After The Burial- Dig Deep album Review 9/10

After The Burial

Dig Deep

Sumerian Records


Justin Lowe – Guitar R.I.P. 12/17/1982-07/21/2015

Dan Carle – Drums

Anthony Notarmaso – Vocals

Lee Foral – Bass

Trent Hafdahl – Guitar





  1. Collapse

This song begins in the standard After The Burial format, a muffled guitar riff can be heard fading in, and then it reaches its moment of clarity, and the rest of the band joins in hard and fast, laying down the first groove of the album. Such a great introduction to the album. The vocals are intense, it sounds like there is more emotion put into the vocals this time around than previous albums. The 1:32 mark you get some gang vocals and then right into that groove again. This song is explosive, it’s got the energy, and the classic After The Burial sound. Having this be the first time really listening to these guys in a few months, the song is giving me chills. The breakdown though, right around the 3:30 mark now that is a moment of brutality, ending the song on a strong note.


  1. Lost In The Static

The first guitar riff you hear brings back memories of their first album, they stay true to their sound, and then the vocals come in with rapid vocal delivery. All I can say right now is wow, this is a phenomenal song, and I thought I had chills from the first song, this right here is an unbelievable contribution to the album. The production sounds like the best it’s ever been. The guys really went all out on this one, there is nothing held back.


  1. Mire

The first thing you hear is Anthony breath in, and then as he lets out a long winded growl, the band joins in at the same moment. I have always loved how they lay down a solid groove wrapped up in a really intricate guitar riff, and they have never strayed from that formula. Right around the 0:55 mark they pick up the pace a bit with a rhythm that will have you head banging and ready for some action in the pit. This song is heavy and hard hitting, it should come with its only disclaimer for the listener and anyone around them that haymakers will be thrown without prejudice within a 10 yard radius.


  1. Deluge

A short drum intro kicks things off with an infectious groove following right after and then a killer guitar riff. This has instant fan favorite written all over it, that first guitar rhythm they play is solid. Clocking in at around 160 BPM they keep that perpetuating rhythm guitar riff going and is it a mesmerizing riff.   Right at the 1:40 mark they slow things down to a low and slow punishing moment of sheer pit massacre chaos. They round this song out with more killer riffs and a really catchy groove.


  1. Laurentian Ghosts

The guitar riff that kicks the song off is a very melodic tranquil riff that plays for roughly thirty seconds and then they bring the heavy, they bring the groove, and they bring everything they have got into this song. I can personally guarantee you will be tapping your foot, you will be moving, grooving, and head banging to this song. This song has some power behind it. This is one of those songs that when you play it in your car, you could be in the middle of a parking lot just sitting in your car by yourself, and you will be rocking out HARD. Oh man the line right at 2:34 mark “when the siren sounds” and then boom the siren does sound and they go into full on circle pit erupting breakdown mode. I love this song, I can’t say anything more about it I love it. This song is packed with everything that fans of ATB have come to love about them. This song has so much emotion in it, you can feel it through the music, you don’t always get that, and with this you do.


  1. Heavy Lies The Ground

This song begins with a sound growing louder and then some randomly placed noises, everything growing louder until right around the :38 mark cymbals roll in for an explosive entrance by the vocals and the rest of the band. This is a heavy hitting delivery, absolutely brutal. The rhythm is a bit slower than previous songs, but it is punchy and throws down hard. However right at 2:14 mark they pick up the pace fast, they go from around 120 BPM to halftime to give it that faster fell, and the rapid vocal delivery is spot on. The last minute of this song is just a cool outro, it maintains the groove, and plays adding slight changes like the drums playing on the toms and changing things up but maintaining the same feel to give it a cool way to end the song.


  1. Catacombs

You hear a floor tom hit with an odd guitar tone, but the tom is hit hard, it really gives a punchy feel to it, but Dan is hitting his floor toms hard. You can tell when the song hits the: 32 mark they have a groove all ready to be laid out and what they do is give you a brief moment of some melodic guitar playing and then come right back in swinging with the groove in place. So far they aren’t straying from the vivace feel of the song, the guitar squeals add an interesting twist to the basic rhythm guitar riff. I dig the section the song hits the 3:38 mark coming right out of that little setup they come in swinging for the ropes.


  1. The Endless March

The song begins with one of those classic ATB guitar licks that got me hooked on them in the first place. This song has a lot of energy put into it, right at the 1: 05 mark we get some rapid blasts with the bass drum following the guitars. Coming out of that section they bring things down to a punchy segment filled with windmills and haymakers. Only to jump right back in the quick paced groove from before. Got to love the guitars in this song playing those intricate guitar riffs. When you hear someone mention After the Burial, you almost immediately think of the type of guitar riff I am talking about. This song really brings me back to Rareform and I like the fact that after four albums they stay true to their sound.


  1. Sway Of The break

This song lays it all out, their classic sound, and a rock solid groove that has you moving right along with the beat. I won’t say anything else about this song, you should just get the album and hear it for yourself.   This is the last thing Justin worked on as a musician that is mind blowing thought to take in.



This album is great, they hold true to their sound, style and Dig Deep to bring all the emotion  out in the music, to the point you can feel it from the moment you hit play. Those signature guitar riffs, the delivery and intensity of the music I’m not embellishing in anyway, but every time I have listened to these songs so far I get chills. Knowing this is the last thing Justin worked on as a musician. This must have been such a difficult album for the rest of the band to finish up, but it looks like they wanted to do the right thing. I believe they did the absolute best that could have been done. This album has soooo much energy, so much emotion, and there isn’t a single track you will think about skipping. This album should be played from start to finish without any interruptions for at least the first time you listen to it. They deserve that much. I love it and it is nothing short of 9/10.



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Streaming Left To Drown from Dead Wake

Having never heard of Dead Wake I came across this single they had put out a few months back. They are a metalcore band from New York, NY  we are streaming the single from bandcamp



Left to Drown

This song fades in with a quick attack and comes in heavy and has a classic metalcore sound, but has elements of a progressive sound with clean vocals that has that similar sound to like Geddy Lee  a higher pitched style of vocals. Not bad,  I usually stay away from clean vocals when it comes to metal or hardcore. However some bands do a decent job staying away from the cliché style of clean vocals, and these guys walk that line.  I personally dig the heavy portions of the song with the classic metalcore chugging rhythm.

Take a listen for yourself

or if you fancy a video:

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Born of Osiris Soul Sphere album review

 Born Of Osiris

Soul Sphere – Release date October 23, 2015

Ronnie Canizaro- Vocals

Lee Mckinney- Guitar

Joe Buras – Keys

David DaRocha- Bass

Cameron Losch- Drums

Sumerian records


  1. Free Fall

The song begins with a poly-rhythmic guitar riffs and heavy hitting drums, while the vocals bring precise delivery and brutal attack. This song starts out great, and keeps the listener moving with the rhythm and the orchestral keyboards add a nice touch to the song. This song is a great song to kick the album off with. The breakdown is brutal very enjoyable, and the outro is great, the bands abruptly stops with the electronics finishing the song up. I am not always a fan but if done correctly they add a nice touch, and they did just that here.

  1. Goddess Of The Dawn

With a short little drum intro the song kicks into a really cool feel with blast beats and mean riffs also adding the squeals on the guitars. The beginning is a killer start to the song while keeping the heavy hitting during the verse, then transitions into a really contagious chorus with vocals you can sing along to head bang throw your fists in the air and move to. This song grabs you and takes you on a wild ride you will surely enjoy.

  1. Illuminate

While the beginning leaves you wondering what it will lead up to, the bands fades in with an explosion of brutal Metalcore and the low beastly vocals with the orchestral keyboards and smashing drum beats taking your body to the limits. This song goes 0-100 in an instant and has no qualms going from 100 down to 50 for a brief moment to allow you to regain your composure as you get ready to jump right back in to the pit again. The verses are great, the choruses or downright awesome, and the background to this song that really gives it imagery is astounding. I have now played this song a few times because it is just that good, if the band put out a single for the album to demonstrate what this album brings to the table, this would be a solid candidate.

  1. Resilience

I really like how this song starts out, and the band just jumps right in to get the pit going. The vocals are great, the guitars are absolutely relentless and the rhythm of this song is a whirlwind of nothing but Metalcore madness. The menacing guitar riffs, the blast beats and the high vocals. This song goes through several changes but each one is brutal in its own design, and does not disappoint, they keep your ass locked into your chair while you struggle to catch your breath.

  1. River Of Time

Orchestral organs lay down the scenery as an electronic beat begins to fade in and then the band joins in full force with an assault of sonic aggression hitting you from all angles. When the electronics make their presence known it opens the doors to a different atmosphere but slams that door quick and continues to fulfil the listener’s appetite.

  1. The Composer

This track begins with a heavy electronic rhythm then blanketed by heavy guitar riffs, and hard hitting drums to bring the intensity to another level. The song has brutal verse, and catchy chorus, and pulls the listener into many different directions all brutal and then lulls with an electronic rhythm to round the song out.

  1. The Louder The Sound, The More We All Believe

The song begins with an electronic rhythm and has anthem style vocals to engage the listener into joining in vocally. This track is a solid anthem filled with heavy guitars, drums and infectious choruses.

  1. The Other Half Of Me

The track begins with a haunting ambience about it, and dives right into a heavy and punchy feel to it, with the electronics adding another layer to the song altogether. The verses are great, nothing short of gratifying. With the choruses being absolutely engaging. The last minute of the song is cool with the keyboards laying down some cool organ sounds, and then a nice little guitar solo to add to this splendid song.

  1. The Sleeping And The Dead

This song hits hard with so much being brought to the table. The drums, the guitars, the vocals are well thought out and dance around the mid-range, as well as a higher range chorus section but the breakdown hooks you with deeper growling vocals.

  1. Throw Me In The Jungle

This song has a cool feel to it with the sounds from the keyboards and the rhythm, it transitions into a punchier feel to it, and then goes back to the chorus that also has an anthem feel to it. This is a very catchy song, especially around the 1:20 minute mark where it gets brutal. I enjoyed this song, but feel as though the song was teetering on the edge of being an anthem for the masses, and then a brutal pit massacre of a song. I especially liked the heavier side of the song.

  1. Tidebinder

With a little radio static, this song starts off on the right foot by fading out of that and into something heavy. The opening line from the vocals is enough to get the show started with a menacing orchestral feel from the keyboards in the back ground and the guitar riffs layered over the drums, it’s a great beginning. The chorus is also very catchy, and the verses mean business. I am enjoying this songs diversity from the heaviness to the electronic sounds, especially the guitar solo at the 3:35 minute mark and the way it just ends.

  1. Warlords

A piano/ keyboard starts things off building up to the boiling point when the vocals join in and the band is playing some seriously heavy rhythms. The verse has a certain amount of an infectious feel to it especially with the keyboards in the background. This song has gone through a few changes already and each is surprising all on its own to how the band hasn’t lost sight of what they have come to do. This song is an absolute great song to end the album with, the verses are catchy, the choruses are catchy, the instruments are great and the work done to establish everything going on at the same time and working as a fine blend and not just a mess. This song is like a wild ride through galaxies and untapped areas of the human mind.

This album is a clear indication that Born of Osiris have been honing their craft and engineering superb soundscapes. They didn’t come to just “one up” their last album, they took the time to improve themselves as individuals, and train to deliver their best album to date. They have come a long way since “The New Reign”. This is an album that validates the notion that Born of Osiris just keep getting better with every album they put out.

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The return of massachusetts metal legends SEVENDAY CURSE @sevendaycurse

Let’s go back to the south shore of  Massachusetts 1996, where hardcore and metal fans like myself witnessed the birth of a new breed of metal through bands like  123024_logo

They put out a demo recorded in Hanover Mass at Ultrasound Productions. The Color Blood a killer 5 song E.P. with tracks like Blind Loyalty, and of course the title track The Color Blood. The sound was something that no one had sounded like before, and really no one could pull off again. It was a brutally heavy, yet melodic form of metal with a hardcore feel. Hence the birth of metal core, none of that “ Senses fail is Metal-core B.S. I’m talking the real deal metal hybrid. When you listen to  metal bands from the Massachusetts area without a doubt, Sevenday Curse was the catalyst that created a  scene. Were they the only one’s you may ask? Around that time there were other bands coming out with a different sound,Barrit, Fault, Ookla the mok, however Sevenday Curse really forged a different sound. The heavy vocals, the double bass the melodic bridges, the solos and the heavy badass breakdowns.

999942_585989418160024_1101055039_nThese guys set the bar, and planted the seed, from that point on, almost every band from the New England Region were using the Metal template that Sevenday Curse created.


What made a band from Massachusetts create a style merging two music elements to form a brutally heavy combination? One could argue that the north-east throughout history have been known to do things differently, live by their own set of rules, and revolutionize. We have had a “don’t tell us how to be” attitude. The style of music that has come from the New England area, the brutality of the metal, the catchiness of the metal and hardcore; it’s known worldwide. Bands like Killswitch Engage, Unearth, The Red Chord,  Shadows Fall, Converge, Revocation to name a few. Having grown up in the New England area , the metal scene has had its changes, but has never diminished in its merciless brutality of sound.



Sevenday Curse put out the album “After The Storm” on Tortuga Records. Nine songs with a tenth hidden track titled “ The Color Blood” that absolutely crushed when it came out. “ Lament of the Fallen” is a great track to use as an example, take that song and then compare so many Metal bands to this song you will now see the roots of New England Metal.


Now you can call me old-fashioned, but as I got older I gave up on the sub-genre and stick to “ metal” when I talk about something that’s high energy, distorted guitars, if it’s not hardcore, or punk its metal. After the Storm came out and changed the way we expected out of metal. The big metal bands like Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Sepultura, they have their place in metal. Sevenday Curse put out After The Storm and created a more diverse, melodic, yet absolutely brutal form of metal. The album starts with an intro, sound clips/ samples and intros were a staple of this form of music. I can take you to several epic albums that had these elements. The way this album starts out is like crowded room, radio fuzz growing louder until all sound stops and you hear John Doe ( Kevin Spacey’s character from Seven) say “ I’m Setting the example”   setting you right up for a fast paced   “Dirge for the living”. 20150730_093238  The songs build up the energy and then you see the melodic elements of Sevenday curse with songs like “ Of Every Season” the sound of waves, and acoustic guitars. “ November” with a tranquil ambiance of acoustic guitars, to set up the final track “ Revelations” (one of my favorites). I have actually bought this album twice, because my original CD ended up getting a spot that would skip in the middle of Revelations that was not acceptable.   Sevenday Curse had a sound and style, a truly heavy and melodic modus operandi that made waves. They played shows, crushed the eardrums of many.

Then they were gone……. Just like that they disbanded before they had a chance to conquer the world, Sevenday curse quietly stepped out of the spotlight. 2000 was the year we lost the mind-blowing boundary breaking band known as Sevenday Curse. They played a one time show in 2002 for a benefit, but stepped back quietly in to the shadows.

That is until the year of our lord Two thousand fourteen when Sevenday Curse rose up from the ruins and got back into what they had started to do, make killer metal and have some fun.

They got back together, they made a Facebook page Sevenday Curse    and in February of 2014 they even started working on new material. They have all gone through the changes life provides all of us. Growing up, focusing on family and careers, but a fire had still been burning inside. A fire that was never extinguished, just burning awaiting the day to burn bright once again. Saturday May 17th the metal gods from the heavens above graced us with Sevenday Curse playing live for their first time in over a decade. Playing material from the days of After the Storm, and picking back up where they left off. Playing killer brutal metal, with surgically precise delivery. Imagining a band room where the instruments have been put down, and collected dust, the members walk in, brush the dust off. turn on their amps/ cabs. look at each other, nod and start right into ” Dirge for the living”.    Flash forward to October of 2014 and the band goes in the direction many bands are going to. Crowd funding to get their material released trying to balance their everyday lives, work, families. They want to put out music, so they created a campaign to get an E.P. recorded. Support local metal please click here

They are a band that is going back to their roots. A whole lot has changed since they were on the scene. Back in 1999 the Iphone wasn’t an option, no one had iTunes. Digital music was not as large as it is today in the sense that there were mp3’s. I had an mp3 player, it was a Diamond Rio and could only hold about 8 tracks. That was mind-blowing as I was one of the few people in my age group that had one. Sevenday Curse had only a few options that were easily available. Cassette, CD, those were the options, with cassette phasing out. There were not as many music festivals for metal or hardcore as there is today. There was no Facebook, no Myspace, no Youtube either. You could not create an event for all of your online friends to be invited to. It was photo copy a bunch of flyers, hang them up at the Bull moose records, Newbury comics, tower records, clubs, basically anywhere you thought a metal head would walk by and see that you had a show. To come back into a scene where so much has changed, and try to get back into things. It has it’s challenges, but the fans have shown their support. There have already been youtube videos of shows that they played, the most recent from this past week. Then just the other day  ( July 25th 2015) they put After The Storm up on  

With all of the change on the metal scene, also came changes in their own lives. They got older started families, married, doing the 9-5 with their full-time jobs, military commitments. As many know being in a band is not easy, its hard work. Being in a band is very much like having a minimum wage job, and being married to it at the same time. They are booking as many shows as they can, and what i have seen they have booked some great shows so far. It’s now 2015 and they are playing shows getting back into it more and more. The most recent show they played was with Jungle Rot, and On Your Deathbed in Rhode Island. A great show for sure considering Jungle Rot just put out a new album Order Shall prevail, and On Your Deathbed have been playing some killer shows also with some big names in metal. It was a great line up of bands for a summer show. They are booking more shows, and while they are not playing a show every night. They are trying to book shows that will have a great line up and a great crowd. They will even be playing a show to kick off  Revocation‘s fall tour on September 3rd in RI. That is a show I will not be missing.

For the people who aren’t familiar with the band, I bought their album while I was in high school, I bought the album again because I had played it so much and had it for so many years it became old and worn I needed a new CD. Now to think for all of you who can’t find the album in physical copy you can buy it on bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon mp3, Spotify  There are so many ways you can get in on Sevenday Curses great music, by just a click of a button.

Sevenday Curse on Facebook

Sevenday Curse on Bandcamp

Sevenday Curse on Spotify

Sevenday Curse on iTunes

Sevenday Curse on Amazon, Amazon MP3

Sevenday Curse on Go Fund Me

I have recently gotten a chance to hang out and interview the guys from the band so stick around when I post that up, they have some great stuff they are working on.

-Badger \m/