Mastication Of Brutality Uncontrolled Preemptive Space Warfare Album Review 7/10


Preemptive Space Warfare


Manuel – Vocals
Bastian – Bass
Flo – Guitars/Vocals
Basti – Drums

  1. Preemptive Space Warfare

This song begins with a little sound clip for the first twenty seconds and then the bands starts playing a low and slow sludgy rhythm that builds up to another section of rhythm and sound sample. Some chugging riffs and double bass, for a few bars then a few bars of blast beats. This seems to be strictly and introductory track.

  1. Mother Earth Abortion

Guttural vocals blast beats, rapid guitar scaling, and pig squeals. This is some slamming squealing and rapid vocal delivery of the verse lines. It has a solid beat and you can follow along to it, it sounds like Dying Fetus may be an influence for these guys with the guitar pinch squeals.

  1. Brutal Laser Devastation

Some guttural vocals and a solid groove integrated with rapid blasting and a driving guitar riff set things up for a killer verse section with malicious guitars and brutal drums. This song has a great groove about it especially around the one minute mark. Pig squeals and guttural tunnel vocals are the main lyrical style for the next minute and then the song goes back into a sinister riff and rapid blasts. It is a solid song that has a great groove, this song is contagious, almost too short because I have hit the repeat button a few times you just cant get enough.

  1. Milkstreet Mass Collision

Blast beats and growls layered over a diabolical riff kick things off, this has a great tempo and a solid groove. IT is a high energy introduction that rocks you for just under one minute where it slows down to deliver slower heavier blows for a verse and lasts about thirty seconds and goes right back into some high energy brutal blasting and squeals. This song is a pit destroyer, from the high intensity sections to the slower heavier brutal sections, at two minutes four seconds in length, it could be a little longer but maybe they felt it was the right length for the listener’s safety.

  1. Life-Form Adoption

Growls, and blast beats, guitar riffs that pull off that death metal squeal similar to Dying Fetus. This song has a solid pace, and a great rhythm, you will find yourself head banging, and taking moments to enjoy the lead in from the guitars at the 1:22 minute mark, it has that solid death metal guitar riff lead in. and then the song takes a dismembering turn at the 1:38 minute mark, the blasts the vocals the guitars. The only thing that can be said is that it was a great surprise and brutal as hell. I am really enjoying the guitars and drums for this track, the guitars are playing some great riffs that have classic death metal sound, and the drums are executing perfect blasts.

  1. Human Resources

The song begins with a cool riff and groove you are instantly head banging to and you don’t even know what is about to happen after the first twenty seconds but you are going to dig it. Rapid verse delivery following the rhythm. When the song slows down, it does not sacrifice its groove for a moment, you can follow along head bang tap your foot throw some hay makers. This is a solid brutal death metal track that fans across the death metal scene most likely will find pleasure in listening to it. Then the breakdown detonates and things get real slow and brutal to finish the song off.

  1. Prophecy Of The Apocalypse

This song begins with a low and slow introduction that builds up into some blast beats following the same riff, it has a concrete groove about it and it is the interlude which in terms of this song is the moment when all hell breaks loose at a show the pit is blowing up and limbs are thrashing and bodies convulsing.

  1. Orbital Corpses

Blast beats tear things up right out of the gate with a death metal guitar riff similar to that of Dying Fetus again. The verse is filled with mean and decimating percussion, that leads up to the 1:04 minute mark of lone blasting opening up for a mean guitar riff and then a sickening groove chugging along and recycles into a low and slow brutal death punishment that lasts for the rest of the song just slightly building itself up more and more while continuing that beat and groove.

  1. Infrastructure Destruction

I am digging the guitar riff that starts this song off, it has a real dark death metal tone, and the drums really hit it off for this section. It has a good pace and delivers a steady string of brutal lines where it stops to get heavier around the 1:15 minute mark where the slow and punchy groove hits you with the rapid pig squeals followed by guttural tunneling vocals. The guitar riff right around the 2:00 minute mark sets this song up for wave after wave of death and brutality.

  1. New Space Order

Mean, menacing and devastating growls, with a killer guitar riff and blast beats open this track up and the band unleashes everything they have in their arsenal for this song. The main riff is very catchy, almost infectious. The song has the death metal guitar riff squeals, and is brutal and punishing. The song isn’t even that far in and the rhythm at the 1:52 mark is awesome, coming out of it is long drawn out vocals with great percussion layered with the guitar riff. This song will have you head banging the entire time, I have to say they ended on a great note, and this is my favorite song of the album.

This album gets a 7/10 it is absolutely brutal, and the drums are perfect for what they are trying to deliver for sound. The guitar riffs are just dark and menacing, while the vocals are nothing but that soulless guttural lows and pig squeals thrown in at precise moments. This is a damn good album and I look forward to hearing more of them in the future.

For fans of Brutal Death Metal/Slam

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