Escarnium- Godless Shrine Of Decay Album Review 8/10


Godless Shrine of Decay

VICTOR ELIAN – Vocals Guitars


  1. Radioactive Doom

This song goes into blast beats and death metal right away with a growl from the vocals. This is some heavy hitting stuff right here, I like it, they really capture the brutally heavy death metal with a section of some low and slow rhythm with a guitar solo coming out of it. The song goes right back to the blast beats and heavy hitting brutal beat for the last few bars of the song.


  1. Genocide Ritual

This song is heavy from the very moment it begins, with a cool guitar riff that sets up a groove. You can really get into this song, it has some old school flavor to it and crushes with its heavy hitting rhythm. At about three minutes long the song is pretty straight to the point without any filler. Its heavy, has a groove, and keeps it going until the very end.


  1. Human Waste

This song has a little drum beat to start the song off, and then a few bars of double bass and guitars they set things up for the vocals. The song picks up in tempo for the first verse, really giving an old school death metal feel. I dig it, it has a groove and isn’t trying to be over technical or fancy. Just old school heavy death metal from start to finish.


  1. Excruciating Existence

This song starts with a quick little drum roll out and goes right into a low growl and heavy buzz saw guitar distortion with a cool groove. The old school death metal sound is great, they aren’t trying to do the popular thing of the week here. They seem to want to play old school death metal.


  1. Salvation Through Zyklon B

This song starts out with some noise/ static and then guitars fade in, the drums roll out right into blast beats and the vocals start growling away. This has a great tempo, and groove about it, making this song very easy to head bang into. I am enjoying the drum and bass solo around the 1:22 mark. This is another solid old school death metal song for fans of Suffocation, and Incantation.


  1. Nuclear Burial

This song fades into a guitar riff that has that classic distortion sound, and the drums playing exactly how you would be expecting. The song really grooves, and they take it to another level right around the 2:09 minute mark with a bass solo and then a pit destroying section that lasts just shy of sixty seconds and then goes into a guitar solo. This is a rock solid track and may be a fan favorite.

  1. Self Proclaimed Messiah

This song starts out with a on the drums and then the rest of the band joins in with a thick chugging style rhythm. This is a low and slow chugging train of death metal. That is up until the 1:30 mark when they pick up the pace and play some power chords and blast beats during the verses. Around the 3:20 minute mark the guitars kill it with a guitar solo that is simply stated classic. It has a classic death metal sound, and further adds to the enjoyment of this song and its old school sound. The last minute of this song is absolutely decimating, and filled with a groove you can get into before it ends.



  1. 731

A sound clip of someone speaking at a podium for about eight seconds opens this song up for the band in which they come in full throttle without wasting anytime getting into some brutal death grooves. This song is awesome, they hit this one out of the park. It has a solid beat, a quick tempo, and a groove from the moment they begin to play.


  1. Death Metal Terror

I like how this song starts out, it builds up for a few bars and goes into a blast beat filled section to kick off the first verse. The verse is solid mid-tempo and lasts only a few bars before going into a chorus section riddled with blasts. Around the 2:00 minute mark the song takes things to the next level with the chugging riff really locking down a groove and is absolutely perfect to head bang and move to. I know I am not through the album yet, but this may be my personal favorite track. If you haven’t heard Escarnium and you want to sample them with one song, I would pick this. You know exactly what you are getting yourself into, and it is a great listen.


  1. Covered in Decadence

This starts out with some vocals and a quick set up of blasts and the guitar playing some chords for a few bars, but take it down in tempo to give it that punching heavy death roll and sets up the first verse. I like the backing vocals on this track as they seem to shadow the main vocals, giving the song some depth vocally. The band really delivers great sound from the guitars, not many are playing the old school death metal like this these days, and Escarnium are doing it right.

  1. Rex Verminorum

This song has a slower start with a nice introduction from the band just jamming out some death metal for just shy of one minute and then rolls right into a quicker tempo and some blasting metal. This song is just a solid rolling death metal song that is to the point and rocks a solid groove.


  1. Dark Clouds Of Hells Fire

This song starts out with a 1234 on the kick and muted cymbal followed by a real mean guitar riff. The sound of the ride, where the quarter notes pinging on the bell of the ride. This is like going back to the early nineties death metal scene when the sound was blunt and fierce. The music had a take no prisoners attitude, and the sound was crisp with buzz saw distortion to the guitars. The rhythm was concrete and everyone listening would be head banging at the same time. This song is a perfect example of that, and they really pull it off.


  1. Slaves of an Ending Fate

A cool little drum intro kicks things off for a relentless guitar riff that plays out during the first verse and lasts just shy of a minute. They slow things down a bit at the 1:38 mark and brings it down to a slow churn with haunting sound from the guitar and vocals. They start to bring the song back up with the next section of the song, then further builds to the original tempo with a hearty amount of double bass and also blast beats, with the guitar riff we witnessed at the beginning of the track.


  1. His Final March

The song starts out with sounds clip of a man speaking in a foreign language, and then a layer of pure evil vocals speaking what would sound like ritualistic chanting from a demon. The band fires up with a driving guitar riff and drums going from a quick set up to some rapid blasting death metal. The first verse follows a guitar riff that delivers a groove along with the classic death metal distortion sound. This is yet another song really rocking the old school death metal sound and really being able to pull it off effortlessly with grace.


  1. Enfeeblement nd Iconoclasm

With this many tracks sometimes I like to leave one a mystery, this is that track and all I will tell you, is that it is fucking awesome.


  1. Bonus- Covered In Decadence DEMO

This is the demo version of the tenth track on this album, and it shows the listeners what they are bringing to the table as a demo version, you will be surprised because the sound quality is great. This really showcases the diligence of this band and how far they are going with things before it becomes a final product.


These guys come in to play death metal and that’s what they do. They aren’t trying to re-invent the wheel, they want to play brutal old school death metal, locking down a groove that so many bands aren’t doing these days and really keeping things simple. From the first track to the last they deliver soul crushing brutal old school death metal like a well-oiled machine firing on all cylinders and hammering out a punishment without any hang-ups. This album is rock solid and is easily 8/10, fans of old school death metal will thoroughly enjoy this album.



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