Pennsylvania Blackened Death Duo Veilburner set to release new album “The Obscene Rite” Sept 30th

From its inception in 2014 Veilburner had set down a path to make music that would have an effect on the listeners. Taking them for a ride through the music all the ups and downs. Their debut album “The Three Lightbearers” did just that, but the two were ready for more and about a year later put out their sophomore album titled “Noumenon”

2016 is here, and they have their third installment of the Veilburner trilogy ready to be released. In just over a months time they will drop “The Obscene Rite” which will surely be an earthshattering album to wrap the trilogy up with. 

Here is the tracklist:

  1. Postmortem Exordium
  2. Necroquantum Plague Asylum
  3. Vaterchen
  4. Eucharist Of The Breathing Abyss
  5. Masquerade Macabre
  6. Baphometic Catalyst
  7. Dilemma Manifestation
  8. In The Revelations Of Bloodstained Void
  9. Phainops

Veilburner is:

Mephisto Deleterio – all music and backing vocals, recording and mixing  

Chrisom Infernium – all lyrics, main vocals, and album art

If you haven’t heard them before click HERE to listen to The Three Lightbearers, and Noumenon.

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Archaic Decapitator – Light of a Different Sun review 8/10

Archaic Decapitator

Light of a Different Sun

Kyle Quintin: Vocals

Craig Breitsprecher: Bass, Backing Vocals

Yegor Savonin: Lead Guitar

Will Jara: Rhythm Guitars

Anthony Douaihy: Drums





  1. Parasomniac

The song starts out with a simple introduction, right away the rhythm grabs a hold of you and you lock right into the groove. Full of blast beats and a catchy guitar riff, this beginning is great. I dig the short piano, melody before the vocals kick in. When the vocals do come in, the song gets heavier. I love the guitars at the 1:20 minute mark, the guitarists have great chemistry together, rhythm is keeping the groove going and then the lead is hitting us with that riff. This is a solid track and a great way to get introduced to their musical style. They even throw in a spoken word bridge that transitions to the next part of the song. This will have listeners moving their heads or tapping their feet. But before long the blast beats kick in and the song gets dark again. For me this is like listening to a band that was created by taking one part Opeth (My arms your hearse era) At the Gates, and adding some technical metal, and blending it all together. If this is song number one, I am very interested in what’s going to follow.


  1. Light Of A Different Sun

Love this song so far and its only twenty seconds in. It has a great beat, great energy, and the vocals come in exactly how you would expect them to. Right when the rhythm goes into playing triplets and the vocals are low and you can follow right along with the lines. “Awaiting the light of a different sun”. This song really has an old school feel to it, the basic rhythm is what reminds me of At The Gates, but then you get the guitars around the 2:57 mark that really make me think of Opeth style melodic guitar riffs/solos. The drums are so crisp and accent the solo well. I love the way they end the song, just continuing the rhythm, and keeping that infectious groove going to the very end. For the title track this song is awesome, it might be my favorite, but then again, I have heard the song premier for The Three Poisons, and that track rips.


  1. The Three Poisons

Holy shit this song starts out awesome, it has an introduction with the piano that eases the listener into the music. It slightly reminds me of the beginning of “Right Now” by Van Halen. It’s that piano melody that builds you up, and then the band takes over. The energy of the song skyrockets when the band joins in at the :38 second mark. Then you have that driving guitar rhythm setting things up for the blast beats. This song has hooks right from the get go. This song will have anyone listening to it, involuntarily head banging. This song rips, it is catchy as hell, and fun to listen to. Yes fun, because when listening to metal, it should be a fun experience. Playing air guitar or air drums rocking out along with the song, and this is a perfect example of a song that possess that quality. The song doesn’t ever give up the groove, all that happens is that with each transition, you go through the changes and then get hooked with the next riff in the song. I love the guitars at the 4:20 mark, with the piano playing, the guitars are driving hard, and then the solo at the 4: 40 mark, Is a soulful solo. When you hear it, you understand the simplicity and how it soars above this song with you hanging on every note.

If the intro got you hooked, well don’t worry, because they end the song in similar fashion.

if you haven’t heard the song already


  1. Cult Of Reanimators

This song starts out with guitars and drums trade off bars for the introduction and set the song up to be a fast, dark song.   I don’t know what I want to focus on first, the drums, the vocals, or the guitars. They all sound so damn good, and yet you just can’t get enough of the little things that each member brings to the table. Listen to the guitars at the 1:50 mark for the quick picking from the guitars. The vocals have this hauntingly dark and caustic sound right around the :45 second mark you will hear what I am talking about. This song is the best to follow up the Three Poisons with, since it is not as fast paced, but it doesn’t dull anything down either. It really has the same type of attack, but slightly slower allowing you to catch your breath and get acclimated to the music


  1. Face Of Asag

Well if there was ever a debate on what song they should end with, they got it right with this track. Just listen to the drum roll and guitar start things off, queuing the blast beats, and infectious rhythm. If you haven’t gotten hooked in these first thirty seconds you are not listening to the same thing I am. Right at the 21:59 mark the guys make the song go from being catchy, to becoming more of a full blown pandemic of killer riffs, blistering precise drums, and the vocals fit the song to a “T”. Right around the 4:30 mark the song continues to roll right along without any vocals until the last thirty seconds. But those last moments in the song will keep you rocking, and ready to hit the repeat button.


This E.P. was This E.P. was awesome, they really bring a lot to the table with this release. This is the first time I have heard Archaic Decapitator and I was blown away. Each song had little characteristics that flooded my mind at moments, such as Light of a different sun has the sound and  intensity with guitar riffs and solos that actually made me think of old Opeth. They are like a melodic, blackened, prog-tech-death band, however subgenre classification aside, they play some bad ass modern death with a blackened and old school feel to it as well. This is a stellar E.P. and I couldn’t think of giving it anything less than an 8/10 rating, this will impress anyone who listens to it. From death metal fans, to tech death fans this E.P. will fit into most any metal heads music collection.

You can also check out the premier for another track titled “Cult of Reanimators”

by clicking this link Decapitation-Cult of reanimators-\m/



 Check them out on  BANDCAMP


For more up to date news on these guys check out their FACEBOOK page


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Metal Drummer Spotlight: Philippe Tyrant Boucher

We are now in the month of May, and I wanted to touch base with  a drummer who has been a part of several amazing bands, and  has been heard playing drums on albums like Le dernier crépuscule by Chthe’ilist, and Earthborn Evolution by Beyond Creation. I had a chance to meet Philippe while he was on tour with Beyond Creation on the Infernus tour supporting Hate Eternal, with other bands on the tour being Misery Index, and Rivers of Nihil.

1)     So , Earthborn Evolution came out towards the end of 2014, however 2015 your band Beyond Creation did a great amount of touring. I can say it was very cool to see you guys live for my first time  on Oct 27th for the Infernus tour.  What was it like to be playing that many dates with   fellow drummers Adam Jarvis, Hannes Grossman, and Dylan Potts. For me that was a killer tour in regards to drumming. What was it like for you?

It was amazing, one of the craziest tours I did and honestly, each band and each drummer was very nice with me. I love Adam, Hannes and Dylan’s work, they are absolutely great drummer and they all have a good personality. We had so much funny moments and crazy nights on this tour, I’ll always remember it!

2)    While Beyond Creation made some big waves with Earthborn, Chthe’ilist put out   Le dernier crépuscule which in my opinion was also a killer release.  7 songs of some really dark, brutal tech death metal, is there any chance there will be any touring in support for this  release?

I hope to play more shows with Chthe’ilist because I really like this band. It feels good to play in an old school style of death metal; this genre is one of my favorite. I’m really busy with Beyond Creation so it’s kind of hard to book shows but everything is possible. We plan to do more shows near the end of the year or in the next one.

3)     What about the other bands you are a part of,  is there anything in the works for new material?

Yes of course, there’s a lot of work in progress! When I’m back from tours or shows with Beyond, I work on my other projects, especially Incandescence, it is my main project and accomplishment. I withdraw myself from the surrounding world, I follow my thoughts: I can do whatever I want in this band. I like to put some grooves and a little technicality in it even if it’s black metal music. I play the drums, guitars, bass and my very good friend is doing the vocals. We have a first album that we released back in the end of 2013. We just finished all the recordings for our second one. It might be release at the end of the year, I really look forward for this one to come out!

Décombres is more of a low-profile black metal project. I do the instrumental part as well as the vocals. I didn’t do any live performance yet and it pleases me like that. I released my first album and now I’m currently working on a second one. Stay tuned!

4)     Based on your drumming, you can play some really impressive and  precise technical drumming, what are some of your influences? I have to assume that hailing from the Quebec area that Flo Mounier could be one of them. Who else influenced you and your style?

Yes of course, Flo Mounier is probably the drummer who inspired me the most throughout the years. I am a fan of his intensity and the grooves that he creates. When I began to drums, my real first influence was Mike Portnoy. I appreciated his energy. Although, if I can talk of recent drummers, I would say that Frost (1349, Satyricon) inspired me a lot for extreme drumming. Hannes Grossnan is a great one too, George Kollias, Trey Williams (Dying Fetus), John Dolmayan (System of a down), John Longstreth (Origin), Buddy Rich, Tim Alexander (Primus), Inferno (Behemoth, Azarath), Patrice Hamelin (Martyr, Gorguts) and probably many more, are all inspiration.

5)     From what I can count you are playing the drums in a total of four bands, are there any other projects that you are working on that we might hear about in the near future?

From now, I’m alright with all these bands/projects haha. I recorded the new album of Vengeful, a death metal band from Montreal, it will be out soon. Bands are asking me for sessions and studio collaborations so you might hear from me a little bit more. Maybe someday I would like to start another project, something with a tiny touch of metal, something progressive with a taste of funk like a mix of Primus/Mastodon. Let’s be honest, this is really far from happening because I’m really busy with all the ideas I have for my current bands/projects.

6)     Aside from metal, what other styles of music do you enjoy playing?

I really like to play funk, prog, tribal, blues, rock. When I have time to play alone, I like to create some grooves that couldn’t work inside my bands, I like to push my creativity towards completely other genres.

7)     Any big plans for touring in 2016, or any big festivals that your bands will be playing?

We plan to do more tours for sure! Although, there’s nothing I can confirm yet.

8)     I find that more and more metal drummers are doing skype lessons, or dvds, digital videos. Is this something that you might entertain in the near future?

Yes of course, it’s hard to make it happens with all my projects but it’s certainly something that I want to start. To teach and to transmit my passion to others is something that I want to experience in my life.


So there you have it,  Philippe is a really cool guy that plays some mean drums, and with past bands like  First Fragment, and then current bands Beyond Creation, Chthe’ilist, Incandescance, and Décombres. His drumming is sure to impress many who have listened to any of these bands.

some live footage of Philippe

Fundemental process off Beyond Creation’s last album Earthborn Evolution


If you like what you hear, check out these links where you can purchase some of his music.

Beyond Creation on Bandcamp

Chthe’ilist on Profound Lore Records

Incandescence on BANDCAMP


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Currently listening to Unbowed’s new E.P. ” Dogma”

Looking for some killer melodic blackened death metal? How about some  great metal from Guelph, Ontario, Canada  if so then you need to listen to this single Besieged off their upcoming E.P.  that will be released this Friday



 February 12, 2016

Ioan Tetlow – Vocals
Alex Snape – Guitars, Bass, Programming, Backing Vocals





For up to date news about Unbowed check out their FACEBOOK PAGE

Pre-order the E.P. here


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Hammer Horde – Fed To The Wolves 9/10 review

Hammer Horde

Feds to the Wolves

Brock Bickelhaupt – Vocals

Derik Smith – Guitars/Vocals

Jayson Cessna – Drums

Ryan Mininger – Guitars

Jason Reynolds – Bass

Storm Surge Records
Pagan Metal / Melodic Death Metal


  1. Starborn

The song begins with a foreboding tone lingering for about ten seconds and then some melodic sounds start playing from the guitars and the percussion adding a dramatic feel to the song. This little intro plays out for just about a full minute, then they unleash upon you some serious speed, and blackened melodic metal. The blast beats and the guitars are tight, I am really enjoying the vocals as they come in. This is a solid track to start and album with. The even throw some falsetto vocals in the mix also which is a pleasant surprise. This is lie taking several different styles of metal and putting them into a centrifuge and pulling out only specific elements and utilizing them precisely. This is a six and a quarter minute long song filled with stellar guitar playing, solid drumming, and the vocals both main, and backing really pull it off.


  1. Tale Of The Wayward Voyager

This song starts out with fast guitars and drums right away with a melodic guitar riff being played over a driving rhythm guitar. This has a solid groove right out of the gate and this song you can really get into easily. It’s too early to call this a favorite, but it has all the makings of the album favorite. I hate to say it, but listening to this song, is like listening to what it would sound like if Cradle of Filth was actually good still. These guys are delivering that symphonic / melodic blackened metal without the theatrics.   This is such a good song, they even know when to play a simple and melodic guitar solo.


  1. Fed to the Wolves

The title track begins with some ominous sounds fading in and then the drums and guitars start in. The drums play a marching style cadence for a few bars and then the entire band joins in with a slower but really rock solid metal sound. I really like the section at the 1:45 mark, there is something about it that fits just right. I really dig the harmonizing guitars, the song as a whole has a tempo of around 110 BPM and is about 6:21 minutes in length every section is enjoyable for fans of heavy melodic metal.


  1. Unholy Harbingers Of War

A cool melodic guitar solo with some echo starts the song off luring you into a sense of a slower, calm and collected atmosphere. The drums roll right into a much faster tempo, delivering a whirlwind of guitars and blast beats, the vocals are great especially during the chorus sections when the darker lower vocals have a line, and then the backing vocals do clean gang vocals. This is very much a battle anthem, right around the 3:00 mark you will know what I am talking about. These guys do not let up on this one, this is a song that marches along and doesn’t not falter, or lose any of its momentum. Around the 4:20 section we get a great guitar solo, some serious shredding is happening here. This is an all-around rock solid song.


  1. Hail and Kill

This has a mysterious beginning, it goes from guitars and drums playing only on certain notes for accent. Then clean vocals singing with acoustic guitars playing a very melodic for the first 1:22 minutes of the song. Then the band comes in hard and fast with an explosion, blending clean and heavy vocals at times and trading off bars for other times. This is a very anthem sounding song, even going back to the blistering fast moments filled with blast beats and low growling vocals. This song is very enjoyable, with a great guitar solo, these guys are having fun, and playing a great metal tune. They do a great job with this Manowar cover, because of this cover, I could honestly see them pulling off other Manowar covers perfectly.


  1. Ortum Aurorae

For the first five seconds you can’t hear much except for an ominous tone, and then more and more the melodic key boards and orchestral sounding percussion and instruments fade in. The chugging guitar riff that follows adds some dimension before a melodic guitar and piano segment. This is really just a cool 1:31 minute long instrumental track.


  1. The Scourge Of Man

Ortum basically fades right into this fast paced metal masterpiece here. This song, sounds absolutely bad ass in the first thirty seconds played. This song has an insatiable rhythm and the groove is great, you will involuntarily fall into by head banging at the moment the first note plays through your headphones or speakers. This is my favorite song off of this album. The song really keeps you amped up until the very end where it slowly brings you down with the sound of a piano playing.


  1. As Embers Fade

Heavy guitar distortion and pounding drums being played in a way where certain notes are really being accented be it on the toms and bass and then the cymbals. This is like an instrumental track where it’s almost like a victory march in the way it sounds. This is not just an instrumental track to get you to enjoy the sounds of the instruments without vocals and lyrics. This is almost meant to give you a sense of satisfaction that you leave the battlefield alive and well being victorious in your conquests.

This was a great album, I had never heard this band before so I was really unsure of what I was getting into. They just gained a fan that’s for sure, they play some really fast, and infectious blackened melodic metal. This album really surprised me, I was expecting something along the lines of a Viking/folk metal sound, and that is not what came out of my speakers when I put the CD in. This album is easily rated at a 9/10 as every instrument, every moment is great its enjoyable, and powerful. I guarantee that popping this album in for a listen will blow your expectations away.




Check out the Hammer Horde Website

Check out Hammer Horde on Twitter

To download a digital copy or order a physical copy click here

Hammer Horde on soundcloud

Check Hammer Horde out on FACEBOOK

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Inquisition is in the studio and beging to record their 2016 release.

Inquisition have entered the studio and are recording their follow up album to their 2013 release ” Obscure Verses For The Multiverse” they are recording at the London Bridge Studio in Seattle Washington with Arthur Rizk.


To get you ready for their upcoming album, Stream Obscure Verses For The Multiverse



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Hothfest 2016 lineup and interview with Jamie

Hothfest- 2016

Maximum Capacity Chicopee, MA 01013



Metal Festivals happen every year all over the world, these festivals are one of the greatest shows metal heads end up going to. Getting a chance to see metal bands from all over at the same venue, be it an open air stadium, or other concert halls. Many metal heads like myself have great memories from going to big festivals, hearing and seeing bands we are stoked to see, to discovering bands that we had never heard before. In the Northeast U.S. there is really only one big festival that has been happening annually since 1999. But that is just not enough to satisfy the appetite of metal heads across the region. This is when a drummer and tattoo artist from the Massachusetts area decided he had waited long enough, and was going to take matters into his own hands. Jamie Cross came up with Hothfest last year and is doing it again this year around. Hothfest -2016 we will be witnessing 30 bands over the course of two days. To make things even better its on a weekend, Saturday and Sunday, that means for most you wont have to miss work to go to an awesome metal show.

I had the chance to talk to Jamie and ask him a few questions about Hothfest 2016 to get an idea,  what started it all, and what to expect.



Badger- So this is the second annual Hothfest, have you already noticed more exposure of this festival than when you did it last year?

 Jamie- A little bit, I mean I’m trying a bit harder, I went to other shows and have been passing out postcards to everybody. Of course there’s Facebook and doing the old school thing driving around and putting up flyers but I’m just hoping for the best. It should be good

 Badger- Yea I think so, and what prompted you to organize a metal festival in the first place?

 Jamie- When I did it last year I kind of did it just for fun and it turned out pretty good, and then I had bands from across the states offering to play so, I mean I probably had one hundred bands offer to play this year so I had to pick and choose but yea it’s awesome.

 Badger- That’s cool, that very promising now I am looking forward to 2017 already hearing that.

Jamie- I know right me too, I can’t wait

 Badger- So what has the general reaction been from the bands last year? Were you like reaching out to bands last year, and this year they are coming to you to do it?

 Jamie- Yea I reached out to a couple that played last year and they did well, and a lot were friends of bands so I had people say “ you gotta check out this band,” so I got a lot of that and bands started hitting me up offering to play, offering to get on it.

 Badger- Now here is a metal festival with  a lot of bands playing,  do you have any sponsors for this? Or is it all you?

 Jamie- No I do it all myself man,

Badger- That’s pretty cool, good for you man that’s awesome.

Jamie- Yea I just put like the music stores and logo on our artwork because they were letting me hang stuff up there to help out.

 Badger- Now do you have any times for what time the doors open and what time it’s going to run till on Saturday, and then the same for Sunday?

Jamie- Yea I am not positive on that last year doors opened at noon, and bands started at 1. So I’m assuming the same, I haven’t figured out the times yet, I have a few other shows going on right now also that I am working on.

 Badger- What other shows do you have going on?

Jamie- Well this Saturday I have what’s called jingle jam, it’s a toys for tots thing with 9 bands on that, it’s a metal show all ages two bucks bring a toy. It’s called jingle jam and there is a Facebook page for that too. I got a couple of tribute bands on that and some locals playing.

Badger- Any shows besides that one?

Jamie-Then after that, the next one is actually after Hothfest and its January 23rd and called musical masterpiece theater the art of the guitar edition. It’s going to be a metal show for the sickest guitar players. I have Mark Rizzo from Soulfly headlining, and then I have Dave Sharp and the Solar Power, a few other ones are going to be on that, and I am still waiting to hear back from them.

 Badger-So I know, I can’t remember where the venue was originally going to be, but was it a case of so many bands and people showing interest that caused the venue change?

Jamie- No actually something had happened and they switched owners so I am actually having shows there now. I had already moved it so we are going to keep it where it is (Maximum Capacity) I know the guy that owns it now so and they own both venues so I will be throwing shows at both venues. Yea I have a big summer show I throw that has about 30 bands called rocking on the river and it’s my birthday bash, and we have that at the waterfront. So I already booked that again this year.

Jamie-That one’s kind of like Hothfest but the summer instead. I do about four or five big shows a year, when bands play every weekend people sometimes don’t want to show up. So (with a big show they are more likely to show up)

Badger- yea I know my old band we would play the same club almost every weekend because we were tight with the owner. But we knew that some people didnt want to come and see us every Friday or Saturday, it is what it is, and you always have the group that wouldn’t miss a show for the world.

 Jamie- We have our first show in NH playing at the Shaskeen pub in Manchester. It’s January 2nd and I am pretty psyched because we haven’t played anywhere else except from around here so it should be fun.

 Jamie- We sound like COC and Pantera that who we get compared to all the time, two of my favorite bands so I will take that. We are half rock half metal so.

 Badger-Are there any updates you want the readers and local to know about this show? Your band? What you are putting into this, other stuff about you? I know you do tattoos so…?

 Jamie-Yea I own a tattoo studio, I do some work for bands cd artwork, t-shirt all that stuff. At the shows the background for Hothfest that’s one of my paintings I did I actually just got the posters in for Hothfest, so I will be driving around and hanging wherever places will let me.

 Bader- I know you had just done a painting event,

Jamie-Yea called who wants to paint with me. We had a blast, it was a lot of fun.

Badger-Is that something you think you will be doing more of?

Jamie-Yea every couple of months I am going to do it, this time around I am going g to limit it to around 25 people so I know and have them pay up front. We had a blast, listened to metal and local bands all night.

 Jamie-If I could add one more thing the band Defeated Sanity will be here all the way from Germany they haven’t been in the states for about 5 years. So that’s going to be a pretty cool deal that they are playing at Hothfest and they are bringing a band called Iniquitous Savagery from Scotland with them so we have this whole European/ UK tour coming this way and also a band from California, and then metal bands from NH, MA, Vermont pretty much everywhere around here.

Jamie- Dehumanized will headline Saturday, and carnivore will headline Sunday

Jamie-Sunday is more of a local thing, and closer, and the travelling bands are playing on Saturday.

 Badger-That’s pretty good planning, especially for like Defeated Sanity who are on tour. Thank you for setting up a sick metal festival, thanks for trying to keep the metal scene going around here, and thank you for the phone call.

Jamie- Cool thanks man.

So there you have it, I for one am looking forward to Hothfest 2016.

The set lists are TBA, however the lineups for both days are already determined;


Saturday January 9th


Immortal Suffering

Defeated Sanity



Iniquitous Deeds

Iniquitous Savagery

Torturous Inception



Assault on the Living

Open the Nile

Dream of Scipio

Forest of Remorse

To Kill Again



Sunday January 10th



City Of Homes

Western Massacre

Sevenday Curse -first show with new members


The Aberration

She Walks Without Legs


Oxblood Forge

Disguise The Curse

My Pet Carcass

One Ton Tommy Gun




If you want to check out the bands before the show, here are a list of their FB pages

Dehumanized (OFFICIAL)
Torturous Inception
Open The Nile
Western Massacre
Oxblood Forge
City of Homes
Sevenday Curse
One Ton Tommy Gun
To Kill Again
My Pet Carcass
The Aberration
Disguise the Curse
Forest of Remorse
Immortal Suffering
Assault on the Living
Dream of Scipio
Defeated Sanity official
Iniquitous Deeds
Iniquitous Savagery
She Walks Without Legs

Also check out the event page for Hothfest 2016


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Lurid Memory- Dematerializing album review 8.5/10

Lurid Memory


Aaron Ashby- Percussion
Floyd Winters-Bass guitars
Glen Davis- Lead Guitars
Oscar Padilla- Guitars and Vocals

zLurid Memory Promo

  1. Whispers in the Dark

Sounds of whispering voices fade in slowly, with the sound of a clock tower chiming, and then the guitars come in with a driving riff, and the second guitar playing just a few moments of the riff adding as accents. The vocals let out a growl and the whole band is in it at this point. It has a solid groove made up of some blackened death metal progression. I like the way they utilize whispering vocals at certain points. The guitar solo around the 1:45 minute mark is a melodic guitar solo layered over blast beats.   With an Allegro tempo this song keeps things moving quickly within the rhythm and really locks down a groove you can head bang to. The last thirty seconds of the song plays out with a heavy rhythm and a guitar solo with some concert hall echo going on.


  1. Fantasy of the Terminal Moment

I like the way they start the song off with a riff panned to the right and a guitar riff panned to the left for a few bars building up to the first verse. The vocals slightly remind me of Aborted in the sound of the vocal delivery. The sound is crisp and tight, I like the seamless change to an amped up section at the 1:41 minute mark giving you that energetic style provoking you to really get moving. This song has an infectious groove to it, and requires you to hit the repeat button. Make it to the 3:00 mark and they take it to the next level with heavy bass appearance, and a melodic feel, only to gift the listener with a guitar solo sequence and rolling double bass for that concrete layer. This song has quite a few changes, each one is awesome. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this song.


  1. Pangea

The guitars playout acoustically with the sound of wind and solitary isolation set up another acoustic riff rolling along at a nice pace building and growing. This is an instrumental track, but man is it badass. It’s simple, however it’s like something you would have heard from an early Opeth album. Solid acoustic instrumental contribution.


  1. I Too……

A driving guitar riff and intermittent bass build up to the first verse, of double bass rolling rhythm and a solid driving riff. Right at the :40 second mark we hear the first awesome change I love this style of metal, as they are progressing along, and delivering some blackened death metal with ferocity. All the while building songs up and then delivering a serene melodic section sometimes filled with acoustic guitars, followed by an electric guitar solo. This song may be my favorite track on the album, however at the rate these songs have been impressing me, and it’s too early since there is one track left to listen to.


  1. Dematerialized

The song fades in at a decent pace and we hear the band giving us some impressive playing abilities. I can’t say it enough, the changes that occur, always turn out to be just right. They go from one badass section in the song to the next section that registers a notch above on my badassometer. I can honestly see this band being able to pull of thirteen minute long songs like Opeth used to, and having every section be impressive. It’s apparent that all members are very talented at their instruments.



Since this was the first time I have even heard Lurid Memory, I can tell you I am impressed and therefore I am a fan now. I did not know what I was getting into when I hit the play button, but it’s good. It is really good, they are like a blackened progressive death metal band. The vocals remind me of Sven from Aborted at times, and their musical stylings bring back memories of Opeth’s “ My Arms your Hearse” album, as it is equal parts grueling metal, and melodic progressive metal. For fans of Cynic, Gorguts, Death, Morbid Angel and Opeth. This five song EP is worth the buy, and is easily a solid 8.5/10. They have a solid sound, every change being impressive, all members showcasing their talent, and the sound quality is great.

Here’s a little youtube clip for the song “I Too….”



Do yourselves a favor and check these guys out on  Facebook  and give them a like \m/

Then head on over to their   Bandcamp  page  and get the album.



-Badger \m/

Xul Malignance album review 7/10



Levi Meyers – Lead Vocals
Bill Ferguson – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Marlow Deiter – Bass
Wallace Huffman – Lead Guitar
Lowell Winters – Drums

  1. Battlestorm

Sounds of rain are heard for just a moment until Xul come in hard and fast with a gripping guitar riff, the vocals join in and they give us a classic death metal sound. The song has a groove, and it becomes more palpable around the 1:15 mark where you involuntarily begin taping your foot and/or head banging. A nice breakdown with the bass delivering a solid few bars sets things up for the first guitar solo of the album.

  1. Mastication of Putrescent Empyrean Remains

This starts out slow for the introduction that is until the band really kicks things off with a cool driving guitar riff and double bass. I dig the tempo change with the blast beats, and the change in vocals from the lows we have heard, to the higher style vocals. The guitars in this song are great, I like the riffs they are playing, even bringing some old school sound to table at times.

  1. Porta Noctis

A short sound that fades in right away to some blast beats and instant vocals makes for a great beginning. The drums delivering some rapid double bass and great use of the entire drum set, while the guitars are playing out some cool melodic yet heavy guitar riffs. This is a cool song, as it goes through several changes all the while keeping the song heavy and locking the listeners’ attention down.

  1. Vengeance

A grizzly vocalization starts things off, and change to almost a black metal sound, really giving this song a blackened death metal sound. The lyrics are absolutely hostile, and the song has a classic death sound to it. The blast beats are rock solid and the song transitions into a few bars of solid drums “vengeance shall be mine” and some impressive guitar riffs.

  1. Winters Reign

Now this song has a much more melodic metal sound to it with the use of keyboards, and a slower tempo. This song goes through many changes, from tempo to the sound, and all of them are enjoyable, making this instrumental track a solid song to the album.

  1. Hordes of Black

This song starts out slow with a dark atmosphere leaving a bit of mystery about it. It has a marching style beat that plays for a few bars before transitioning out of the heavy march style drum beat to a death metal style of the same tempo. The drums to a quick roll out and the tempo picks up big time with some blast beats and the vocals joining in for the verse. This song has a solid groove, really as a result of the guitar riffs during the drums delivering an onslaught of blast beats. Just before the 4:00 minute mark we hear a shredding guitar solo for a few bars, fades out and right back into some blast beats. This is a cool song for sure, I expect this will be one of the favorite songs off this album.

  1. Incinerate the Earth

This song starts out so badass, some vocals and then a punishing guitar riff setting things up for some crystal clear fast paced double bass rolling death metal rhythms. This song has a strong blackened death metal feel, and the vocals remind me that of Arsis. The guitars are kicking up some really crafty riffs effortlessly, they are quite impressive really, even the bass is heard showcasing their talent to keep that tempo fast, and the song brutal.

  1. Tomb of Tyrants

This song has a cool vibe to the timing, it’s a dark song and picks up to a quicker paced tempo. Blast beats and the low vocals, with higher more evil sounding vocals at the end of each bar give this song a cool vibe. The guitars create the groove for this song, I am really digging the guitar riff around the 3:00 minute mark, and again at the 5:00 minute mark. Right before the song ends it takes on a melodic feel for a few bars.

  1. Venomous Inquisition

This song has solid medium tempo for the first few bars, until the tempo doesn’t change but the rhythm does. This song has more of an old school death metal feel than the previous tracks. I like that the cymbals ring out crisp and clear, you can hear every cymbal strike. The song has a great groove to it and dizzying guitar riffs at times. The vocals giving the low style for the beginning of a bar, and then the higher delivery to round out the verse gives the song some interesting character.

This album is not too shabby, really giving you a blackened death metal feel, with hints of melodic metal, and showcases the talents of every members range and ability. This album is a solid effort, I feel as though it deserves 7/10 as it is definitely above average, and the sound quality was on point.

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-Badger \m/

Solium Fatalis- The Undying Season – album review


Solium Fatalis

The Undying Season



Jeff DeMarco-Vocals
Jim Gregory-Guitars
Ehren Hill-Guitars
Olivier Pinard-Bass
Flo Mounier-Drums

  1. To Deliver Us All

The album begins with this great inaugural track, the sound sample that eerily starts things off is like something out of an old horror movie. The band fades in right to an explosion of drums guitars and growling vocals. The song has a great rhythm, some mean verses, and the guitar solo around the halfway point is impressive. The song is blunt, no fluff, just straight up metal.

  1. Salient

This song has a cool perpetual guitar riff that begins the track, and a rhythm that delivers a indisputable groove. It has a bit of a slower feel for the majority of the song, but sinks its hooks right in you almost immediately. It just rocks the shit out of that groove for so long and then gifts we with some fast paced blasting towards the end of the song and one last line from the vocals.

  1. Monolith Of Internecion

A quick drum introduction opens the doors for a really cool rhythm and malevolent melody. The first verse begins with a hail of blast beats, and a driving guitar riff. The chorus is captivating and the guitar riff during the chorus builds up to the post chorus solo. This song is so concise and catchy you will find yourself moving, or head banging to the song involuntarily, and hoping for more.

  1. An Asylum For Penitence

At first we hear an admirable melodic guitar intro that sets things up for the door to be kicked in with a heavy hitting rhythm and menacing vocals. I am really digging this song, the beginning was such a harmonious melody, and then the band joins in. My first reaction was to clap and throw up the metal horns. These guys took me by surprise with this one, and it’s only a third of the way through. This song is like walking through several mysterious doors to end up in the same spot you were in before. Each door is a subtle change and then goes right back to the infectious melodic groove. I fight the urge to say this is my album favorite because it’s just too early to say, but damn is this a solid song that will cause listeners to have that “Fuck yeah” moment. I undeniably listened to this song again due to it being such a good tune.

  1. Corporeal Form

Damn they do not waste any time with this song, growls and ripping drums right out of the gate. I like the guitar riff that plays before the first verse, it sets the verse up well. It has a solid tempo and delivers a satisfying groove leading up to a solo around the mid-point of the song. I really like the tail end of the solo and how it comes out and begins the transition for the last verse of the song. The song ends with a cool subtle guitar riff that fades the song out.

  1. Contagion

Heavy buzz saw distortion and a mean riff begin this song for a few bars and then we get hit with some blast beats from Flo setting things up for the first verse. It has a great tempo, and I can’t stress enough this group really lays down a groove for the listener. There are plenty of bands not just metal that do not build the song structure with a groove. I find these guys make sure to give the listener something to get locked into, something to head bang to, to move to. This song in particular easily encourages the listener to break out the air drums, or air guitar. True to the name of this song, it is contagious from the very first note.

  1. Paths To Obliteration

This song rips right into you with its beginning rhythm, the first verse is solid and straight to the point going back into that killer rhythm again. The song is exactly what you would expect from the title of it. There is nothing more enjoyable than a metal song that seems to get right down to a perfect execution and is unwavering in its brutality. This song is 3:09 minutes of precision melodic death metal.

  1. Corruptor

This song begins with a pleasant melody and a grand rhythm, short and simple verses, and I must say the changes that we see throughout this song leave the listener looking forward to what’s next. This song has a solid groove and has absolutely no fillers. It is straight to the point death metal that leaves you wanting more.

  1. The Undying Season

The title track is here and leaves nothing to chance with this one. Great guitar riff right from the beginning really lays down that groove I have been talking about. The first verse is solid and comes out of it with some really menacing blast beats and guitar shredding. The song just keeps raising the bar after every section, not to mention the whirlwind of a guitar solo around the 2:15 minute mark. This song has so much to offer, and really does a great job maintaining that groove you can follow and enjoy.

All in all this is one of those moments when you hear something for the first time and it blows you away your expectations. The sound quality is great, and there wasn’t one single song that I felt like I wanted to skip and see what’s next. This is a solid melodic death metal album that I can see many enjoying and moving to that contagious groove Solium Fatalis delivered in pretty much every song.  By the sounds of it this album was written for most every metal fan looking for something heavy and melodic to enjoy any time and anywhere. I found myself really enjoying every song and every transition. I give this album an 9/10, and highly suggest readers to check this band out and buy the album. The good news is by the looks of things, if you are like me and are wanting some more, they not only have an earlier album on their bandcamp page. But they are rumored to be working on new material.

To give you a little taste of Solium Fatalis  here is a playthrough video of Jim Gregory playing the guitar for ” Monolith of Internecion”

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Pick up “The Undying Season” today at their Bandcamp page.

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