Archaic Decapitator – Light of a Different Sun review 8/10

Archaic Decapitator

Light of a Different Sun

Kyle Quintin: Vocals

Craig Breitsprecher: Bass, Backing Vocals

Yegor Savonin: Lead Guitar

Will Jara: Rhythm Guitars

Anthony Douaihy: Drums





  1. Parasomniac

The song starts out with a simple introduction, right away the rhythm grabs a hold of you and you lock right into the groove. Full of blast beats and a catchy guitar riff, this beginning is great. I dig the short piano, melody before the vocals kick in. When the vocals do come in, the song gets heavier. I love the guitars at the 1:20 minute mark, the guitarists have great chemistry together, rhythm is keeping the groove going and then the lead is hitting us with that riff. This is a solid track and a great way to get introduced to their musical style. They even throw in a spoken word bridge that transitions to the next part of the song. This will have listeners moving their heads or tapping their feet. But before long the blast beats kick in and the song gets dark again. For me this is like listening to a band that was created by taking one part Opeth (My arms your hearse era) At the Gates, and adding some technical metal, and blending it all together. If this is song number one, I am very interested in what’s going to follow.


  1. Light Of A Different Sun

Love this song so far and its only twenty seconds in. It has a great beat, great energy, and the vocals come in exactly how you would expect them to. Right when the rhythm goes into playing triplets and the vocals are low and you can follow right along with the lines. “Awaiting the light of a different sun”. This song really has an old school feel to it, the basic rhythm is what reminds me of At The Gates, but then you get the guitars around the 2:57 mark that really make me think of Opeth style melodic guitar riffs/solos. The drums are so crisp and accent the solo well. I love the way they end the song, just continuing the rhythm, and keeping that infectious groove going to the very end. For the title track this song is awesome, it might be my favorite, but then again, I have heard the song premier for The Three Poisons, and that track rips.


  1. The Three Poisons

Holy shit this song starts out awesome, it has an introduction with the piano that eases the listener into the music. It slightly reminds me of the beginning of “Right Now” by Van Halen. It’s that piano melody that builds you up, and then the band takes over. The energy of the song skyrockets when the band joins in at the :38 second mark. Then you have that driving guitar rhythm setting things up for the blast beats. This song has hooks right from the get go. This song will have anyone listening to it, involuntarily head banging. This song rips, it is catchy as hell, and fun to listen to. Yes fun, because when listening to metal, it should be a fun experience. Playing air guitar or air drums rocking out along with the song, and this is a perfect example of a song that possess that quality. The song doesn’t ever give up the groove, all that happens is that with each transition, you go through the changes and then get hooked with the next riff in the song. I love the guitars at the 4:20 mark, with the piano playing, the guitars are driving hard, and then the solo at the 4: 40 mark, Is a soulful solo. When you hear it, you understand the simplicity and how it soars above this song with you hanging on every note.

If the intro got you hooked, well don’t worry, because they end the song in similar fashion.

if you haven’t heard the song already


  1. Cult Of Reanimators

This song starts out with guitars and drums trade off bars for the introduction and set the song up to be a fast, dark song.   I don’t know what I want to focus on first, the drums, the vocals, or the guitars. They all sound so damn good, and yet you just can’t get enough of the little things that each member brings to the table. Listen to the guitars at the 1:50 mark for the quick picking from the guitars. The vocals have this hauntingly dark and caustic sound right around the :45 second mark you will hear what I am talking about. This song is the best to follow up the Three Poisons with, since it is not as fast paced, but it doesn’t dull anything down either. It really has the same type of attack, but slightly slower allowing you to catch your breath and get acclimated to the music


  1. Face Of Asag

Well if there was ever a debate on what song they should end with, they got it right with this track. Just listen to the drum roll and guitar start things off, queuing the blast beats, and infectious rhythm. If you haven’t gotten hooked in these first thirty seconds you are not listening to the same thing I am. Right at the 21:59 mark the guys make the song go from being catchy, to becoming more of a full blown pandemic of killer riffs, blistering precise drums, and the vocals fit the song to a “T”. Right around the 4:30 mark the song continues to roll right along without any vocals until the last thirty seconds. But those last moments in the song will keep you rocking, and ready to hit the repeat button.


This E.P. was This E.P. was awesome, they really bring a lot to the table with this release. This is the first time I have heard Archaic Decapitator and I was blown away. Each song had little characteristics that flooded my mind at moments, such as Light of a different sun has the sound and  intensity with guitar riffs and solos that actually made me think of old Opeth. They are like a melodic, blackened, prog-tech-death band, however subgenre classification aside, they play some bad ass modern death with a blackened and old school feel to it as well. This is a stellar E.P. and I couldn’t think of giving it anything less than an 8/10 rating, this will impress anyone who listens to it. From death metal fans, to tech death fans this E.P. will fit into most any metal heads music collection.

You can also check out the premier for another track titled “Cult of Reanimators”

by clicking this link Decapitation-Cult of reanimators-\m/



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