The Devil’s Due- December 28th- Corps Sans Organes- Deleuze Edition 8/10\m/

Corps Sans Organes

Deleuze Edition


Released May 22, 2016

Jeisson G. Ospina (Guitar & Vocals)

Camilo Castañeda (Bass)

 Sánder Bermúdez (Drums)

Today the Devil took us to Columbia, Bogota Columbia that is and fuck yeah we’re glad to have gotten this album to listen to. They have this tech-death style of their own with vocals that have an unorthodox style but it works. This is the first time I have ever heard them. The Plane of Consistency starts out with a melodic intro for just shy of sixty seconds and then they kick into tech death mode. Solid blasts coming from Sánder’s snare.  But shit, War On The Organs is a fucking killer track. That’s the track that really grabbed my attention. The Plane of Consistancy is a great track to start the album with, but they followed up hard with War on The Organs.  I hear those vocals and I just know that for some people they might not be appealing but I actually like them. Jeisson showcases his talent with the guitar riffs and solo’s he plays throughout the album. And also the different styles, you can hear many elements blending into the music and I want to hear more.    Desiring-Machines is another solid track I mean with each track I find that I like them more and more. They are something different, and I like different. Especially when it has a lot of talent behind the music, and the production quality is great. They did an all-around impressive job with this album. Some of our favorite tracks include: War On The Organs, A Long Procession, and they end on a high note with The Indefinite Article. 8/10 \m/


Corps-sans-Orgnanes’ first full-length album “Deleuze Edition” | Produced by Jeisson G. Ospina & Camilo Castañeda | Recorded and mixed by Sánder Bermúdez at SoundTech Studios. Bogotá, Colombia

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