck.  Many of you are probably wondering well why would they do that? Some of you are probably saying “ hell no I don’t like the sound of that”. Some of you are probably wondering where I am going with this so I will explain.

For bands they have a few paths to take, they start out fresh and they do the typical journey of playing shows at dive bars basically anywhere that will allow an original artist to play. Now coming from experience you don’t really make squat when you are doing this, if you get paid, its peanuts. Your goal is to get on a label, because a label is where life gets a little easier. You don’t have to do your own promotions, you aren’t the ones making the calls, booking the shows, the label handles that for you. However if your livelihood is based on this type of career you are missing out on a lot. You are on the road constantly, you are trying to navigate the digital age we live in today, and at some point you want to actually earn enough to make a living doing this. Now what if you had started out made a big name for yourselves, got onto huge labels, but you were not really pulling in enough? Meaning you grossed a lot over a year, but the net you actually saw was a very small fraction of your gross earnings? What do you do then? There is one option, and that is go independent, but you have to work hard, and I mean work real hard for it. you are taking all the calls, trying to manage everything yourselves.

Cryptopsy did just that, they created a big name for themselves, and a fan base to go with it. This path is like starting your own company/ business. Anybody who has ever tried to start their own business knows it is not easy. You are your own boss and you don’t have a staff working the financials, the phone calls, the business planning, merchandise, product, etc. You are doing all the work to go the distance needed for success. Cryptopsy is doing that, they are handling all the business they can.

Imagine going independent, and then going on a tour. Work doesn’t stop because you are on tour, work is non stop. The world doesn’t go to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time. 24-7 there is business to be handled, and Cryptopsy are doing that. They just finished up a tour that started in Worcester, Massachusetts, and ended in Syracuse, NY. They played shows all across the U.S. trying to stir up some support for their upcoming E.P. If you were fortunate to see them then chances are you not only were blown away by a great performance, you may have also heard a track from the upcoming E.P. title “ The Book of Suffering Tome 1” .   I saw them in Syracuse and I have to tell you the new material sounds amazing. They played songs from all their albums, and of course the first song I ever heard from them “ Emaciate” now that song blew me away the first time I heard it. From that moment I was a Cryptopsy fan for life. I got a chance to talk to Flo this past Monday and had mentioned that songs impact on me. To my surprise he told me they would be playing it that night. I can’t even begin to tell you how badass that is. That song came off their ” Whisper Supremcy” album from 1998, and to see them play it live is still having that “ WOW” effect on me. Then he tells me they will also be playing a new fresh song that will be on the Book of Suffering E.P. and then to hear that new song live was incredible, actually incredible is a monumental understatement. It was an experience like no other.

Now why should you be concerned whether they are independent or not? Because if you found out that in order for one of the best metal acts to put out new music is by getting a head count for who will actually by the album and pre ordering it. wouldn’t you want to help them out? Its like seeing signs for shop local, or help small business. Who wants to hear new music from a super talented group aiming to just crush every boundary and set the bar at astronomical levels? Who wants to help out a really stand up great group of guys living a life like you and I ? They are working hard for it, possessing integrity, principal, and devotion they took on a challenge that is a harder road. They aren’t just doing it for themselves, they are doing it for the fans. To get new music out more often, to give the fans their absolute best effort every time.

Now if none of this is getting you to check out their indiegogo page, then let me give my personal perspective. I have talked to these guys, they are all really cool collected guys. Every member had great things to say, and were very professional. They were nice, I mean you could talk to these guys like a friend. They have great ideas ahead, and to get their they just need a little help along the way. From hearing them for the first time, Flo Mounier became a drummer I have admired for over a decade. Talking to Chris (guitars) he has great ideas for the future of Cryptopsy and the guy is a really cool guy to speak with, shoot my girlfriend came to the show with me. The first thing she said when we lef tthe show was ” They were so nice, and Chris was so sincere, he looked scary angry like on stage but  he was so nice, they were so cool. Matt (vocals) was  constantly thanking the fans for coming out, when I spoke to him he was just very precise on what they wanted to accomplish. Make great music, give the fans the best they can. Oliver (Bass) is a cool guy, also thanking people for their support. And I gotta say, you see him on stage and he just has this menacing look like he is about to fuck shit up in a hard way. Then to talk to him after he is one of the nicest guys you will meet. Seriously these guys are a couple of normal guys trying to live the dream by working hard and delivering only the best they can to their fans. Buy their merchandise, Pre order the new album or pre order a campaign shirt. Hell they have options from digital download to having them do mixing for a song for your band. They are their own business, they are their own boss, they are their own marketers, they are their own sales, and all they want is for their product ( great technical grinding metal from Canada) to be the absolute best and put on great performances.

With that said check out a few videos to try and get you to understand what you could be a part of just by pre ordering something, and everything comes with a digital download of the album. So it’s a win, win, win situation. You win by pre ordering something, you win by being a part of something, Cryptopsy wins by getting what they need to give us their best, and being able to continue to do so.

Here’s a little clip to get you amped for the new E.P.

So if that’s not enough

Here’s Flo, and why he’s one of my absolute favorite drummers:

Here’s Oliver, and Chris doing a play through for “ Two Pound Torch”

And because its not easy to find any videos of just Matt here are a few videos of live performance with Matt killing it:

SO COME ON! LETS HELP CRYPTOPSY MEET THEIR GOAL!!! Seriously right now their Facebook page has 277,000 page likes. And on their indiegogo page they have only 207 backers and $5,491 raised, with only 34 days left. That means they only have a quarter raised so far, out of 277 thousand page likes only a quarter raised. So come on anything will make a difference, maybe you know someone who would love a new Cryptopsy shirt, or the experience of a lifetime of guitar lesson via skype with Chris. The bare minimum donation is $5.00 for a digital download of the E.P. and since many people only use Mp3’s for their sound medium heck why not, $5.00 could help these guys out. It won’t buy you a pack of cigarettes but it will buy you extremely talented technical metal in the form of a digital download. So check their Indiegogo page out.

Also they have lots of great stuff on their facebook page,

The link to the page,

– Badger \m/

Only 47 days left to help Cryptopsy out!

So I am checking out Cryptopsy’s indiegogo crowd funding page, and i noticed that there are only 47 days left, and  only $4,242 has been raised so far.   So to try and help boost your awareness, and ambition to spend a few dollars for a killer band’s next album. Here are a few videos for Cryptopsy,  I’m talking Flo on drums, music videos anything  to get you to pull out your wallet and spend a few dollars. Shoot just to get a CD+ a digital Copy is only $20. and that includes shipping. you cant get that any most music shops in your local mall.


Worship your demons;

Bass and guitar playthrough;

Book of suffering promo

Flo Drum solo

Slit your guts live:

And more FLO!!!

So go and check out their indiegogo page  and give this album a chance. i mean shoot if you go to the page there are options for if they exceed their goal if they can triple their goal they can also put out the second installment of the Book of suffering.

SO check it out, here;

These guys are brutal, the first time I heard them was the song ” Emaciate” and I was just absolutley blown away. It was from that moment I became a Cryptopsy fan. ANd they are on tour right now, check out their facebook page for dates

-Badger \m/


So here i am checking things out and i go take a look at Cryptopsy’s facebook page to see how their tour is going and i see this


All i can say is this is a great feeling to have when i saw this. Being a Cryptopsy fan since i was a freshman in highschool  till now, i have always admired Flo’s drumming and their technical brutality.  Whisper supremecy blew me away when i first heard it, and these guys are still raising the bar.  now lets get on there crowdfunding campaign and get this album going.

– Badger \m/

Cryptopsy’s back to the us tour!

Cryptopsy are on to the 3rd show of their tour, right now they are in Brooklyn, NY. man i wish i could have been there but i am planning on making it out to another show of theirs during this tour. Keep in mind they are an independant band, they do not have a record label and they are taking it all on themselves. What does that mean, it means you have guys using their own money to accomplish these feats. They are also crowdfunding E.P.’s to try and put out new music more often. Their current crowdfunding campaign is for  a new E.P. titled ” The Book of Suffering”.     Make sure to be a part of this great campaign, If you are not sure about whether or not to bother. DO IT!!! have you heard Flo on drums? seriously the guy is amazing. Check the guy out    This is what I’m talking about not good enough check out a video from a live performance a song from their last album ” Cryptopsy”  this is Two Pound torch       

So get in on this Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and lets help Cryptopsy get some new music out to us.

Check out their crowdfunding page here;

– Badger

Cryptopsy crowd funding EP ” The Book of Suffering”

Canada’s  brutilizing grind metal band Cryptopsy are crowd funding their new EP through Indie gogo.  They are planning to do this for the next few EP’s trying to give us the fans new music more often.  If you are a fan of Cryptopsy get in on this,  they have several packages ranging from a digital download EP, all the way to having Matt do guest vocals, or even the backdrop they have used on tour since 2012.  Clicking on the above link will also give you a a sample to what their new EP will sound like.  With just over 50 days left lets try to share this as much as possible. Who wouldnt want to hear new music from Cryptops. who wouldnt want to hear new sounds coming form the brilliant Flo Mounier?  this is a greta opportunity to help a great band.  again you can just clink on this link right here

– Badger