After The Burial- Dig Deep album Review 9/10

After The Burial

Dig Deep

Sumerian Records


Justin Lowe – Guitar R.I.P. 12/17/1982-07/21/2015

Dan Carle – Drums

Anthony Notarmaso – Vocals

Lee Foral – Bass

Trent Hafdahl – Guitar





  1. Collapse

This song begins in the standard After The Burial format, a muffled guitar riff can be heard fading in, and then it reaches its moment of clarity, and the rest of the band joins in hard and fast, laying down the first groove of the album. Such a great introduction to the album. The vocals are intense, it sounds like there is more emotion put into the vocals this time around than previous albums. The 1:32 mark you get some gang vocals and then right into that groove again. This song is explosive, it’s got the energy, and the classic After The Burial sound. Having this be the first time really listening to these guys in a few months, the song is giving me chills. The breakdown though, right around the 3:30 mark now that is a moment of brutality, ending the song on a strong note.


  1. Lost In The Static

The first guitar riff you hear brings back memories of their first album, they stay true to their sound, and then the vocals come in with rapid vocal delivery. All I can say right now is wow, this is a phenomenal song, and I thought I had chills from the first song, this right here is an unbelievable contribution to the album. The production sounds like the best it’s ever been. The guys really went all out on this one, there is nothing held back.


  1. Mire

The first thing you hear is Anthony breath in, and then as he lets out a long winded growl, the band joins in at the same moment. I have always loved how they lay down a solid groove wrapped up in a really intricate guitar riff, and they have never strayed from that formula. Right around the 0:55 mark they pick up the pace a bit with a rhythm that will have you head banging and ready for some action in the pit. This song is heavy and hard hitting, it should come with its only disclaimer for the listener and anyone around them that haymakers will be thrown without prejudice within a 10 yard radius.


  1. Deluge

A short drum intro kicks things off with an infectious groove following right after and then a killer guitar riff. This has instant fan favorite written all over it, that first guitar rhythm they play is solid. Clocking in at around 160 BPM they keep that perpetuating rhythm guitar riff going and is it a mesmerizing riff.   Right at the 1:40 mark they slow things down to a low and slow punishing moment of sheer pit massacre chaos. They round this song out with more killer riffs and a really catchy groove.


  1. Laurentian Ghosts

The guitar riff that kicks the song off is a very melodic tranquil riff that plays for roughly thirty seconds and then they bring the heavy, they bring the groove, and they bring everything they have got into this song. I can personally guarantee you will be tapping your foot, you will be moving, grooving, and head banging to this song. This song has some power behind it. This is one of those songs that when you play it in your car, you could be in the middle of a parking lot just sitting in your car by yourself, and you will be rocking out HARD. Oh man the line right at 2:34 mark “when the siren sounds” and then boom the siren does sound and they go into full on circle pit erupting breakdown mode. I love this song, I can’t say anything more about it I love it. This song is packed with everything that fans of ATB have come to love about them. This song has so much emotion in it, you can feel it through the music, you don’t always get that, and with this you do.


  1. Heavy Lies The Ground

This song begins with a sound growing louder and then some randomly placed noises, everything growing louder until right around the :38 mark cymbals roll in for an explosive entrance by the vocals and the rest of the band. This is a heavy hitting delivery, absolutely brutal. The rhythm is a bit slower than previous songs, but it is punchy and throws down hard. However right at 2:14 mark they pick up the pace fast, they go from around 120 BPM to halftime to give it that faster fell, and the rapid vocal delivery is spot on. The last minute of this song is just a cool outro, it maintains the groove, and plays adding slight changes like the drums playing on the toms and changing things up but maintaining the same feel to give it a cool way to end the song.


  1. Catacombs

You hear a floor tom hit with an odd guitar tone, but the tom is hit hard, it really gives a punchy feel to it, but Dan is hitting his floor toms hard. You can tell when the song hits the: 32 mark they have a groove all ready to be laid out and what they do is give you a brief moment of some melodic guitar playing and then come right back in swinging with the groove in place. So far they aren’t straying from the vivace feel of the song, the guitar squeals add an interesting twist to the basic rhythm guitar riff. I dig the section the song hits the 3:38 mark coming right out of that little setup they come in swinging for the ropes.


  1. The Endless March

The song begins with one of those classic ATB guitar licks that got me hooked on them in the first place. This song has a lot of energy put into it, right at the 1: 05 mark we get some rapid blasts with the bass drum following the guitars. Coming out of that section they bring things down to a punchy segment filled with windmills and haymakers. Only to jump right back in the quick paced groove from before. Got to love the guitars in this song playing those intricate guitar riffs. When you hear someone mention After the Burial, you almost immediately think of the type of guitar riff I am talking about. This song really brings me back to Rareform and I like the fact that after four albums they stay true to their sound.


  1. Sway Of The break

This song lays it all out, their classic sound, and a rock solid groove that has you moving right along with the beat. I won’t say anything else about this song, you should just get the album and hear it for yourself.   This is the last thing Justin worked on as a musician that is mind blowing thought to take in.



This album is great, they hold true to their sound, style and Dig Deep to bring all the emotion  out in the music, to the point you can feel it from the moment you hit play. Those signature guitar riffs, the delivery and intensity of the music I’m not embellishing in anyway, but every time I have listened to these songs so far I get chills. Knowing this is the last thing Justin worked on as a musician. This must have been such a difficult album for the rest of the band to finish up, but it looks like they wanted to do the right thing. I believe they did the absolute best that could have been done. This album has soooo much energy, so much emotion, and there isn’t a single track you will think about skipping. This album should be played from start to finish without any interruptions for at least the first time you listen to it. They deserve that much. I love it and it is nothing short of 9/10.



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