The Devil’s Due- December 29th Barishi- Blood From The Lions Mouth- 9/10\m/


Blood from the Lion’s Mouth


Released September 16, 2016

Sascha Simms

Graham Brooks
Jonathan Kelley

 Dylan Blake


Today is the day the devil came to us with “Blood From The Lion’s Mouth” by Vermont natives Barishi.  They give themselves a brand of metal they call gritty progressive metal. And there is no better name for what they sound like. I got a chance to see them in Peterborough NH at The Wreck Room with WRVTH and they fucking killed it. It was the first time I had heard these guys and I’m glad I went to that show. Because they are going to be making waves as more people take a listen to this album. The vocalist gets 10000% into his lyrics and the music. They put on an awesome show, and the music on this album is thick with groove and powerfully infectious vocals. They start out with Grave of the Creator and that track will hook you almost immediately. I really enjoy the direction they went with for the next track which happens to be the title track. It’s a bit of a slower paced song, but man they have this groove about their music. It will get you moving, it’s a mesmerizing brand of metal. It’s something you can listen to at any time and enjoy it, because it’s got really catchy rhythms and the vocals push a boundary not many cross. Sascha has this different persona when on the mic. The music washes over him and he connects on a different level and projects his haunting and raw vocals with a certain flow. Between Graham’s guitar and jobs bass they are on equal planes. Neither of them cancel the other out, they are perfectly blended and the tone is superb. Dylans drums are the final piece to the equation that makes this band a winning team. They have this style and it’s a raw, unfiltered progressive metal that you just don’t hear. They hail from Brattleboro, Vermont and really nailed it with this album. There are so many good tracks to call favorites and hard at the same time because each track has its own DNA and personality. Bonesetter is very much different from the title track. We love this album, it is one of our favorites of 2016 and you really should check this album out if you want to hear something cool and different, full of groove, and chilling raw vocals. 9/10 \m/



Here’s an older video but to give you and idea of the live shows.

If you like what you hear click here and grab this awesome album.

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Photos –Morgan Day Photography



-Badger \m/

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