May 20th can’t come soon enough. @cattledecap

No not because its hump day, but because Cattle Decapitation posted there will be a new album anouncement as well as a new track. Who doesn’t love getting to hear a song or two before an album drops? If you have never heard them may I suggest listening to “Carbon Stampede” from their last album ” Monolith of inhumanity”    seriously take this song for a stroll. Make sure when you reach the 3:00 minute mark that you hide any breakables and other bodies  because you will want to be throwing some haymakers, and someone may end up spitting chicklets. Still not good enough for your liking? how about ” Regret and the Grave”

So get pumped up because @cattledecap is getting ready to bring it this Wednesday!

Monolith of inhumanity
Monolith of inhumanity

-Badger \m/

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