Sepultura, and Arsis at the Jewel night club in Manchester, NH?!?

So I just stumbled upon this gem of information. At the Jewel nightclub
( 61 Canal Street ) in Manchester May 31st will be Arsis and Sepultura. Arsis, who actually started out as a two man band and blew everyone who discovered them then ( myself included) away, will be playing with Sepultura. Now for fans of all ages reading this anyone can argue when Sepultura was the best line up  and when, for what album so on and so forth. Many of you may not have ever even seen them live. Here’s you chance to see them live. Now me personally I am a Max Cavalera fan, doesnt mean that Derrick Green is not good. he handles vox  right for them. I am also an Igor Cavalera fan however Elow Casagrande is a pretty good drummer. Maybe I am showing my age a bit, but I would still see Sepultura if given the chance. Arsis if you are unfamiliar had played this song on their debut album ” a celebration of guilt”  which they also re-recorded for a later album.  They also do not shy away from doing the occasional cover as you can see here they did Corey Harts hit Sunglasses at night;

So if you are a fan of either band, you are local to Manchester, NH or  really local to NH then May 31st, 2015 make it to the Jewel nightclub for your chance to see these bands in action.

-Badger \m/

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