Morbid Angel and Revocation line up changes @morbidangelband @revocation

Metal Injection wanted to get to the bottom of the Revocation line up rumor and reached out to Phil about whether or not he was parting ways with the band. This is the statement he gave them

It is with a heavy heart that I’m announcing I will be leaving Revocation. This was by far the most difficult decision I’ve ever made in my life, but after much soul searching I’ve decided that it is no longer the right path for me, so I will be moving forward to pursue new musical projects. I remain close friends with my brothers in the band, and support them 100% in all their future endeavors. I know such a talented group of guys will have a long and prosperous career, and I look forward to watching Revocation continue to grow and evolve.

I look back on my time with Revocation with nothing but fond memories, and feel incredibly lucky to have been part of something so special. I would like to thank the enormous amount of people who have helped us over the years: from everyone we’ve worked with at Relapse and Metal Blade, to our manager Shawn Carrano and our booking agent Dan Rozenblum, to all the amazing bands we’ve toured with over the years, and to our very supportive families who have been with us all the way through this incredible journey. Most of all I would like to thank all of our amazing fans that have made our career in music possible. To everyone who has ever picked up a record, come out to a show, bought a t-shirt, and even taken us into their homes when we didn’t have a place to stay, thank you all so much for helping us turn our dreams into a reality. I’m humbled and moved beyond words knowing that what we started in my parents dining room when we were 14 years old has resonated with so many people and allowed us to travel the world sharing our passion. I look forward to continuing my career in music and can’t wait to get back out playing shows, see you all on the road with whatever comes next!


In other line up change news Morbid Angel has just lost drummer Tim, and founding Morbid Angel bassist and vocalist David Vincent is leaving the band

Tim Yeung has officially left MORBID ANGEL, five years after he joined the band as the replacement for the group’s longtime drummer, Pedro “Pete” Sandoval. No information on who the new drummer will be but rumor is that the band will be reuniting with Steve Tucker.  Now from what i have seen so far via twitter and facebook. Not many people are happy with David leaving the band and having Steve come back. But there are still plenty of mixed reactions   Now i am just paraphrasing here but  such quotes  as
” Guys, Steve Tucker’s last record was terrible and Trey hasn’t delivered a good Morbid Angel album in 15 years.”

“I’m psyched that Morbid Angel reunited w/ Steve Tucker. Formulas and Gateways are both great albums & Heretic isn’t as bad as people say.”
and of course “Aww this means David Vincent will stop favouriting my tweets every time I mention Morbid Angel.”
So i guess only time will tell.
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#Danzig News, SKULLFACE MAKEUP?! @metalinjection @danzig

Here’s something you probably didnt think you’d see anytime soon. Metal injection has a story right now about Glenn Danzig sporting skullfaced makeup. This is something he hasn’t done since he was in THE MISFITS. Looks like he was doing a photo shoot for an upcoming covers album. Which I think is cool, however I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Jerry Only stirring things up over the make-up. As those two had a court case dismissed about a year ago.

If you want to read the story Metal injection has up here is the link, check it out  share it along because ” Skeletons”  could be something big.

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Revocation drop a new Lyric video for ” Madness opus” @revocation

I am always in the mood for checking out new videos, and i love how some bands are putting out lyric videos. Its not the fact that they are adding the lyrics to the video. Its how they do it. They aren’t doing simple captions in blocks with white letters and keeping it bland. I have seen bands doing it in all different ways, just the creativity and imagination to put out a video and incorporate the lyrics with the video. Bands are constantly trying to get their message across to the listeners.

Well Revocation did that today, from their Facebook and twitter pages they put out a link to check out their lyric video for ” Madness Opus”  off of their ” Deathless” album that was released this past October ( October, 14th 2014 to be exact)


so here’s the video ;

check out their facebook page;

Or their Twitter page;

or just go to their website;

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New ” The Black Dahlia Murder”!?! @bdmmetal @metalinjection

So this is pretty cool, I’m sitting here minding my own business and  just getting amped up because Cattle Decapitation is going to make an annoucement tomorrow about new music, and i stumble upon  some news that  has posted about The Black Dahlia Murder. producer Mark Lewis worked with the band for the last few albums. (great albums) Has posted to his instagram account that the band wrapped up recording their 7th work of art this past Friday. This is great news, if we see a new album by these guys in this year will have been great for new music. Here’s the full story :  

Here’s a video for Goat of Departure ( love this video)

Also why not, here’s Statutory Ape :

Love these guys  let’s hope they put out an album this year.

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Tesseract Fans Stream their DVD at Metal Injection @tesseractband

Metal injection just posted that you can Stream Tesseracts DVD on their website Pow here’s the youtube link;

This video is roughly an hour and four minutes long so  get comfortable and get ready to see the Tesseract Nov, 6th  2014 concert that took place in London.

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Veil Of Maya U.S. Tour News @veilofmayaband @revocation @metalinjection

For some of you, you may have already heard, but for others maybe you haven’t. This summer is already booming with some great tours, to add to the list of great bands to see this summer will be Veil Of Maya!   In support for their most recent album “ Matriarch” the band will be going on a 21 Show tour with the support of “ Revocation”, “ Oceano”, “Gift Giver”, and “ Entheos”.   The Matriarch tour presented by Metal Injection starts May 20th in Detroit, MI, and at this time ends on June 14th in Regina, SK. They have posted “ more dates TBA” so that’s great news as the tour could go on a little longer. I have the list of tour dates they have posted on their facebook page,  also check out their video for “ Mikasa” of the Matriarch album
Wed/May 20 – Detroit MI @ Crofoot
Thu/May 21 – Pittsburgh PA @ Altar Bar
Fri/May 22 – Rochester NY @ Waterstreet Music Hall
Sat/May 23 – Long Island NY @ Revolution
Sun/May 24 – Lancaster, PA @ Chameleon Club
Mon/May 25 – Richmond VA @ Canal Club
Tue/May 26 – Raleigh, NC @ Lincoln Theatre
Wed/May 27 – Birmingham AL @ Zydeco
Thu/May 28 – Jacksonville FL @ Underbelly
Fri/May 29 – Ft Lauderdale FL @ Culture Room
Sat/May 30 – Tampa FL @ State Theater
Tue/Jun 02 – El Paso TX @ Mesa Music Hall
Wed/Jun 03 – Tucson AZ @ The Rock
Thu/Jun 04 – Las Vegas NV @ Hard Rock
Sat/Jun 06 – Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades
Sun/Jun 07 – Portland OR @ Hawthorne Theatre
Mon/Jun 08 – Seattle WA @ Studio Seven
Thu/Jun 11 – Calgary AB @ The Republik
Fri/Jun 12 – Edmonton AB @ The Pawn Shop
Sat/Jun 13 – Regina SK @ The Exchange

Sun/ Jun 14 Winnipeg, MB @ The Pyramid Cabaret
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May 20th can’t come soon enough. @cattledecap

No not because its hump day, but because Cattle Decapitation posted there will be a new album anouncement as well as a new track. Who doesn’t love getting to hear a song or two before an album drops? If you have never heard them may I suggest listening to “Carbon Stampede” from their last album ” Monolith of inhumanity”    seriously take this song for a stroll. Make sure when you reach the 3:00 minute mark that you hide any breakables and other bodies  because you will want to be throwing some haymakers, and someone may end up spitting chicklets. Still not good enough for your liking? how about ” Regret and the Grave”

So get pumped up because @cattledecap is getting ready to bring it this Wednesday!

Monolith of inhumanity
Monolith of inhumanity

-Badger \m/

Psycroptic North American tour!

Metal Injection presents the Bloodletting North America tour. They are going on tour with  Arkiak, Ovid Withering and The Kennedy Veil. To be honest, I havent heard too much of the other bands, but Psycroptic I have heard, the album (Ob)Servant was great. 7/22/15 they will be playing at the Worcester Palladium in Worcester Massachusetts. The rest of the tour dates listed are here.

7/8 Los Angeles, CA – Los Globos *
7/9 Oakland, CA – Metro Opera House *
7/11 San Francisco, CA – Bay Area Deathfest @ Oakland Metro Operahouse
7/13 Seattle, WA – Studio Seven *
7/15 Denver, CO – Moon Room *
7/16 Kansas City, MO – Riot Room *
7/17 Chicago, IL – Reggie’s *
7/18 Columbus, OH – Al Rosa Villa *
7/19 Buffalo, NY – Broadway Joe’s *
7/20 Toronto, ON – Hard Luck Bar *
7/21 Montreal, QC – Petit Campus *
7/22 Worcester, MA – Palladium *
7/23 New York,NY – Black Bear Bar *
7/24 Clementon, NJ – Harper’s Pub *
7/26 Asheville, NC – New Mountain *
7/27 Tampa, FL – The Orpheum *
7/29 Austin, TX – Dirty Dog *
7/31 Albuquerque, NM – Blu Phoenix Venue *
8/1 Phoenix, AZ – Joe’s Grotto *