Thulnar- Nightfall In Theros E.P. Review 7/10


Nightfall In Theros

Darken (Diego Vacchiano) – all musics & lyrics
Elric Blackcrow – vocals

Choir – Kostas Tokas, Jon Soti, Alexandros Papandreou, Alexandros Korovesis, Anna Capone Papas
Drums – Baron Waldemanr
Guitars – Zac Armgard
Guest Lead Vocals – Aaron Cloutier

  1. Wise Men Of Hope

This song starts out with a strong melodic power metal feel, keyboards and guitars with a simple but strong beat. Vocals are better than what I was expecting, and the chorus is quite catchy. The song is pretty damn good surprisingly enough. They are listed as “fantasy metal” and as often as I see sub genres and what people call a certain genre of metal this seems to fit. They are like a crossover between Children of Bodom, and Dragonforce, but here is the kicker it is ( as far as I have seen) only two members. They have a big sound and this is a solid song filled with great guitars, and keyboards, the drums are solid and the song has appropriate solos also.

  1. Nightfall In Theros

This song begins very calm with the sound of bells, and timpani drums, with what sounds like an orchestra playing with a powerful emotion and a triumphant crescendo before dropping down and then the vocals come in with a choir sound setting. The song has a good medium tempo and is so very easily to follow. I like the guitars and the drums how they are not trying to be flashy, they are playing a solid rhythm and melody, while the background orchestral sounds compliment the rhythm section. Vocals are great for this type of sound, and the song is over before you know it only to leave you wishing for a bit more.

  1. City Of The Golden Halls

This song also builds up in the beginning fading in to the same sound as the previous track with a faster tempo, it has the orchestra and choir type of sound while a driving guitar riff and drums keep the beat going, and this song sounds less and less of a metal song but more like a hymn with its multiple verse sections and then melodic sections that transition from one verse to the next.

This one is a bit hard to give a detailed rating as it is only a three song E.P. however what they came to do is play metal, that’s melodic, heavy, and brings imagery of fantasy and wonderment to the listener. It is better than average, and therefore I have to say this gets a 7/10 because the sound was great, the music composition was great, and they are not trying to do the popular thing right now. They are playing their own style of metal and it is good.

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-Badger \m/

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