The Devil’s Due- December 23rd- Cognitive “Deformity” Album review 9/10 \m/




 Released October 28, 2016

Jorel Hart-Vocals
Rob Wharton- Guitars
Harry Lannon-Lead Guitars
Armen Koroghlian-Drums
Ian Bainbridge-Bass


Today the devil has brought us “deformity, the sophomore album by New Jersey’s slamming death act Cognitive.  The album begins with a solid introductory track, filled with gruesome riffs, a hearty helping of blast beats, and samples to set the scene. By the time you get to the second track off this stellar album, you may have already decided that you were intrigued and ready to listen to what these guys are going to pull off. Well Birthing The Deformity is a cool track t follow up Awakening The Miscreation. Haunted justice is a solid track, but possibly my favorite track comes in fourth on the track list.  And that is Beneath The Floorboards. I really dig this track as it has gotten the most plays out of the album. But the album as a whole is fucking awesome. When we got our hands on this it was a great day because this album right here has gotten a lot of rotations by us. I’m am very pleased by this album, as it is meticulously catchy rhythms and the technicality for precise transitions between some killer riffs. I really dig this album and you know it is a great follow up to their 2014 self-titled album. While their self-titled album had a small melodic element about it, Deformity does not possess that characteristic, but is much heavier.  They really seal the deal by ending the album with a punishing track like Merciless Forest that solo at the end does it for me. This track rips. This album rips, and it’s why we have been enjoying it so much, enough to earn this one a 9/10 \m/



If you like what you hear, you can head over to their

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-Badger \m/

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