Xul Malignance album review 7/10



Levi Meyers – Lead Vocals
Bill Ferguson – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Marlow Deiter – Bass
Wallace Huffman – Lead Guitar
Lowell Winters – Drums

  1. Battlestorm

Sounds of rain are heard for just a moment until Xul come in hard and fast with a gripping guitar riff, the vocals join in and they give us a classic death metal sound. The song has a groove, and it becomes more palpable around the 1:15 mark where you involuntarily begin taping your foot and/or head banging. A nice breakdown with the bass delivering a solid few bars sets things up for the first guitar solo of the album.

  1. Mastication of Putrescent Empyrean Remains

This starts out slow for the introduction that is until the band really kicks things off with a cool driving guitar riff and double bass. I dig the tempo change with the blast beats, and the change in vocals from the lows we have heard, to the higher style vocals. The guitars in this song are great, I like the riffs they are playing, even bringing some old school sound to table at times.

  1. Porta Noctis

A short sound that fades in right away to some blast beats and instant vocals makes for a great beginning. The drums delivering some rapid double bass and great use of the entire drum set, while the guitars are playing out some cool melodic yet heavy guitar riffs. This is a cool song, as it goes through several changes all the while keeping the song heavy and locking the listeners’ attention down.

  1. Vengeance

A grizzly vocalization starts things off, and change to almost a black metal sound, really giving this song a blackened death metal sound. The lyrics are absolutely hostile, and the song has a classic death sound to it. The blast beats are rock solid and the song transitions into a few bars of solid drums “vengeance shall be mine” and some impressive guitar riffs.

  1. Winters Reign

Now this song has a much more melodic metal sound to it with the use of keyboards, and a slower tempo. This song goes through many changes, from tempo to the sound, and all of them are enjoyable, making this instrumental track a solid song to the album.

  1. Hordes of Black

This song starts out slow with a dark atmosphere leaving a bit of mystery about it. It has a marching style beat that plays for a few bars before transitioning out of the heavy march style drum beat to a death metal style of the same tempo. The drums to a quick roll out and the tempo picks up big time with some blast beats and the vocals joining in for the verse. This song has a solid groove, really as a result of the guitar riffs during the drums delivering an onslaught of blast beats. Just before the 4:00 minute mark we hear a shredding guitar solo for a few bars, fades out and right back into some blast beats. This is a cool song for sure, I expect this will be one of the favorite songs off this album.

  1. Incinerate the Earth

This song starts out so badass, some vocals and then a punishing guitar riff setting things up for some crystal clear fast paced double bass rolling death metal rhythms. This song has a strong blackened death metal feel, and the vocals remind me that of Arsis. The guitars are kicking up some really crafty riffs effortlessly, they are quite impressive really, even the bass is heard showcasing their talent to keep that tempo fast, and the song brutal.

  1. Tomb of Tyrants

This song has a cool vibe to the timing, it’s a dark song and picks up to a quicker paced tempo. Blast beats and the low vocals, with higher more evil sounding vocals at the end of each bar give this song a cool vibe. The guitars create the groove for this song, I am really digging the guitar riff around the 3:00 minute mark, and again at the 5:00 minute mark. Right before the song ends it takes on a melodic feel for a few bars.

  1. Venomous Inquisition

This song has solid medium tempo for the first few bars, until the tempo doesn’t change but the rhythm does. This song has more of an old school death metal feel than the previous tracks. I like that the cymbals ring out crisp and clear, you can hear every cymbal strike. The song has a great groove to it and dizzying guitar riffs at times. The vocals giving the low style for the beginning of a bar, and then the higher delivery to round out the verse gives the song some interesting character.

This album is not too shabby, really giving you a blackened death metal feel, with hints of melodic metal, and showcases the talents of every members range and ability. This album is a solid effort, I feel as though it deserves 7/10 as it is definitely above average, and the sound quality was on point.

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-Badger \m/

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