The Devil’s Due- December 27th- Unfathomable Ruination- Finitude Review 8/10 \m/

Unfathomable Ruination




Released August 31, 2016

Ben Wright- Vocals
Daniel Herrera- Guitars
Ross Piazza- Guitars
Federico Benini- Bass
Doug Anderson- Drums




Today the Devil dropped this in our lap and we were thrilled to give this one a spin. Finitude delivers the brutality which is typical from the UK based death metal outfit Unfathomable Ruination. This album kicks ass, and is exactly what I had come to expect from these guys. They open with Pestilential Affinity which is a flurry of gravity blasts for a few bars on and off, but really setting the pace. Which is fucking fast and heavy as hell. The sound quality is great, absolutely top notch, and the guys really gave it their all. They continue track after track to deliver something heavy and fresh while you can hear and distinguish several influences throughout the music. Thy Venomous Coils is another track that comes out of the gate with a sick guitar line and the drums really set up the beginning of the song. By the time the verse starts and the drums are blasting I was hooked, now add the vocals and they come in with a groove. But the way that song ends is fucking brutal and is undeniably catchy. they have a strong formula that works because for every bit of heavy that they are, they have other elements that are just as appealing.  I really dig Finitude which is their second full length album. Having been together as a band since 2010 they have put out two E.P.’s and now 2 full length albums.  All I can say is they fucking nailed it with this album. Highlight tracks include; Thy Venomous Coils, Nihilistic Theorem, and the album ending opus Forge of Finitude. We have enjoyed everything Unfathomable Ruination has put out to date, but this album is simply solidifying their grip on death metal brutality.  8/10\m/




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-Badger \m/

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