The Devil’s Due- December 25th- Brought By Pain- Crafted By Society E.P. review + video for Broadcast 8/10\m/

Brought by Pain

Crafted By Society E.P.


Released December 9, 2016

Olivier Bourbonnais-Allaire : 7 String Guitars

Kevin Chartré (Beyond Creation, Unhuman) : 8 String Guitars

Hugo Doyon-Karout (Beyond Creation, Equipoise, The Conflux Collective) : 6 String Fretless Bass

Guyot Bégin-Benoît (Ex-Beyond Creation, Voidmask, Equipoise) : Drums

Samuel Ouimet (Ex-Crimson Skull) : Vocals






Today the Devil has brought us a jazzed up blast filled tech death gem. The band responsible for this killer 3 track E.P. is Canada’s own Brought by Pain. They dropped this killer e.p. earlier this month. With one  hell of a line up this was something we wanted to get our mitts on. Starting with the first track titled “Ending”  the very way it begins with Kevin and Olivier with the guitars playing a killer opening riff, and than Hugo’s bass is nothing short of magical. By the time Samuel unleashes his vocal barrage we were already hooked and that only took about 30 seconds or so. Guyot is a machine behind the kit so it was of no surprise that this was going to be impressive. They open with a very catchy track, with surgically precise transitions and end the E.P. with just under five minutes of some infectious technical brutality with the track “Broadcast” This is the perfect little E.P. to get you interested in this group of musicians. It sure as shit has us ready to hear more stuff by them. Not to mention that if any of you guys are looking for a last minute gift for a metal head, this three track e.p. is only USD $3 and packs a big punch. Sound quality is great, and the line up is truly impressive. While it may only be three tracks each track is rock solid. Whatever holiday you may be celebrating today, if you are looking for something to listen to, check out the Crafted By Society E.P. Everything about this is impressive. 8/10\m/







If you want to pick up this cool E.P. then head on over to their BANDCAMP page to get it.

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-Badger \m/

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