The Devil’s Due December 9th, The Devils Of Loudun- “Enduring Creation” review 8/10\m/

The Devils Of Loudun

Enduring Creation

Released April 8, 2016


The Devils of Loudun is:
Scott Hermanns – Guitars
Drew Tuel – Guitars
Ben Velozo – Keyboards
Vance Bratcher – Vocals
Billy Keller – Drums
LJ Cline – Bass



Today the Devil has brought his pals The Devils of Loudun to the stage. And we will be checking out their E.P. released back in April.  This is such a surprising E.P.  From Seattle these guys don’t follow the typical Seattle music scene style. (Pearl jam and other 90’s grunge bands) nope these are delivering some seriously suppressed Seattle melo/tech death.  This cool E.P. really flew under many peoples radar, and I’m not entirely sure why that is.  I suppose possible they were overshadowed by a larger mainstream release. But one listen to this E.P. will have you wondering why you haven’t heard them until now.  But take the chorus of the song Thrown to the Void for example. That shit is catchy as hell, and while we are the subject of that song. I will admit this is actually my favorite song off the E.P.  Simply put, that song fucking rips.  The song really delivers the melo-death aspect of this band really putting a lot of emphasis on the keys.  There’s melodic metal bands, and melodic death metal bands, but I am really impressed by the blended styles because these guys really make this sound their own.  Bonus points to Vance because I am a sucker for guttural exclamations, blurts,   spewt( see Ryan Travis for explanation) that retching sound that some vocalists add and it’s like having a drummer who has a cowbell at his set.  It’s just another tool and I fucking dig it.  Adding the keyboards, and the really fucking contagious hooks, these guys have pulled off an amazing feat.  Everything is technically precise like tech death, its heavy as fuck like death metal and the melodic aspect does not soften the blow. If anything, it’s the one two punch these guys pack.  I’m hooked I don’t know about the rest of you, but if you haven’t heard this E.P. yet, get on that. Songs to def. check out are going to be Thrown to the void, Cast The Stone, and Until the night ends. But wait that’s three out of five songs. Well I just figured if I told you to check out those three you would end up checking out the rest, because let’s face it. This E.P. kicks ass, and it’s time to give it a listen. If technical melo-death is something you would be interested in, than this E.P. is for you, 8/10 \m/



There is also this video they put out for Cast The  Stone


Check out their BANDCAMP page to get your copy of this awesome E.P.


Also if you like what you hear check out their FACEBOOK page and give them the ol’ thumbs up and stay up to date.


-Badger \m/


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