Lurid Memory- Dematerializing album review 8.5/10

Lurid Memory


Aaron Ashby- Percussion
Floyd Winters-Bass guitars
Glen Davis- Lead Guitars
Oscar Padilla- Guitars and Vocals

zLurid Memory Promo

  1. Whispers in the Dark

Sounds of whispering voices fade in slowly, with the sound of a clock tower chiming, and then the guitars come in with a driving riff, and the second guitar playing just a few moments of the riff adding as accents. The vocals let out a growl and the whole band is in it at this point. It has a solid groove made up of some blackened death metal progression. I like the way they utilize whispering vocals at certain points. The guitar solo around the 1:45 minute mark is a melodic guitar solo layered over blast beats.   With an Allegro tempo this song keeps things moving quickly within the rhythm and really locks down a groove you can head bang to. The last thirty seconds of the song plays out with a heavy rhythm and a guitar solo with some concert hall echo going on.


  1. Fantasy of the Terminal Moment

I like the way they start the song off with a riff panned to the right and a guitar riff panned to the left for a few bars building up to the first verse. The vocals slightly remind me of Aborted in the sound of the vocal delivery. The sound is crisp and tight, I like the seamless change to an amped up section at the 1:41 minute mark giving you that energetic style provoking you to really get moving. This song has an infectious groove to it, and requires you to hit the repeat button. Make it to the 3:00 mark and they take it to the next level with heavy bass appearance, and a melodic feel, only to gift the listener with a guitar solo sequence and rolling double bass for that concrete layer. This song has quite a few changes, each one is awesome. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this song.


  1. Pangea

The guitars playout acoustically with the sound of wind and solitary isolation set up another acoustic riff rolling along at a nice pace building and growing. This is an instrumental track, but man is it badass. It’s simple, however it’s like something you would have heard from an early Opeth album. Solid acoustic instrumental contribution.


  1. I Too……

A driving guitar riff and intermittent bass build up to the first verse, of double bass rolling rhythm and a solid driving riff. Right at the :40 second mark we hear the first awesome change I love this style of metal, as they are progressing along, and delivering some blackened death metal with ferocity. All the while building songs up and then delivering a serene melodic section sometimes filled with acoustic guitars, followed by an electric guitar solo. This song may be my favorite track on the album, however at the rate these songs have been impressing me, and it’s too early since there is one track left to listen to.


  1. Dematerialized

The song fades in at a decent pace and we hear the band giving us some impressive playing abilities. I can’t say it enough, the changes that occur, always turn out to be just right. They go from one badass section in the song to the next section that registers a notch above on my badassometer. I can honestly see this band being able to pull of thirteen minute long songs like Opeth used to, and having every section be impressive. It’s apparent that all members are very talented at their instruments.



Since this was the first time I have even heard Lurid Memory, I can tell you I am impressed and therefore I am a fan now. I did not know what I was getting into when I hit the play button, but it’s good. It is really good, they are like a blackened progressive death metal band. The vocals remind me of Sven from Aborted at times, and their musical stylings bring back memories of Opeth’s “ My Arms your Hearse” album, as it is equal parts grueling metal, and melodic progressive metal. For fans of Cynic, Gorguts, Death, Morbid Angel and Opeth. This five song EP is worth the buy, and is easily a solid 8.5/10. They have a solid sound, every change being impressive, all members showcasing their talent, and the sound quality is great.

Here’s a little youtube clip for the song “I Too….”



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-Badger \m/

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