The Devil’s Due- December 24th Unmerciful- Ravenous Impulse 8/10 \m/


Ravenous Impulse


Released July 22, 2016

Clinton Appelhanz-guitars
Kris Bolton-vocals
Jeremy Turner-bass
Justin Payne-guitars

John Longstreth- Drums


Today the Devil himself has brought us Ravenous Impulse, the second full length album by KS death metal bastards Unmerciful. Now they have already been able to establish a name for themselves and in turn built a fan base. But what triggered my radar was John Longstreth on the drums for this fucking awesome album. You know,  of Origin fame, yea the guy is a fucking beast on the drums. so it was no surprise that this album was going to have some killer blasting death overflowing and bursting at the seams. They  deliver again and again, this album is great with tracks like Kill Reflex, Abscission, Kingdom of Serpents, and ending the album with Methodic Absolution it’s a no brainer why this album with all it has to offer is one of the top albums of 2016. We enjoyed  Unmerciful a lot in 2016 and why we felt this album is a 8/10\m/



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-Badger \m/

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