Cryptopsy- The Book Of Suffering- Tome 1 Review


The Book Of Suffering-Tome 1 E.P. 10/30/2015

Flo Mounier: Drums

Matt McGachy: Vocals

Chrisitian Donaldson: Guitars

Olivier Pinard; Bass

  1. Detritus ( The One They Kept)

The song begins with a sound clip that is precisely appropriate for the E.P. The band joins in with Matt delivering a hauntingly long growl, then sheer brutal technicality ensues with Flo’s precision drumming, and the guitar and bass hitting us with riffs that will leave your head spinning. They first verse begins and you cannot just sit still and listen to this playing, you are head banging, you are moving around. The music takes over and engulfs you, taking you for a 4:33 minute long ride of extreme speeds with changes from not only Matt vocals of his low guttural growls to his highs, but the rest of the band going through the rhythm changes. Right around the 2:15 minute mark the band gives you a little bit of a drawn out transition going into a brutal breakdown of sorts. If bodies are not already flailing around and mashing into each other, this is where absolute chaos erupts in the pit. Such a great song, showcasing the talents of all the members and what they are capable of.

  1. The Knife, The Head and What Remains

This song like some of Cryptopsy’s older songs are written about a true occurrence the name conjures up images of unthinkable horrors, and is based on a true story about a man who beheaded and ingested parts of his victim on a Greyhound bus. His only claim was that God had warned him that this victim was sent to kill him and that he must protect himself and the passengers.  The guitar riff that starts the song off is a creepy sounding erratic riff for a bar and then the band joins in with extreme force. This song has a solid groove, this song sounds like it was engineered, every aspect scrutinized so that the final product would be flawless. This song is great, an absolutely raw and aggressive song that decimates the listener with its intensity.

  1. Halothane Glow
    I love this introductory guitar riff, the first few bars that set the song in motion with the guitars and drums are great. When Matt joins in with the vocals he is delivering some highs with quick transmission. The beginning of this song is mind blowing, I could listen to this song on endless repeat. The vocals around the: 26 second mark are great. Then the guitar strumming at the: 50 second mark. I mean this song is killing it from the very first second. It has a groove that is incomparable to anything you are hearing anywhere else. This is definitely a solid song that I could see being a fan favorite.
  1. Framed By Blood

This song has a slower punchy feel to the beginning with Matt giving us some soulless growls and then spitting some high vocals in quick intervals. This song also possess a groove that is emphasized with Olivier’s bass that really rings out in this song. This song will without a doubt be another crowd detonator for live shows. Then you have this little bridge around the 1:40 mark just showcasing Flo’s ability to deliver an elite blend of percussion. This song also gives the listener a guitar solo that is short and straight to the point. I really enjoyed this track and can see why they end the album with a song like this one especially with the sound clip at the end.

This E.P. I don’t know how I can give this anything other than a 10/10 rating. The sound quality is undeniably sharp, and crisp, being able to Hear Oli’s bass, every string on Chris’s guitar and every drum stroke and the cymbal strike. Matt’s vocal range from the lowest of lows to high banshee like screams, the sound quality captures all of that. None of the songs had anything disappointing about them, never for a moment did I feel like I wanted to skip, in fact I have listened to this E.P. on endless repeat every time I have turned to listen to music, sometimes listening to it for the first 30 seconds and hitting the back button because the beginning of the song is just that great I have to listen to it again, and again, being impressed every time almost as if I am hearing it for the first time. If you were not one of the few like myself who pre ordered this E.P. Do yourself a favor and get it now. This E.P. really displays the talents of the entire band, and also details their ability to raise the bar every time, and to adapt to all the current standards and still outperform.

Check the bandcamp page to order the E.P. at Bandcamp/Cryptopsy   

Also check them out on FACEBOOK \m/

-Badger \m/

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