The Devil’s Due- December 10th Throen- “Brennenburg” review 8/10 \m/



released October 28, 2016


Anthony Lipari: Guitars and Composition
Joseph Paquette: Bass
Chris Burrows: Drums



Today the Devil has brought us a dark and dissonant surprise by the name of “Brennenburg” which is the debut album by Michigan extreme metallers Thoren.  Now I should warn you, what you are going to hear when listening to this is a lot of dark, abrasive dissonance,  killer drum work and dematerializing guitars.  They are a three piece band featuring Coma Cluster Void drummer Chris Burrows as the beat maker.  We got a taste of his  drumming skills  this summer when  CCV put out their album, but it was a great surprise to find out he had more stuff to offer in 2016.  Now im not going to bullshit you, this album is not for closed minded people, but metal of any form is not for closed minded people. Its how the metal genre was birthed, through open minded individuals who wanted to do something different.  So if you have an open mind, and want to hear some hauntingly sophisticated poly rhythms and catchy guitars then have a listen.  No vocals means no one can have the excuse of saying “ I don’t know what they are saying” all you need to know is this is some fucking cool and brooding dissonant metal, something you would play to cleanse your palette of whatever your go to music style is.  Give a fresh look into Brennenburg and you will see for yourself why we like them so much.  You don’t get this type of music everyday, and every where.  You could take any song off this album and use it for a suspense, thriller, or horror movie.  Shit you can play this anytime of any day and anywhere, and no matter what you are going to find people overhearing will have a twisted facial expression.  Its because when people don’t understand something they seem to be almost offended by it, but when you break down exactly what these guys are playing its quite impressive actually.  Not sure if you agree with me, here is a clip of Chris on the drums in a way demonstrating poly rhythms with screen notation.


So yea he’s not p[laying the typical 4/4 time signature and basic down beats and  8th notes on the h hat. Fuck that shit, the derivative demon himself plays complex percussion and the music  that he is involved in is a mind bending thought provoking dark practically carcinogenic heavy as fuck and truly is one of a kind. Like it or leave it, but I guarantee some will appreciate it musically as the complexity of the music is blatantly apparent, but its cool. Its cool because it flows in a strange way  it flows, it may not keep a 1,2, beat but that’s not how it flows. It flows in a way that only unlocked minds will be able to comprehend. The way this album hit us it came at a time when we were looking for something different, and one spin gave us what we were looking for. 8/10 \m/


So the question is, are you one of those people, and if so would you like to listen to Brennenburg and see if this one was for you?




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